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Bohemian Rhapsody Chords

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  Bohemian Rhapsody chords by Queen , www.Ultimate-Guitar.Com View Bohemian Rhapsody tab on your iPhone or iPod TouchListen to Bohemian RhapsodyAdd to favourites Learn to play Bohemian Rhapsody with online video lessons Artist: QueenSong: Bohemian Rhapsody Tuning: StandardHere is my next edition to UG. Hope you guys like it :Phords:A Ao A! A!o A!m A! #! !ass$ B B! x%&&&% xx'&'& xx()** xx%'%' xx(*** xx'''* &&***& ''+++'B!( B!, B!'' B! -!ass$ B B!m B!m -!Bass$ Bmxx++++ ''+'+' x''''' xx%++' xx)**+ ''++&' x*++&' x&**+& , ,/0  G!ass$ m m, 1o - 1 x+&+'% x+&+&+ ++&%'% xx'%'+ xx'+'+ xx&+&+ xx%&+& xx+'&'1 A!Bass$ 1 !Bass$ # #! #! B!Bass$ #! G!ass$ *x+'&' x&x'&' %&&'%% xx'+*+ x''+*+ xx)+*+#!o 2 2, 2 A!ass$ 2m A!Bass$ 2 !ass$ 2m xx'&'& xx+&'' '+'&'' x%+&'' *x+''' x++&'' xx+'''2m, 21o G G, 21 21, Gm Gm, Gm -!ass$ '+'''' xx*)*) +&%%%+ +&%%%' &**+&& xx*+&% xx%))) +'++++ x))+++3ntro: slo4ly$B!( , B!( ,3s this the real li5e6 3s this 7ust 5antasy6 2, m, 2, B! m, B!aught in a land / slide8 no es9ape 5rom re / ality.Gm B!, #!pen your eyes8 look up to the skies and see.  m 2, 3;m 7ust a poor !oy8 3 need no sympathy8 !e9ause 3;m B B! A B! B B! A B!easy 9ome8 easy go8 little high8 little lo4.#! B! -!ass$ 1o 2 !ass$ 2 B!Any4ay the 4ind !lo4s doesn;t really matter to me8 to<<<<< me.=erse:B! Gm m>ama<<<<< 7ust killed a man8 put a gun against his head8 2pulled my trigger8 no4 he;s dead. B! Gm m,>ama8<<<< li5e had 7ust !egun8 !ut no4 3;?e gone and B #! B!Bass$ 2 A!ass$ 2m A!Bass$thro4n it all a / 4ay. #! B! -!ass$ m 2m>ama8 ooh<<<<<<<<<< didn;t mean to make you 9ry. B! #! B! -!ass$ m35 3;m not !a9k again this time tomorro48 9ar / ry on8 9ar / ry on A!m #! A! #! #!o 2m, B! as i5 nothing really matters.<<<< =erse &:Too late8<<<<< my time has 9ome8 sends shi?ers do4n my spine8!ody;s a9hing all the time.Good!ye8 e?ery!ody8 3;?e got to go8 gotta lea?e you all!ehind and 5a9e the truth.>ama8 ooh<<<<< 3 don;t 4ant to die8 B! #! 3 sometimes 4ish 3;d ne?er !een !orn at all.B! -!ass$ m 2m B!, #! Gm -!ass$ m 2m 1 1 !Bass$ B!m=erse +: 5aster$A - A Ao A - A Ao 3 see a lit / tle sil / hou / et / to o5 a man.  A - A - A Ao A - AS9ar / a / mou9he8 S9ar / a / mou9he8 4ill you do the 2an / dan / go61 A!Bass$ A!  G!ass$ # AThunder!olt and lightning ?ery8 ?ery 5right;ning me.@o hordsGallileo8 Gallileo8 Gallileo8 2igaro8 >agni5i9o.<<<<<<<<<<B B! A B! B B! A B!3;m 7ust a poor !oy and no / !od / y lo?es me. A! #! #!o #! A! #! #!o #!He;s 7ust a poor !oy 5rom a poor 5am / i / ly.A! #! G!ass$ 2 B!Spare him his li5e 5rom this mon / stros / i / ty.A! #! G!ass$ 21o 2m, B B! A B! B B! A B! #!#asy 9ome8 easy go8 4ill you let me go6 Bis / mil / lah B! #!@o8 4e 4ill not let you go. BismillahB! #! B!e 4ill not let you go. Bismillah e 4ill not let you go.ill not let you go. ill not let you go.21,Ahhhhhhhhh<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Bm A - 1 21 B! #!@o8 no8 no8 no8 no8 no8 no.#! B! #! A! - Gm B! >ama mia8 let me go. Be / el / Ce / !u! has a de?il put aside 5or me85or me8<<<<<< 5or me.<<<<<<#! 2,B!, #! B!Bass$ B! #! B! 1 So you think you 9an stone me and spit in my eye.<<<<<<B!, #! B!Bass$ B! #! A!   So you think you 9an lo?e me and lea?e me to die.<<<<<<2m B! 2m B! h8<<<<<< !a!y8<<<<<< 9an;t do this to me8 !a!y.<<<<<<2m, B! 2m, B! #! B!, Dust gotta get out8 7ust gotta get right outta here.<<<<<< slo4ly8 a tempo$#! B! -!ass$ m G m G, m B!, #! - Gm A! #! m Gm m Gm@othing really matters8 anyone 9an see. m A!m B!'' #! A! #!Bass$@othing really matters8 nothing really matters to me.<<<<<<#! #!o B! -!ass$ B!m -!Bass$ , ,/0 , 2 B! 2 A!o Gm,Any / 4ay the 4ind !lo4s.#nd on 2
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