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  -adding the bootstrap framewor-include jquery because bootstrap needs it <link href= css/bootstrap.css rel= stylesheet ><script src= js/bootstrap.js ></script>-bootstraps container class wil responsi!ely add margins center wrap our content<di! class = container ></di!>-class = container-fluid allows for stretching if its desired.-bootstrap columns add up to #$ per rowadd row per each row<di! class = container ><di! class = row><di! class = col-md-#$ ></di!><di! class = row ><di! class = col-md-% ><di! class = col-md-% ><di! class = col-md-% ></di!></di!></di!>-empty columns using an offset.col-md-offset-& class is used to add left padding for a gi!en number of columns.<di! class = row><di! class = col-md-'></di!><di! class = col-md-( col-md-offset-#></di!>the abo!e adds a column of padding to the left of the sidebar )*' columns for content/#columns offset/(columns for the sidebar-md works for medium grid si+e ,,$p and higher.not for sm si+ed de!ice)'p-hiding elements using .hidden-&we can hide elements in specific screen si+es<di! class = col-md->sss</di!> <di! class=col-md- hidden-sm hidden-s)><img src= lll alt= ll /></di!>-making elements !isible using .!isible-&<di! class= col-md- !isible-md !isible-lg ><img///</di!>-using the .lead typography class we can make the tet stands out. <p class = lead>hi</p>-using <di! class = row tet-center to center the row.-glyphicon using <i class = glyphicon glyphicon-random></i>we can change the si+e or color in css file using.glyphicon0font-si+e1($p)2-no bullet point1 <li class= list-unstyled >-.well class gi!e the element a gray background and a rounded gray border<di! class = row well>you can add si+e<di! class = row well well-lg> adding padding to the well-style the button with<button type = button class=btn>styled</button>-adding si+e<button type = button class=btn btn-lg>-adding color  <button type = button class=btn btn-primary>-for na!igationremo!e grild we had <di! class =na!bar na!bar-default na!bar-static-top>//static top) na!bar will scroll with the page but with fied-top na!bars dont scroll with the page they stay at the top//using na!bar changes link colors in the header and adds padding<di! class=container>//because we!e put na!bar class outside container it will stretch<a href=/ class=na!bar-brand>our link will be directly net to our na!igation link</a><ul class= na! >//adds padding for all of the na!igation links its like a glphicon or btn -//.na! class with modifiers can be used for a main na!igation e*<ul class=na! na!bar-a! na!bar-right></ul//na!bar-na! makes them inline<ul class=na! na!-tabs></ul></ul></di!>
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