Blue Moon Dancing Script

The Blue Moon Dance Hall provides an escape from the daily routine of our livesa place where we hope to find a piece of excitement to forget our chores. But for its cast of idiosyncratic regulars it is also a refuge for hopes, dreams, fantasies and lies. This particular day at The Blue Moon includes a wedding, a tornado, Elvis, an attempted suicide and the face of Jesus in a water stain on the ceiling. Something is always brewing down at The Blue Moon.
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    (Name of Project)   by   (Name of First Writer)   (Based on, If Any)Revisions by   (Names of Subsequent Writers,in Order of Work Performed)   Current Revisions by   (Current Writer, date)   Name (of company, if applicable)   Address   Phone Number    THE BLUE MOON DANCING   by Ed Graczyk   Copyright: 2009, Ed Graczyk   REVISED: 1/11-2   1139 Westwood Drive   Sidney, Ohio 45365   937.493.9934Email:    2.CASTCONNIEBERNICENADINEEUGENEPEARL JEANHOWARDLEONAROSELLERODNEYJOELDELLA (VOICE)The action of the play takes place in the party/game room of the Blue Moon Dance Hall located outside the West Texas city of McCarthy. Population 23,8553 (2000 census).  3.THE SETThe Blue Moon Dance Hall was built in 1937 outside the West Texas city of McCarthy,located 318 miles southwest of Dallas. Population: 23,853 (2000 census). The “Moon” was designed to replicate the decor and architecture of the fancy dance palaces found in large eastern cities at the time. With its alluring atmosphere and live music, it was a shining beacon to those seeking an escape from the daily doldrums of meaningless lives and lonely desperation.There’s a jukebox now where live bands once played and the building’s allure is fast giving-way to decay, but the Moon continues to provide a haven for those seeking an escape from the harsh realities of the world outside. For many of its frequenters, the old dance hall still holds the hope of a lingering left-over dream or two.A private party room/game room was added in the late 1950’s. This area, partitioned off from the bar and dance floor by a ten foot high wall, is where the action of the play occurs. A wide arched opening in the wall reveals a section of the dance floor and the juke box. A curtain can be pulled across the opening for privacy. Overhead is the dance hall’s, once impressive, domed plaster ceiling painted to represent a romantic night-time sky. The sky is studded with small electric lights to create the impression of stars and a moon outlined in blue neon. Most of the stars are now burned-out along with most of the moon’s neon. The painted sky is water stained and yellowed by years of stale cigarette smoke. Sections of the plaster have also fallen leaving many gaping holes. A dirty, non-working mirrored ball dangles above.Above the wall and through the arch can be seen electric beer signs that entertain as they advertise...Swirling, spinning, gurgling and telling time: Pearl, Lone Star, Coors, Schlitz, Budweiser. All doing their best to out-do the other for attention.There are at least four tables with mismatched chairs around them, a pool table, pin ball and cigarette machines. Serving also as a storage area, the room contains many cardboard boxes, beer cases, broken chairs and bingo paraphernalia (a local church uses the dance hall for bingo on Monday nights).
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