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  For Books Author    (Surname, First name)  Year of Publication (in brackets) Title (underline or in italics) Name of Publishing CompanyPlace of Publication (City, Country)Wilkinson, L(2006) Joan of Arc: The Story of Jehanne Darc  Black Dog Bookselbourne, !ustralia Example: Wilkinson, L (2006) Joan of Arc: The Story of Jehanne Darc. Black Dog Books, elbourne, !ustralia For Websites Author    (Surname, First name)  Year of Publication (in brackets) (n d # no date) Title of webpage (underline or in italics) Name of Publisher / OrgansationDate Viewed! Costantoura, $(2000)  Australians and thearts  !ustralia Council% !&ril 200'tt&**+++ australiacouncil go au*researc*arts-sector*re&orts-and -&ublications*australians-and-te-arts(n d ) Research Initiatives Com&aratie ediaStudies, ./ 1anuary 200tt&**cms mit edu*researc*inde3 && Examples: Costantoura, $ (2000)  Australians and the arts , !ustralia Council 4ie+ed % !&ril 200', 5rom tt&**+++ australiacouncil go au*researc*arts-sector*re&orts-and-&ublications*australians-and-te-arts Research Initiatives  (n d ) Com&aratie edia Studies, ./, 4ie+ed  1anuary 200, 5rom tt&**cms mit edu*researc*inde3 && For Image/Video from the Internet Title of image/#ideo (underline or in italics)  Year of Publication (in brackets) (n d # no date) $ormat in s7uare brackets8 Date Viewed! Solar eclipse over Antarctica (2009)image8% arc 2009tt&**eartobseratory nasa go*.:/D*ie+ &&;id#<99% Example:Solar eclipse over Antarctica (2009) image8 4ie+ed % arc 2009, 5rom tt&**eartobseratory nasa go*.:/D*ie+ &&;id#<99%    Use this guide to helpyou write yourbibliography!
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