Brief: Spirit of Soho

Brief: Spirit of Soho Soho is home to an immensely influential network of creative businesses and people, and many of the best creative companies in the world are situated in the Soho Cluster. Soho is
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Brief: Spirit of Soho Soho is home to an immensely influential network of creative businesses and people, and many of the best creative companies in the world are situated in the Soho Cluster. Soho is home to award-winning creative companies across design, film, food, SFX, tech, architecture, advertising and many more. Soho's creative credentials began 350 years ago when the first Huguenot refugees and crafts people were welcomed to this neighbourhood in the heart of London. From those early Huguenots, to the circus and music halls, the celluloid film industry, to today s global successes in digital effects, fashion, music and theatre, Soho remains an extraordinary place to live and work. If you re at all creative, then it s probably the best place to work in the world. Soho is a place where there are four workers to every resident - A quarter of Soho's entire workforce, earn a living in the theatres, galleries, design and effects companies, ad agencies and fashion houses that make up the most creative square mile in the world. High quality ideas and projects develop rapidly here, with world class technology and people. There is a voracious appetite to employ the best creative talent coming out of the world s universities and other institutions. At this year s SohoCreate Festival in June 2016 we will be showcasing a selection of your work to the public and to Soho s brilliant creative companies. The brief is simple SHOW US THE SPIRIT OF SOHO. How to apply: 1. Consider our brief, to show us the SPIRIT OF SOHO 2. Download the Detailed Brief with information for each location 3. Pick a the location(s) in which you want to exhibit (from a list of 5) 4. Submit your idea through the opportunity listing on The Dots as a PDF, requirements below Applications must be submitted in PDF format, no bigger than 2.5 MB. This PDF will need to include: The location that you wish to exhibit in Your name/name of your collective Up to 500 words explaining your concept 5-10 images these can be high res photographs of a finished work, or diagrams/sketches of an idea. If submitting a video, please provide a link by which the video can be viewed. This can be done on your profile on The Dots, or other video hosts such as YouTube or Vimeo. Application deadline: Friday 4 March 2016 For more information about the competition, including locations and technical specifications please download the Detailed Brief and the FAQs. Apply for this amazing opportunity here. Key dates: Wednesday 13 January 2016: Call for Submissions Friday 4 March 2016: Submission Deadline Monday 7 - Thursday 31 March 2016: Judging Period Monday 4 April 2016: Winners Announced Tuesday 31 May Wednesday 1 June 2016: Installation Period Thursday 2 Friday 10 June 2016: Exhibition Period The festival will take place from 2-10 June 2016 and work will be shown during this time. As all the spaces are windows or can be publicly accessed, the work will be viewable from the street and therefore there will be no formal viewing times. If your work includes lights that will look more vibrant at night, we will include this information in the programme. Sunday 12 June Monday 13 June 2016: Take Down Period We will liaise with the venue and yourselves to arrange this process. Judging panel: The panel will include somebody from each of the venues plus four high profile creative professionals. The panel will be announced at the end of January. Judging criteria: All work will be judged on the following criteria: 1. Relevance to the brief, the Spirit of Soho 2. Practical application how well it works in the space 3. Visual impact and presentation style 4. Concept potential for development Essential requirements for all work: All pieces must adhere to the following criteria. Please refer to the specification for each space for more detailed site-specific requirements. Health and Safety - all work must adhere to the health and safety requirements of the space it is being designed for. Details of this will be in the specification and will be discussed in more detail with the winning submissions. Transport - there is a budget of 20 per artwork for transport and installation, however we advise that all work be designed to pack away and be transported within a few hours. Please include in your submissions whether your work will need supervision. Weight - There are notes on weight restrictions for each space - please refer to the specs Electricity - There are notes on supplies for each space in the specs. Location 1: Finish Address: 140 Wardour St, London W1F 8ZT, United Kingdom Website: Company information: Finish is an Award winning colour grading and visual effects studio collaborating with all of the moving image industries based on Wardour St in the heart of Soho. Founded in 2003, Finish quickly became one of the leading post production companies in the UK consistently being voted into Televisual Magazine s Top 10 Commercials Post Houses Survey and to this day keeps it s original philosophies of combining cutting edge technology with creative talent close to it s heart. Whilst considered a boutique, this isn t always reflected in the size and scale of projects it delivers such as feature film The Keeping Room, advertising campaigns for O2, adidas, Nike, Vodafone, Sky, BMW, content films for Volvo Life Paint, Ted Baker, music videos for FKA Twigs, Royal Blood and Florence & The Machine to name a few over the years. The Finish Window Project started in 