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1. ARE YOU FUNNELING?<br /><br /> 2.<br />Brand funnel is more than a company; Brand Funnel is a term use to…
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  • 1. ARE YOU FUNNELING?<br /><br />
  • 2.<br />Brand funnel is more than a company; Brand Funnel is a term use to describe the evolution of a “Think-Tank”.<br /> A “Brand-Funnel” is used to gather active responses within a target market and feed them back to the marketer to improve brand effectiveness in real-time.<br />&quot;I hold myself personally responsible for your search engine results, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.“<br />-Eugene Smith, Owner<br />
  • 3. SEM vs. SEO<br />Search Engine Marketing<br /> Primarily done with work not on the website.<br />Exclusive link-building<br />Synergistic business partnerships<br />Interactive online marketing efforts<br />Search Engine Optimization<br /> Primarily done with code work on the website.<br />Images<br />Text<br />Relevant information on the site<br />
  • 4. Services and Specialties<br />ADVERTISING SERVICES<br />Market & Social Research<br />Event Based Promotions<br />Keyword Assimilation Research<br />Advertising Platforms<br />Local (Newspapers, Magazines)<br />Search Engine Marketing<br />Radio & TV<br />Research based slot bookings for maximum impact<br />Cross media supplementary campaigns<br />CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES<br />Internet Video Production<br />Interviews For Viral Spread<br />Graphics & Animation<br />Branding & AdvertisingConsumer Behavioral Trend Analysis<br />Branding & Advertising<br />Response Tracking<br />Internet Video Production<br />Design Services for Print & Web<br />Audio-Video Corporate Communications<br />
  • 5. Internet Video Production and Distribution Services<br /> Scripted Director&apos;s Cut Video<br /><ul><li>Scripted video with actors, location and n overall theme:
  • 6. • HD Video of a scripted commercial or viral video or interview• Branding Options and Multiple Cameras• Actors, Set Locations and increased editing time• Our creative staff will help improve your ideas by assisting in the creative process• Online Distribution through Video Sharing Sites
  • 7. •Air your video on DCLifeTV gaining exposure to thousands of local viewers.
  • 8. Perfect for:• Viral web-based campaigns, designed to send traffic to your website.• Remove the competition, by showing your audience exactly who you are.• Concentrate your online image, and deliver your message to a targeted online market.Details and Specifications• Includes up to 9 hours of total Filming Time (set or location)
  • 9. • Includes up to 9 hours Total Production Work ( editing, special effects, scripting, etc.)
  • 10. Actors Provided – You or up to two affiliated Actor/models
  • 11. $1199 – Payable ½ in advance, ½ upon completion and delivery</li></ul> Eugene Smith Interview Video<br /> The economic way to link a professional  video to your online image:<br /> • We produce a Professional Video recording of your event• Improve your static website and add professional video to your online Image• Includes up to 2 hours of production work (video editing, script writing, etc.)<br /> Cost: $249 – one-time fee payable in advance<br />Specs : You can be interviewed by Eugene Smith, or Eugene can do a product trial.<br /> Office Location or wall backdrop<br /> *Additional actors, scene locations, and other services, special effects and features can be added-on, see add-ons<br /> Hi-Def  Product Video<br /><ul><li>Embed High Quality video to your website:
  • 12. • HD Video of your event, spokesperson, interview marketed in a creative way• Visual Branding Options• Two hours of studio time if necessary• Marketed and released to press and video sharing sitesPerfect for:• Making a great first impression to your website visitors• Spicing up a text only website• Adding professionalism to your online look
  • 13. Details & Specifications:• $799 – Payable ½ in advance, ½ upon completion and delivery
  • 14. Actors Provided – By you or up to two affiliated actor/models
  • 15. Scenes Locations Provided – Green Screen, Office Location, or Wall Backdrop or safe location that you provide. Within 30 miles of Washington, DC</li></li></ul><li>Online Video Drives Business<br />Of people who watched an online video: 1<br />- 55% took one or more actions<br />- 43%visited a website<br />- 22%requested more information<br />- 18%went to physical location<br />- 15% made a purchase<br />- 11%forwarded to family or friend<br />-   9% signed up for product / service trial<br />46% of shoppers who viewed online video had a larger overall order size2<br />Real Estate Videos increase perceived property valuesby 6%3<br />1 Kelsey Group - &quot;Online video: A New Local Advertising Paradigm - 3/2007<br />2 Internet Retailer<br />3 Property Reviews - 9/2009<br />
  • 16. Online Video Drives Business<br />
  • 17. Search Engine Rankings<br />
  • 18. The Power of the Funnel<br />DC Life Magazine- Instant local press coverage is offered through our many online publishing partners.<br />Mestizo Media Group- Through our parent company we are able to offer traditional and online press releases.<br />Constant Contact – Through our partnership with Constant contact we are able to conduct online customer surveys and handle your e-Newsletter campaigns.<br />Social Networking – We create and manage accounts for your company (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Craigslist, Blogs etc.)<br />Funnel groups- Our live attendance events sponsored by our visionaries are the key to our synergistic marketing model. <br />
  • 19. offers a free interactive marketing consultation that can significantly improve your company’s web presence.<br /> <br /> uses three metrics when determining overall web-presence: <br /><ul><li>Keyword Relevance - A measure of how effectively your keywords describe your product.
  • 20. Search Engine Saturation – The number times a search engine has indexed website.
  • 21. Link Popularity –The number of inbound links to your site, and , and from where.</li></ul>These three factors give our company a clear snapshot of your company’s online identity.<br />If you qualify for our introductory offer, we guarantee an overall web-presence increase of 33% within 90 days or a full refund.*<br />* This offer is for a fee of $100 per month for 12 months with the first three months due at signing.<br />
  • 22. ENTER THE FUNNEL<br />
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