BPSD Document - Material Master V3.5

BPSD Document - Material Master V3.5
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    Material Master Document Created : 15-08-2011 (SSC1) : 13-02-2012 (SSC2) Document Revised : 17-04-2013 Document Owner : MDM-team Document Version : 3.5    Material Master    __________________________________________________________________________ Document Name: Document1 Page : 2 of 67 Document date : 17-04-2013 Table of Contents 1.   Introduction  4   1.1   Material Type  4   2.   How is the information organized?  5   2.1   Material Master Data settings by material type  5   2.1.1   ZROH  –   Fiskars raw materials  5   2.1.2   ZALB  –   Fiskars Semifinished Prod  6   2.1.3   ZERT  –   Fiskars Finished products  6   2.1.4   ZERP  –   Fiskars packinging  7   2.1.5   ZIEN  –   Fiskars Service materials  7   2.1.6   ZCON  –   Fiskars Consumables  7   2.1.7   ZAMP  –   Fiskars sample products  8   2.1.8   ZNBW  –   Fiskars Nonval. Materials  8   2.1.9   ZLAG  –   Fiskars Non-stk Materials  8   3.   Material Master details  9   3.1   Basic Data  9   3.2   Additional Basic Data  12   3.3   Material Classification  14   3.4   Sales Data  15   3.5   Foreign Trade Data  19   3.6   Purchasing Data  20   3.7   MaterialsRequirement Planning Data  22   3.8   Additional fields for Product in APO  33   3.9   Work scheduling  42   3.10   Plant / Storage Data  47   3.11   Warehouse management 1  50   3.12   Warehouse management 2  52   3.13   Quality Management Data  54   3.14   Accounting Data 55   3.15   Costing Data 57   4.   Detail Design  60   4.1   Material types  60   4.2   Product Hierarchy  61   4.3   Material Status  62   4.3.1   X-Plant Material Status / Plant Specific Material Status  63   4.3.2   X-Plant Material Status / Plant Specific Material Status  63   4.4   Batch Management  65      Material Master    __________________________________________________________________________ Document Name: Document1 Page : 3 of 67 Document date : 17-04-2013 Document Control Revision History Date   Version   Description   Author(s)   08-08-2011 0.1 Initial version Crescent 06-09-2011 0.2 Updates based on WS Tiina Kuuteri, Birgitta Karlen, Merijn Gerritsen 20-10-2011 1.1  –   1.2 Updates Tiina Kuuteri, Birgitta Karlen, Merijn Gerritsen 30-11-2011 1.3 Field definition updates Niels Blom 20-01-2012 1.4 Batch class and determination added after CR UK Niels Blom 13-02-2012 2.0 Document copied from SSC1 to SSC2 Arjan Mulder 10-06-2012 2.2 Updates; work scheduling, attributes Jan Mansvelt 11-10-2012 3.0 Updates Niels Blom 12-10-2012 3.1 General updates Arjan Mulder 16-10-2012 3.2 Update on PE area (accepting changes work scheduling and MRP views relevant for PE) Jan Mansvelt 16-10-2012 3.3 hand-over responsibility of approved design document to MDM team (Kimmo Kontra) Arjan Mulder 06-11-2012 3.4 Fields missing for master data migration on MRP 4 view Jan Mansvelt 17-04-2013 3.5 Added base product and unit of measure CI (par. 3.2 + 3.3) Yge Pars Approval signatures Name Role Comments   Tiina Nieminen   Logistics Director    Anni Hietaniemi   GPO Optimize Sourcing   Heikki Vanaanen   GPO Produce Efficiently   Mikko Koponen   GPO Service Markets   Kati Romppainen   GPO Integrated Business planning / SOP   Tia Haverila   GPO Synchronize Distribution   Jutta Hautanen   GPO Product Costing   Maarit Rekonen   GPO Finance & Accounting Pertti Mikkola   CO Logistics   Hanna Mutanen   CO Finance & Accounting   Merijn Gerritsen   LC IBP & Integration consultant   Iban Rosier    LC Finance & Accounting    Niels Blom LC Synchronize Distribution   Tiina Kuuteri / Miguel Almeida   LC Optimize Sourcing   Birgitta Karlen / Jan van Heumen   LC Service Markets   Jan Mansvelt   LC Produce Efficiently   Jos ten Oever    LC Product Costing      Material Master    __________________________________________________________________________ Document Name: Document1 Page : 4 of 67 Document date : 17-04-2013 Jan Dekker    Program manager UP! Program   Antti Valtokari   Program manager UP! Program   Marc de Graaf    Project mgr SCC2   1.   Introduction The material master contains information on all the materials that a Fiskars procures or  produces, stores, and sells. It is the Fisrkars central source for retrieving material-specific data. This information is stored in individual material master records. The material master is used by all components in SAP. The integration of all material data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage. In the SAP Logistics System, the data contained in the material master is required, for example, for the following functions: - In Purchasing for ordering - In Inventory Management for goods movement postings and physical inventory - In Invoice Verification for posting invoices - In Sales and Distribution for sales order processing - In Production Planning and Control for material requirements planning, scheduling, and work Scheduling Link to PD-standard:  1.1   Material Type It is a key that assigns the material to a group of materials such as Raw materials, trading goods. This allows you to manage different materials in a uniform manner in accordance with your company's requirements. The Material type defines certain attributes of the material and has important control functions. W  hen creating a material master record, the material type determines:    Whether the material number is assigned internally or externally    From which number range interval the material number comes    Which screens are displayed    The order in which screens are displayed    Which department-specific data is displayed for the user to enter Material types in Fiskars:    ZROH  –   Fiskars raw materials (copy of standard type ROH)    ZALB  –   Fiskars Semifinished Prod (copy of HALB)    ZERT  –   Fiskars Finished Products (copy of FERT)    ZERP  –   Fiskars packinging (copy of VERP)    ZCON  –   Fiskars consumables    ZIEN  –   Fiskars Service materials (copy of DIEN)
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