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A book that answers the question How do we drastically improve our communities and planet.
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  The Black House Manifesto Introduction This book is meant to serve as a practical yet inspiring guidebook for a rallying force of human beings to usher in a better, more beautiful world than the one we currently inhabit. It is meant to inspire collaborative action amongst the readership — via a call to unite and conquer. Some readers will merely read this book and then put it aside. Other readers, perhaps yourself, will feel the book’s call to action and form new or join existing networks of reformers. This book is an invitation. To you. To her. To him. This is why I have provided contact information and resources herein. The reading of this book is an interactive process. As a reader you contribute greatly to its value because this book calls upon you to Act, Think, and Share what you have to offer with humanity and with the planet. The ideas contained within these pages have been with me for quite some time yet it had never dawned on me that I should put these ideas into the form of a manifesto. Until now. It is the proper time it seems. I feel it is important in the undertaking of this task to be both subversive and wise in the face of what we are up against. I feel it is also important to handle what could easily be rendered dry political topics as an artist would render her subject via abstraction and an eye for contrast and beauty. I truly feel that the inherent power of uniting like minded activists, artists, healers, teachers, dreamers, and intellectuals is so much greater than we can conceive of. That is part of the purpose of this book. It is in part a bird ’s  call into the dark wilderness. When we hear the song of our own kind echoed back to us we know we are not alone. And furthermore we can become aware of each other’s presence and then gather in the same tree and build nests together. We can organize. And when we organize there is no limit to what we can achieve. Each of us serves a distinct yet complex function in the healing of human kind and the healing of this sacred planet. This bird call into wilderness is meant to gather the parts together so we can then assemble them and function together as a whole. In this process ... in this way...we are each unique like snowflakes yet when we implement our uniqueness into the calling of this social and planetary movement we are functional like cogs. We become like a hybrid of a snowflake’s individuality and a cog’s sense of purpose and function to serve something greater than itself. Look at the world we currently inhabit. Look at it. The oceans are filled with garbage and oil from oil spills and toxic nuclear waste. Resources are dwindling. The rivers and oceans are dying. Infinite stretches of automobile traffic pollute and poison the air. The lungs of the earth, the rainforests, are being clear cut every day. A great deal of the earth is war torn. Children are dying. Women are dying. Men are dying. And all of this is just an outward manifestation of our own collective inner turmoil. We need to come together as a people and heal ourselves now. We need to come together and figure out viable solutions to overcome daunting obstacles and act on these solutions. As soon as possible. May the wind be at our backs.   What is Government? The English word “government” has its etymological roo ts in the Latin language. It is derived from two words. “Guv ernare ” which means “to control”. And “M ens ” which means “mind”. So lo   and behold… the purpose of government, and how it maintains its power over the many, is revealed to us, plainly enough, by its name. The purpose of government is mind control and it maintains its power over the many by mind control. We are all, to varying degrees, influenced by the mind altering power that government wields. But part of government’s real power comes from the fact that they tightly control the minds of martial forces, whether those consist of military men or spies or riot police. This saves them the trouble of brainwashing every individual. Fear and violence, or the threat of violence, keep the rest of the herd in place. So in what ways does the government control our minds? It is important to come to understand the influence of government on our common every day perceptions of reality. Let us begin with the concept of borders. We live on a vast and beautiful planet that is constantly encircling an enormous--though enormous is an understatement — ball of fire in the midst of black empty space. It is quite extraordinary. It is quite beautiful. On this planet there are oceans and rivers and valleys and cliffs and canyons and volcanoes and icebergs and deserts and mountain ranges and plains and forests and jungles. Food and medicinal plants grow up from the ground. Rain pours down from the skies. The beautiful and ever changing moon encircles us. Animals hunt and eat and sleep and mate herein. There are no inherent borders. None. The following statement may be overly subversive for some, but I do not shy away from stating it, for it is truth: The belief that we live in a country named America (or any other country for that matter) is merely a product of governmental mind control. It is an unreality by consensus. It is an enforced and commonly held delusion. And everyone buys into it. We were educated from youth to believe in the concept of borders. Borders imply separation. The truth is that we are all one. Borders lend to and enable governance, law, false authority, taxation and war. These are also products of mind control and unreality by consensus. Let us explore the concept of false authority: What gives a president or police man authority over civilians? There is no inherent power without consensus. The populace is forced to swallow the lies of false authority and law at gun point. The police man’s badge is inherently  just a prop in a game that we are all playing. It has no inherent power. We all collectively give it power. The fact that they are equipped with hand cuffs and guns doesn’t hurt their claim to power  either. But when we stop playing the game how much actually changes? We cannot go head on against the false authorities and tell them that their game holds no power over us. They will kill us or imprison us regardless . They don’t care if we believe the game is real or not. They have the weapons and the “legal” permission to  use them to deadly ends. They have the perceived power to incarcerate. Their imaginary laws within imaginary borders are very real to them . They don’t care if we buy into it or not. So we’re in quite the pickle. Even if we’re not sold on the lies, we still have to deal with their relative and perceived existence The acknowledgment of the fact that we face this incredible opposition to manifesting our utopian dreams in the form of violent and destructive false authorities is an integral part of this book ’s  exploration of our current situation . Part of this book’s overall aim is to explore ways of subverting the dominant patriarchal paradigm while working within its confines. Water goes  around its obstacles and eventually wears them away. We will explore many of these strategies in the coming chapters. A good deal of this book is devoted to such topics. As I stated in the introduction: May the wind be at our backs. Capitalism, Economics and Ecology It is hopefully already apparent to you that our current consumerist culture is killing the planet. She whispers in our ears, “B uy buy buy ” . “Consume prolifically and endlessly”. “ The more we consume the better off our ‘ economy ’  is ” . Why though? Who is it exactly that decided that the health of our world is entangled with how much we consume? Why is the health of our economy not determined by how much we heal other people and the earth itself? That would be sanity. But we are far removed from it… from sanity.  