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   Bodensee (for Reinhard Hesse) The sky reflected in Lake Constance is the same sky that is over Qom. It is the first of the seven heavens, the entrance, as one looks up toward a heavenly home. The lake is silver felt and sparkling turquois, many hues, moods, and currents, around islets and bays. In the distance, its ships are toys, so, it reflects another distance and difference, other heavens for other days. The sky together with the lake reflect another step to take beyond the water and the air. The mind reflecting on the undulating lake, there, is the same mind evoked in other lands, noticing strange patterns in salt and sands, even how refuse is blown to form a heap, where tender waves do not skip and leap to show us how to raise our hands in prayer. Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen Kreuzlingen, 22. July 2014 25. Ramadan 1435
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