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English paper 1 - year 3
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    SJK(C) PU SZE YEAR 3 ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT (4) PAPER 1 Name: __________________ ( ) Marks: ___________% Class : 3 ( ) Date : ____/10/2016 Parent’s Signature:_______   Section A [25 marks] A) Choose the best answer to complete the sentence. (5x1m=5m) 1. She cried __________ her mother scolded her just now. 2. The zebra has black and white stripes ______ its body. 3. Ali and Rosman often ________ swimming on Sundays. 4. Philip ____________ a film about aliens last week. 5. The girls are performing cultural dance on __________. B) Choose the word that has the opposite meaning  as the underlined word. (1x1m=1m) 6. My mother cuts the apples with a sharp  knife. A. and B. because C. but A. on B. in C. up A. goes B. going C. go A. watch B. watches C. watched A. crane B. stage C. blade A. pointed B. flat C. blunt   Page 1    C) Choose the best proverb for the question below. (1x1m=1m) 7. We should help our friends when they need help. As the saying goes______________________. A a friend in need is a friend indeed B honesty is the best policy C where there is a will, there is a way D slow and steady wins the race D) Choose the best answer for each blank. (4x1m=4m) Mr Goh is a _____(8)_______. He _____(9)______ in a hospital in Johor Bahru. He wears a _____(10)_______ to work. He rides in  _____(11)___ambulance. He rushes to the accident scenes to help the victims. 8. A. paramedic B. teacher C. policeman D. doctor 9. A. work B. works C. working D. worked 10. A. formal B. T-shirt C. uniform D. blouse 11. A. a B. an C. the D. - E) Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation and spelling. 12. A. He started shouting, Help! The alien is attacking me! B. He started shouting,   “ help. The alien is attacking me. ”  C. He started shouting , “ Help the alien is attacking me. ”   D. He started shouting , “ Help! The alien is attacking me! ”     Page 2    13. A. Do you know that the Komodo dragon is the bigest lizard? B. Do you know that the Komodo dragan is the biggest lizard. C. Do you know that the Komodo Dragon is the biggest lizard. D. Do you know that the Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard? F) Look at the picture and choose the best answer. (6x1m=6m)   Yesterday was Miya ’s birthday. Her friends came to her party. They brought her ________(14)______. Her mother ______(15)_____ a lot of food and drinks. Her father bought her a big _______(16)_____ cake. Miya and her friends wore ________(17)_______ party hats. After singing the birthday song, Miya blew out the candles  ______(18)______ the cake. The party ______(19)_____ at 10.00p.m. Miya and her friends had a wonderful time. 14. A. presents B. trophies C. flowers D. prizes 15. A. prepared B. prepares C. prepare D. preparing 16. A. square B. round C. triangular D. rectangular 17. A. rectangular B. oval C. round D. conical 18. A. in B. on C. up D. down 19. A. began B. started C. ended D. closed   Page 3    G) Rearrange the letters and write the correct words. (6x1m=6m) 20. eap 21. odsfriwsh 22. ptorhy 23. wde 24. ohe 25. nodsuria   Page 4


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