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Biology Investigatory Project On WILDLIFE SANCTURIES OF INDIA

A investigaory project for class 12th CBSE
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    WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES OF INDIA   HARSHVARDHAN PRATIHAR XII-C 2014-15    acknowledgement It gives me immense pleasure to express my gratitude to my biology teacher Mrs. SONIA SHARMA for her guidance, support and encouragement throughout the duration of the  project. Without her motivation and help, the successful completion of this project would not have been  possible . Harshvardhan Pratihar XII-C .    Certificate This is to certify that Harshvardhan Pratihar,  a student of class XII-C of Tagore Public School has successfully completed the research  project on the topic “Wildlife Sanctuaries Of India ”  under the guidance of Mrs. SONIA SHARMA . This project is absolutely genuine and does not indulge in plagiarism of any kind. The references taken in making this project have  been declared at the end of this report.  __________________ __________________ (Subject Teacher) (Principal)    INDEX 1 INTODUCTION 2 ESTABLISHMENT OF WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES 3 WILDLIFE SANCTUARIES OF INDIA A)   Some of the famous wildlife sanctuaries of India B)   Tal Chhapar Sanctuary C)   Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary D)   Ranthambor National Park E)   Bharatpur Bird sanctuary

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Jul 23, 2017
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