Why do we need advertisements to shove more and more garbage down our throats? Why do we need to be coerced to fill an infinite void within our self that cries more, more, more? These goods we are being sold on can never fill that void because there is a great difference between what we are sold on wanting and what we actually need. We need the camaraderie of a local and global tribe, a sense of family, love, sacred sex, healing, laughter, and beauty. Marketers cleverly and insidiously use all of these essential embodiments of spirit to fool us into thinking that the items and services they want us to consume contain the embodiments of spirit themselves. I have literally read nutritional panels for foods that state that one of their ingredients is “love”. Sex sells. But love perhaps does it better. And what better way to sell someone love than to deprive them of it first. If we already have love within ourselves and our communities we wouldn’t need to buy it from whoever’s selling the snake oil version of it. So, clearly the commercial powers that be benefit from manufacturing our dearth of spirit. From what I learned in school, part of what pulled us out of the great depression in America was the economic stimulus of World War II. That says a lot. If war is good for us economically then what exactly are the values of economics? Destruction? Death? We must determine the answers for ourselves. Top Down versus Bottom Up/Grassroots Jobs We live in a society wherein most people believe that we have to justify our existence by working a job. If we don’t work we don’t eat. Period end. It doesn’t matter whether the job is healing the planet or destroying it. It doesn’t matter whether the job is healing or hurting people or animals. It doesn’t matter whether the job is necessary or beneficial in reality. It only matters that the job benefits the holy and esteemed aim of growing the economy. Just make sure to keep yourself busy and occupied with some tedious and possibly pointless labor. Inherent to the “work or starve” mentality is the belief that people will not work unless they are either monetarily motivated to or forcibly coerced to do so. This is an erroneous assumption. When people feel passionate about something they work. This has been demonstrated in progressive countries that provide their citizens with basic income, which is essentially free money for basic living expenses. People find meaningful   work to give them a sense of purpose. They are more than willing to work when their work has meaning. When we free up people’s time from tirelessly working pointless/destructive jobs we enable a greater portion of the population to find meaningful work that actually benefits  humanity and the health of the planet. All stand to benefit from such a paradigm shift. So how do we accomplish this transition from feeding the ecologically destructive monetary economy with our jobs to feeding the hungry and the health of the planet? To answer this question we must first explore how jobs are currently created and offer an alternative. The vast majority of existing jobs have been created via a top down process by speculators and wealthy investors. The investor sees an opportunity to make more money so they start a business and hire people, thus creating jobs. It is important to note that the nature and purpose of the work then revolves around the investor’s desire to acquire more capital because that’s what created it in the first place. Often this implies paying the workers as little as possible. Other times this involves advertising to generate desire for a product where there would otherwise be none thus increasing humanity’s carbon footprint . The environmental impact of the business is considered an externality and does not affect their bottom line. There is no driving incentive for the business to make the world a better place unless of course they can draw more customers in from demographics that are conscious about their impact on the health of the planet (a form of niche marketing). One of the consequences of this top down job creation process is that if there’s no money in it then it won’t get done. What capitalist in their right mind would start a litter cleaning business? Litter is everywhere and recyclables dearly need to be sorted out from the trash but there’s no money in that. You can’t monetize picking up litter. So it just never gets done. We need composts and compost toilets and grey water systems and earth ships and we need to convert lawn spaces to permaculture gardens to localize food growth. But once again, if there’s no money in it then it won’t get done. That is, If we play by the rules of capitalism.  But there is another way: What if we as a people could create jobs for others and for the earth by pooling our monetary and non-monetary community resources together. Free school teachers. Permaculturists who convert lawn space to gardens. Compost toilet builders. Litter remover. Street art installer. Activist. Tree sitter. Public educator. Think tank participant. Safe space facilitator. Racism and sexism educator. Zine writer. When we create grassroots/bottom-up jobs we look at our world and after having made an assessment we say that “ this, that, or the other thing ”  must be done to edge us ever closer to the goal of a utopia on earth. Or alternatively someone comes forward and says “I have this service to offer the world but I need your help to keep me alive and well and living in abundance becau se no capitalist will pay me for what I have to offer”.   It’s a very heart centered and community based way of creating jobs. Now, of course, one of the biggest obstacles is how to compensate the people who work these grassroots jobs. The current existence of uneven wealth distribution is staggering and not in our favor. Even if the people pooled their money together to hire people for these bottom up/grassroots jobs we would be relatively limited in what we could afford to create and accomplish. We would not have the same hiring power as those who utilize the top down method of job creation because they are hoarding all the money/capital. But nonetheless, we as a people do have some job creation power… imagine a website that showcased grassroots jobs. You could donate to any of these people and their cause/position/function. It is also likely that such a movement would garner the attention of angel investors (people who donate particularly large sums of money). The larger our network the more jobs we can create. The more heart centered jobs we create the better our world becomes. I am not saying that this solution is not without flaw. In this book I will offer many solutions to differing problems and this particular solution, the grassroots job creation solution, happens to be among my least favorite solutions as its implementation would prove to be
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