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Bowling alone

Bowling alone
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  Josephine Campeau Bowling Alone In the article entitled Bowling Alone by Robert Putnam, the author explains the concept of social capital and examines its importance within American society. He defines it has a significant asset. When there is synergy between social institution and public life, community feels more incline to be civilly engaged. Therefore, society has whole benefit from it. The feeling of trust, the development of strong networks, shared values and the enhancements of the importance of cooperation are all advantages of social capital. This sentiment influences individual to be politically involved and also affect the general state of society ’s  organization for instance better healthcare, less crime, more educated people and more. Unfortunately there as been a decline in social engagement, this matter will be summarized in this essay. The tittle Bowling Alone  clearly describes the issue that American society is currently facing. As Putnam explains, more people are playing bowling but less are part of a league. This statistic proves that there is a decline in social capital but also suggest a global transformation in the mentality which is terrifying. A nation cannot function if everyone operates separately. Social capital is paramount for a country to be stable and peaceful. The decreases in voting and political participation are only few examples used by the author to prove the consequences of this issue. This problem reaches further extend knowing that the lack of involvement creates an increasing sentiment of distrust towards government and not mentioning the numerous organization that lost members over the past decades. Regardless of the  type of organizations either labor unions, religious association or educational group, these societies had a common goal; bring people together. Now people are less likely to spend time with smaller group because they are joining large and impersonal organization. These groups are enormous and do not encourage connection between member. It sells a previously created idea so that people only have to stick to it and ultimately do not achieve anything for the benefit of a large-scale world. Putnam puts forward various reasons to explain why the social capital in United-States is in decay. He first suggested that the increasing possibility for people to move across the world make them less predispose to join local organization due to the inconvenience that arise from this commitment. Furthermore, he indicates that the integration of women in the workforce changed the available time people had for civil engagement. Another possibility insinuated is the drastic change on how family is perceived. The fact that divorce is more common and family is made of fewer children can have an impact on civil engagement. Lastly, the development in technology is seen as a major stimulator for individualization. People spend less time with each other. They rather spend time surfing the Net or simply playing games on their phone. Also, Putnam comes with many solutions to solve this problem. One of them is to encourage research to understand the problem profoundly so that we can come with answer that will bring actual results. Additionally, he mentions that the State have been stressing the importance of removing poverty and ghettos, merging schools and post office which is good for physical capital but like Putnam says it does not encourage social capital.  Finally, Robert Putnam makes a persuasive overall argument on how American society has changed over the past. American culture evolved to where it is now because of social capital. Many countries inspired themselves from United-States to build this unity that used to be very present between each citizen. Therefore, it forecasts a dark future if America follow this trend. Americans need to recover the fierce desire to be enthusiastically part of their community.
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