Bicol Region Nutrition Strategic Plan, 2012-2016

Bicol Region Nutrition Strategic Plan, 2012-2016
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  Republic of the Philippines Department of Health NATIONAL NUTRITION COUNCIL Region V, Legazpi City BICOL REGION NUTRITION STRATEGIC PLAN, 2012-2016 October 2012  Bicol Region Nutrition Strategic Plan, 2012-2016  I 2   TABLE OF CONTENTS Content Page Introduction 4 The Systems Model 5 MTPPAN 2011-2016 6  Nutrition Situation of the Bicol Region 7 Health Statistics in Bicol Region 11 Force Field Analysis 13 Strategic Plan 14 A.   Vision of RNC a.   Organizational Vision 14  b.   Social Vision 14 B.   Mission of RNC 14 C.   Core Values 14 D.   SWOT Analysis 14 Key Results Areas and Success Indicators 15 A.   Organization and Management 16 B.   Policy Recommendation & Advocacy 17 C.   Partnership Building 18 D.   Resource Management 19 E.   Capability Building 20 F.   Service Delivery 20 Regional Strategic Thrusts 23 Our Core Strategies 23  Bicol Region Nutrition Strategic Plan, 2012-2016  I 3   Content Page Operational Plans for Year 1: May  –   December 2012 24 A.   Organization and Management 24 B.   Policy Recommendation & Advocacy 24 C.   Partnership Building 24 D.   Resource Management 25 E.   Capability Building 25 F.   Service Delivery 25  Bicol Region Nutrition Strategic Plan, 2012-2016  I 4   INTRODUCTION The 2011-2016 Philippine Development Plan of Action and Medium Term Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (MTPPAN) under the Aquino administration aim to address the gaps of the past plan period 2005-2010 as well as meet the current and future challenges of development on a national scale. The MTPPAN is integral to the Philippine Development Plan, under Chapter 8 on Social Development, together with concerns on health, population, education, housing, social protection, and asset reform. It lays the solid groundwork from which to draw up a plan for nutrition in all regions of the country which is mandated of all the regional offices of the National Nutrition Council. Hence, it becomes imperative for the Bicol Region to formulate a Regional Nutrition Strategic Plan for the next five years (2012-2016). This document aims to present that plan  —  the 2012-2016 Regional Nutrition Strategic Plan of the Bicol Region which is the product of a strategic planning workshop held at the Mayon Spring Resort, Sto. Domingo, Albay from April 17 to 18, 2012. This document is the final output of a collaborative act among different individuals, representatives from agencies and LGU partners that comprise the Regional Nutrition Committee (RNC) of the Bicol Region. The regional plan serves as a guide for all nutrition stakeholders  –   both local and national  —  so that they may move in one and the same direction with clear targets, improved capabilities and a stronger drive to succeed in all nutrition endeavours in the Bicol Region.


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