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    DR. RAM MANOHAR LOHIYA NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY, LUCKNOW    BASICS OF LEGISLATION Rough Draft On Indian Parliamentary Bills In Compare With UK Parliamentary Bills Under The Guidance of: Submitted By: Mr. Anil Sain Shivam Kumar Assistant Professor Roll No. 123 , Section 2nd Semester TITLE A analysis of Indian Parliamentary Bills In Comparison with Parliamentary Bills Of UK . OBJECTIVE  Aim of my project is to discuss the procedure of a bill becoming a law when it is passed by legislatures. A bill does not become law until it is passed by the legislature and, in most cases, approved by the executive. Once a bill has been enacted into law, it is called an act or a statute. Therefore in this project I will analyse the procedure of bill becoming an act or statute. It includes the process when legislative proposals are introduced in House Of Parliament and  passed from there in form of an act. It will also discuss the various types of bills and the legislative process during the enactment of a bill. Through this project I will try to compare the Indian Parliamentary Bills with bills of UK Parliament which highlights the similarities and dissimilarities between these two. RESEARCH QUESTIONS ã   Detailed analysis of different types of bills? ã   Special procedures regarding money bills? ã   Can Constitution can be ammended through bills passing from Parliament   ã   What are the different aspects of Legislative Process?   ISSUES This project will handle with all the procedures and its obligation in regards with how the law is enacted and forced in respect to bills. What hindrances are occured due to the role of opposition and inner conflict in the issueing majority party will be disscussed in detail. How the need and urgency pressurises the government to make different bills in different circumstances. This project will discuss all the issues regarding the procedure and all. TENTATIVE CHAPTERISATION ã   Introduction ã   Types of Parliamentary Bills : ã   Government Bills  ã   Private Members Bills ã   Ordinary Bills   ã   Money Bills   ã   Special Procedure regarding Money Bills   ã   The Constitution (Amendment) Bills   ã   Private Member’s Bills   ã   Bills to replace Ordinances ã   The Legislative Process BIBLIOGRAPHY ã  ã   Legislative Procedure in the Rajya Sabha, F. No. RS. 17/5/2005-R & L RAJYA SABHA SECRETARIAT, NEW DELHI ã   “Shaping the Law for the New Millennium: Revised and Updated”    by T.K. Viswanathan, Indian Law Institute. ã   “Legislative Processes: Ideals and Reality”  by Parvinrai Mulwantrai Bakshi ã    
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