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  Biodata formatName : Age : Date of birth : Address for communication : Phone / Mobile : Email : Educational Qualifications : Year of passingQualificationSpecialisationor SubjectsSchool / ollege / !ni ersit# /$nstitute%otal mar&s '/ (PAAn# other rele ant information SSC / 10 th  /  ___ HSC / 12 th  /  ___ GraduationPost graduationAny other   Please explain gaps, if any  _________________________________________________  )or& e*perience+ (Please enter the details chronologically, including any period you did not work. For school teaching experience, include subjects taught and classes handled in the Job  Responsibilities column. No of #ears,rganisationDesignation-ob responsibilitiesAn# other rele ant information  A major achie ement  in your work life preferaly in the last 2! years# $ention the %hallenge& your role& the pro%ess you followed& roles of other key people if any& the result&and why you %onsider this an a%hie'e(ent)use ullet points if possile* Strengths and )ea&nesses+ +n the tale elow& (ention of your strengths and weaknesses& gi'ing e,a(ples as re-uired in the spa%e pro'ided: Sl noStrengthsActual E*ample 12 )ea&nessesActual E*ample 12 .obbies / interests+Married+ anguages &no0n+ ast salar# dra0n+ (ross 1including P23 .4A3 etc56 7 4s5 88888888888888888 %a&e7home 7 4s5888888888888888 An# other information #ou 0ould li&e to pro ide :
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