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cv for fresher for any jobs
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   CURRICULUM – VITAE   BIPUL KUMAR E-Mail:-bipulk842@gmail.!m A :- 19/1, 2 nd cross, Tavarekere, Bangalore-29   M!bil# $!: -  +91-8596060302   CAREER %B&ECTIVE:- I want to be n an organ!aton, w c #rovdes $e $$ense o##ort%ntes to learn, grow and to a##l& $& sklls 'or t e growt o' organ!aton ( PR%'ILE (UMMER):-*B TEC+  n 2,* wt /  'ro$ Bi0u Pa1aik Ui3#5i16 !7 T#!l!g69 R!uk#la9 % i5a. )ood knowledge o' %b0#1 %i#1# P!gammig C!#p1 ( 4 )ood knowledge o'   C!# &a3a.;<!! k!=l# g# !7 (>L.<!! k!=l# g# !7 &?BC.*8 *elvered a se$nar on I$VI(IBILIT)  d%rng  t  se$ester B T.( AREA %' I$TERE(T:- 1244 .once#t3*B7 (%'TARE PR%'ICIE$C):-    4#eratng &ste$ - ndows 2000/ :, wndow;ang%ages - , 2 Tec nologes  - ervlet,  E?UCATI%$AL >UALI'ICATI%$:- *egree<ear.ollege/c oolBoard/=nverst&ercentage B T.20012-2016 >7 Instt%te 4' ngneerng andTec nolog&,B %baneswar,4ds aB?% atnak =nverst& o' Tec nolog&,4ds a6@10+22011-2012  > .ollege, atna B ar B(((B,atna 62(2@10t 2009-2010arvoda&a g c ool, )an?B arasra,B ar B(((B, atna1(2@ PR%&ECT PR%'ILE:- Ti1l# :  re#ad nerg& 7eter  ?#5ip1i! :  T e energ& $eter can be rec arged b& a rec arge vo%c er s$lar to t at o' a $oble #re#ad vo%c er(  en t e balance s low, t e $eter starts to gve a bee# so%nd to ndcate t e sa$e( T e %ser can t en rec arge t e $eter and en?o& wt o%t worr&ng abo%t t e overbllng( ?ua1i!:  20 o%rs( R!l#:  Tea$ leader( T#am 5i#:  (   +%BBIE(:- 1la&ng .rcket2;stenng 7%sc   (TRE$<+T:- 1;earnng attt%de,2 'leAble, 'rendl&,  3 da#tve( PER(%$AL PR%'ILE:- at erCs >a$e  r( Br Ba ad%r ng 7ot erCs >a$e  $t( >ra *ev*ate o' Brt  15 t  7D. 1995eA  7ale 7artal tat%s  ngle >atonalt&  Indan;ang%ages Enown  ngls , nd ?ECLARATI%$:- I do ereb& declare t at t e #artc%lars o' n'or$aton and 'acts stated eren above are tr%e, correct and co$#lete to t e best o' $& knowledge and bele'( Pla#: -  Bangalore BIPUL KUMAR
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