1. PAINT / PAINTING INSPECTION - PAPER 1 B-gas Grade - 1 1. Describe the foo!i g ter#s a$ S%ash &o e b$ 'ac(et c$ Caisso Splash zone: 2.5 mt + 12 mt above the L.A.T. Jacket: Welded support rame o the platorm tubular. !a sson: #pen ended p pe that runs rom tops des to the sea bottom. $as pumps and lters to take %aste a%a&. ). *hich stat+tor, i str+#e t doc+#e t reates to safet, for offshore- S' ( 1)*1. The oshore saet& re+ulat on 1*,-. .. /ist the safet, #eas+res re0+ired for o1er the s
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  1. PAINT / PAINTING INSPECTION - PAPER 1B-gas Grade - 1 1.Describe the foo!i g ter#s a$ S%ash &o e b$ 'ac(et c$ Caisso Splash zone: 2.5 mt + 12 mt above the L.A.T.Jacket: Welded support rame o the platorm tubular.!a sson: #pen ended p pe that runs rom tops des to the sea bottom. $as pumps and  lters to take %aste a%a&. ).*hich stat+tor, i str+#e t doc+#e t reates to safet, for offshore S' ( 1)*1. The oshore saet& reulat on 1*,-. .ist the safet, #eas+res re0+ired for oer the side !or(i g i desce di g order of %refere ce if scaffodi g is ot %racticabe.  /a l barr er Saet& netSaet& belt l ne/escue boat and rad o0ull l e acket. 2.*ho is +ti#ate, res%o sibe for safet, at offshore #.'. ( # shore nstallat on manaer. 3.Na#e fo+r dec(s o a %atfor#. $el (deck Sp der(deck 3r ll n(deck !ellar(deck. 4.Na#e three #a5or da gers6 !hich e7ist !he !or(i g offshore 0all n overboard4  re eplos on and adverse %eather 6ales 7 storms8 8.Na#e three #ethods of (ee%i g a %atfor# i a fi7ed %ositio . 9 l n4 sem submers ble4 mater al support4 acket les4 sea tank. 9.:o! are esca%e ro+tes ide tified o a offshore %atfor# 9ae 1 o  & arro%s cut out o relect n str ps and  ed on top o the non(sk d des nated deck. 3eck coat n: 1))(mm ( 9r me route4 5)(mm ( Sea route. ;.*hat %reca+tio s #+st be obsered !he boardi g a d traei g i heico%ters All as descr bed n the !.A.A. course %h ch &ou must attend beore travell n oshore. 1<.:o! ofte is #edica treat#e t re0+ired for %erso e !or(i g offshore 0rom the aes ) ( *4 ever&  &ears.0rom the aes ;) ( 5)4 ever& 2 &ears.0rom the ae 5) and above ( &earl&. 11.ist the esse tia ite#s of cothi g a d e0+i%#e t for a offshore %ai ti g i s%ector. / ers boots4 saet& helmet4 1))< cotton overalls4 saet& lasses4 and l e belt (  acket and %eather and pa nt nstruments. 1).*hat is brea(er ca%s+e A completel& enclosed saet& and rescue boat or escape. 1.Are %ai ters %er#itted to erect scaffodi g  =o. 't must be the %ork o a >ual  ed scaolder hold n a !.'.T. card. 9a nters pa nt onl&4 but the& can reuse to %ork on the scaold  the& are not sure o tssaet& or the r ob or personnel saet&. 12.Describe the #ea i g of : - 1)< i reatio to fire %rotectio . $ ( stands or h&drocarbon. 12) stands or the t me n m nutes4 that the  re protect on s&stem s des ned to stop the passae o lames4 smoke4 to allo% personnel to escape to saet&. 13.O !hat %arts of a offshore str+ct+re are a ti-fo+a t coati gs a%%iedNa#e t!o co##o t,%es of to7ic #ateria +sed i a ti-fo+a ts. Ant (oulant coat ns are appl ed on the submered and splash zone areas o thesea.#ran c t n4 cupros(o de are t%o common t&pes o to c mater als used n ant (oulants. ercur&4 arsen c and lead are not used. 14.Na#e the t!o t,%es of fire%roof coati gs. sa, !hich t,%e is +sed #ost, a d 9ae 2 o  describe ho! it !or(s. !ement ous and 'ntumescent are t%o t&pes o  reproo coat ns. 'ntumescentcoat ns are the preerred ones or oshore coat n n h&drocarbon  res andcellulos c  res. The& s%ell upto man& t mes the r th ckness thus dela& n the  respread upto 2))< 18.*hat a%%icatio re0+ire#e ts are s%ecified for the s%ra, a%%icatio of %ai tto arge s+rface areas The manuacturer?s spec  cat on sheets 6data8 spec & the appl cat on re>u rements.Lare an spra&s4 vert cal and hor zontal parallel passes4 non(oran c pa nt ns should overlap b& 5)<. 19.=or !hich coated areas is 1<<> hoida, detectio re0+ired Seabed and splash zone to the cellar deck. 1;.a$ =i ish bast cea i g #a, be ot carried o+t6 !he  When the de% po nt s not above  ° c above the steel temperature. b$ Ca bast cea i g be carried o+t at ight @es4 but must be  n shed n the da&l ht. c$ *hat sta dard is s%ecified for %o!er too cea i g. ST(. d$ Po!er too cea i g #+st oera% e7isti g coati g b, ateast  ( 5)mm. e$ Coati gs #+st ot be a%%ied !he s+rfaces are ess tha  (  ° c above 394 %hen /$ < s above 5<. 2). a$ Coati gs #+st ot co#e !ithi - 5)mm  of !ed %re%aratio .b$ Is it %er#itted to s%ra, %ai t fro# a BOS?NS chair  ( no4 but brush appl cat on s acceptable. c$ *hat dista ce a d a ge sho+d a s%ra, g+ is hed fro# the s+rface 3 stance ( 1B4 ;5) ( -))mm4 at an anle o *) ° . 9ae  o  PAPER ). PAINTING GRADE 1 @B-gas$ - O==S:ORE. 1.*hat does a Radio#a f+fi $e s a look out person. $e keeps n three %a& contact dur n and over the s teoperat on. $e should also be on hand %here the people are %ork n n vessels or enclosed space n oshore. To summon help n case o acc dent n the rad ooperator?s o ce. ).*hat doc+#e t does a %ai t i s%ector eed to ( o! to !or( o offshore The oshore saet& reulat on 1*,- S' ( 1)*1.ed cal cert  cate4 passport4 l eboat surv val tra n n4 (as approval. .Gie a ist of d+ties a N.R.P. #ight %erfor#. 'nchare o des nated areas o the platorm. 'ssu n hot and cold perm ts. /ece v n completed %ork perm ts4 check n %ork carr ed out on perm t. Area author t& #.'.. 2.*h, are areas e ca%s+ated a d gie !a,s i !hich this co+d be do e To protect nstruments and  re protect on e>u pment?s dur n blast n4 clean n and pa nt n operat ons. 3ur n ma ntenance %ork4 completel& cover the areas n plast c sheets or mask o4 or cl mat c or saet& reasons. 3.*hat %ossibe %robe#s !o+d a i s%ector #eet at offshore a8$ h chane n the %eather cond t ons. b8/ap d chane o t dal cond t ons.c8ovements o hel copters and boats.d8Access to %ork dur n dr& n t mes. 4.:o! !o+d a i s%ector co##+ icate !ith his boss bac( to bac( 9ae ; o

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