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Bibliography Publications by Nelson Goodman Books The Structure of Appearance. 3rd ed. Boston: Reidel, (First edition: 1951) Fact, Fiction, and Forecast. 4th ed. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University
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Bibliography Publications by Nelson Goodman Books The Structure of Appearance. 3rd ed. Boston: Reidel, (First edition: 1951) Fact, Fiction, and Forecast. 4th ed. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, (First edition: 1954) Languages of Art. 2nd ed. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., (First edition: 1968) Problems and Projects. Indianapolis & NY: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., Ways of Worldmaking. 4th Printing. Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.,1985. (First published: 1978) Of Mind and Other Matters. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences. Co-authored with Catherine Z. Elgin. Indianapolis and Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company, Articles A World of Individuals. Problems and Projects. Indianapolis & NY: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., About. Mind 70, 1 24, An Improvement in the Theory of Projectibility. Journal of Philosophy 67, , Art and Inquiry. Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 41, 5 19, The Calculus of Individuals and Its Uses. Journal of Symbolic Logic 5, 45 55, The Epistemological Argument. Synthese 17, 23 28, Notes on the Well-Made World. Erkenntnis 19, , On Some Questions Concerning Quotation. Monist 58, , On Likeness of Meaning. Analysis 10, 1 7, On Some Worldly Worries. Synthese 95, 9 12, On Relations That Generate. Philosophical Studies 9, 65 66, On Reconceiving Cognition. Monist 58, , Predicates Without Properties. Midwest Studies in Philosophy 2, , The Problem of Universals: A Symposium. Notre Dame University Press, Safety, Strength, Simplicity. Philosophy of Science 28, , Sense and Certainty. Philosophical Review 61, , Some Notes on Languages of Art. Journal of Philosophy 67, , 164 Bibliography Steps toward a Constructive Nominalism. (with Willard Van Orman Quine) Journal of Symbolic Logic 12(1), OS 122, The Test of Simplicity. Science 128, , Truth About Jones. Journal of Philosophy 74, , The Way the World Is. Review of Metaphysics 14, 48 56, Words, Works, World. Erkenntnis 9, 57 73, Publications by Others Symposia on Goodman (in alphabetical order) General Topic: Languages of Art. Monist 58, , 1974 Margolis, Joseph. Art as Language ; Sparshot, Francis Edward. Goodman on Expression ; Tormey, Alan. Indeterminacy and of Identity in Art ; Kjørup Søren. George Inness and the Battle of Hastings, or Doing Things with Pictures ; Walton, Kendall L. Are Representations Symbols? ; Bennett, John G. Depiction and Convention ; Carrier, David. A Reading of Goodman on Representation ; Ross, Stephanie. Caricature ; Goodman, Nelson. On Some Questions Concerning Quotation ; Howard, V. A. On Musical Quotation ; Gardner, Howard. A Psychological Investigation of Nelson Goodman s Theory of Symbols ; Wartowsky, Marx W. Art, Action and Ambiguity ; Goodman, Nelson. On Reconceiving Cognition The Philosophy of Nelson Goodman Part 1. Erkenntnis 12, 3 179, 1978 Eberle, Rolf A. Goodman on Likeness and Difference of Meaning. 3 16; Wartowsky, Marx W. Rules and Representation: The Virtues of Constancy and Fidelity Put in Perspective ; Robinson, Jenefer. Two Theories of Representation ; Kjørup, Søren. Pictorial Speech Acts ; Howard, V. A. Music and Constant Comment ; Sagoff, Mark. Historical Authenticity ; Beardsley, Monroe C. Languages of Art and Art Criticism ; Morawski, Stefan. Three Observations on Languages of Art ; Rudner, Richard S. Show or Tell: Incoherence among Symbol Systems ; Goodman, Nelson. Replies The Philosophy of Nelson Goodman Part 11. Erkenntnis 12, , 1978 Essler, Wilhelm. Corrupted Concepts and Empiricism ; von Kutschera, Franz. Goodman on Induction ; Hellman, G. Accuracy and Actuality ; Breitkopf, Alfred. Axiomatisierung einiger Begriffe aus Nelson Goodman s The Structure of Appearance ; Fox, Ivan. Distance from Indifference ; Goodman, Nelson, Replies Aesthetics and Worldmaking: An Exchange with Nelson Goodman. Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 39, , 1981 Ackerman, James S. Worldmaking and Practical Criticism ; Kulenkampff, Jens. Music Considered as a Way of Worldmaking ; Martin, Richard. On Some Aesthetic Relations ; Bibliography 165 Nagel, Alan F. Or as a Blanket Some Comments and Questions on Exemplification ; Margolis, Joseph. What is when? When is what? Two Questions for Nelson Goodman ; Silvers, Anita. The Secret of Style ; Hernadi, Paul. More Questions Concerning Quotations ; Goodman, Nelson. Replies More Ways of Worldmaking. Journal of Aesthetic Education 25(1), 1 112, 1991 Hernadi, Paul. More Ways of Worldmaking. 1 4; Goodman, Nelson. On Capturing Cities. (reprinted from World Cities and the Metropolis, 1988) 5 9; Elgin, Catherine Z. Sign, Symbol and System ; Mitchell, W.J. Thomas. Realism, Irrealism and Ideology A Critique of Nelson Goodman ; Wollheim, Richard. The Core of Aesthetics ; Hernadi, Paul. Reconceiving Notation and Performance ; Ullian, Joseph Silbert. Truth ; Bruner, Jerome. Self-Making and World-Making ; Hawley, A. A Venerable Museum Faces the Future Guided Tour Through the Gardner and its Director s Mind ; Elgin, Catherine Z. What Goodman Leaves Out ; Goodman, Nelson. Retrospections ; Berka, Sigrid. An International Bibliography of Works by and Selected Works about Nelson Goodman Probing into Reconceptions. Synthese 95(1), 1 128, 1993 Scholz, Oliver R. Introduction: Reconceptions in Context. 1 7; Goodman, Nelson. On Some Worldly Worries. 9 12; Elgin, Catherine Z. Understanding: Art and Science ; Kiing, Guido. Ontology and the Construction of Systems ; Rheinwald, Rosemarie. An Epistemic Solution to Goodman s New Riddle of Induction ; Heydrich, Wolfgang. A Reconception of Meaning ; Scholz, Oliver R. When is a Picture? ; Kiinne, Wolfgang. Truth, Rightness and Permanent Acceptability ; Koppelberg, Dirk. Should We Replace Knowledge by Fox, Ivan. Distance from Indifference ; Understanding? A Comment on Elgin and Goodman s Reconception of Epistemology ; Elgin, Catherine Z. Outstanding Problems Replies to Critics Symposium: The Legacy of Nelson Goodman. The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 58(3), , 2000 Robinson, Jenefer. Languages of Art at the End of the Century ; Elgin, Catherine. Reorienting Aesthetics, Reconceiving Cognition ; Lopes, Dominic Mclver. From Languages of Art to Art in Mind ; Kivy, Peter. How to Forge a Musical Work ; Cometti, Jean-Pierre. Activating Art: A View from France ; Gardner, Howard. Project Zero: Nelson Goodman s Legacy in Arts Education ; Carter, Curtis. A Tribute to Nelson Goodman Special Section on Nelson Goodman, in Erkenntnis 52(2), , 2000 Elgin, Catherine Z. In Memoriam: Nelson Goodman ; Schwartz, R. Starting from Scratch: Making Worlds ; Scheffler, Israel. A Plea for Pluralism ; Elgin, Catherine Z. Interpretation and Understanding ; Gabriel, Gottfried Kontinetales Erbe und Analytische Methode. Nelson Goodman und die Tradition ; Scholz, Oliver R. A Solid Sense of Syntax 166 Bibliography Relevant Publications by Other Writers Armstrong, David Malet. A Theory of Universals: Universals and Scientific Realism, Vol. II. Cambridge/London/New York/Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, Audi, Robert. Epistemology. London & New York: Routledge, Aune, Bruce. Metaphysics: The Elements. Minneapolis: University of Minneapolis Press, Ayer, Alfred Jules. Language, Truth and Logic. New York: Dover Publications, Baird, Forrest E. and Walter Kaufmann. Medieval Philosophy, 4th ed. Vol. II. Edited by Forrest E. Baird and Walter Kaufmann. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, Barrett, William and Aiken, Henry D. (eds.). Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: An Anthology, Vol New York: Random House, Bergmann, Gustav. Ontological Alternatives. In Essays on Frege. Elmer D. Klemke (ed.). 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