2011 when we approached video artist Doug Foster to create a piece for us and he devised the rear projection installation with a piece titled Convolver. It has remained in situ and has become a platform for in house artists at Finish to have an outlet plus collaborations with other filmmakers and artists such as Shy The Sun and Bison. Description of available space: Finish are providing the use of their rear projection screen in their window. The screen is divided into 27 rectangles by a metal grid (measurements and pictures below) so bear this in mind with your composition. Type of work suitable for this space: This space is suitable for the following formats: Animation Film Moving picture Screen measurements: Full width: 317cm Full height: 151cm The screen is divided into square panes, the measurements of each pane are: Each pane width: 32cm Each pane height: 48cm Aspect Ratio approx.: 19:9 (this is just slightly narrower than 16:9, grid & further details will be supplied Installation: Work will need to be delivered by Hard Drive / File Transfer - as a ProRes QT file Previous projects that have been shown in the space: Animated Christmas card: Crystalline Sound Soho: Rubik - Pictures: Location 2: The Garage Soho Address: 62 Dean Street, Soho, W1D 4QF Website: Company information: The Garage is an incubator space investing in disruptive start-up ideas. Read more at: - /whatwedo - /whatwedo Type of work suitable for this space: This space is suitable for the following formats: Free-standing / self-supporting structures / products Lightweight illustration or artwork Vinyl s of artwork, images or illustrations Fashion / jewellery displays Film / Moving image / animation displays the full screen must be visible through the windows, and must be supplied by the artist Light art Description of available space: The Garage are providing the display space viewable through their windows. The window is divided into multiple panes (measurements and pictures below). Window measurements: Full width: 2.63 metres Full height: 1.68 metres Height from floor to window: 65cm Pane measurements: Each pane width: 30cm Each pane height: 37cm Fixing points: We have a ceiling panel on the middle of the room suitable for attaching/hanging works. Ideally, we do not want to make holes in the walls. We can make exceptions depending on certain works but they must be very small. Most other fixing need to arranged and installed by the individual. Weight restrictions: N/A (as long as it is lift-able/easy to move) Maximum: 45KG Electricity supply: x2 plug sockets. Adaptors available for more. x3 adjustable spotlights on the ceiling Pictures: Location 3: The French Protestant Church Address: 8-9 Soho Square, London W1V 3QD Company information: The French Protestant Church of London (Église Protestante Française de Londres) is a Huguenot Protestant church in Soho Square. It was founded by King Edward VI by a Royal Charter of 1550 and now occupies a building by Aston Webb erected in in Soho Square.It is the only remaining Huguenot church in London; 23 were in existence in 1700, at the height of the French refugee population following the 1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes. The Huguenots were soldiers, artists, thinkers, writers, artisans and craftsmen and women. Britain owes a great, but barely acknowledged debt to the Huguenots, particularly in art, science and industry. There are TWO spaces available. Please see details of each below: SPACE 1: Walls Type of work suitable for this space: This space would suit work in the following formats: This would be most appropriate for flat, lightweight visual work such as fabric hanging or visual art / photographs. Because of the history and nature of the building, the walls cannot be drilled into. Measurements: Height meters (from floor to nails in wall) Width meters (between pillars of the archway) Weight Restrictions: 2kg Fixing Points: There are nails already in place that are fixed in the walls. These are small and will only support lightweight work. Electricity Supply: There is no electricity supply SPACE 2: Floor Space Type of work suitable for this space: This space would suit work in the following formats: Free-standing sculptural work Description of available space: Inside the church floor space behind the pews on the right hand side. This space is visible as you walk into the church. This is particularly important to note as the church will be used as a venue during the festival, and attendees will walk past this space before they sit down to watch a panel session. Measurements: Length meters Width meters Height - the ceilings are very high Weight Restrictions: 2kg Fixing Points: There are no fixing points at this part of the church. All work in this space must be free standing and selfsupporting, OR displayed on a self-supporting structure. Any work that is displayed in this space must be easily packed away and removable. Electricity Supply: There is no electricity supply Pictures of SPACE 1: Walls Pictures of SPACE 2: Floor Space Location 4: Soho Square Gateways Address: Soho Square Type of work suitable for this space: This space is suitable for the following formats: Free standing / self supporting structural work Description of available space: The archways sit on the East and The archways on the East and West side of Soho Square are available for work to be displayed either in just outside or just inside the square. West side of the Square. Measurements: We advise that you also visit the space to take your own measurements. Please use this as a guide Height of each column: 1.86 metres Height from floor to top of archway (centre): 3.4 metres Height of the centre light: 33cm Width between each column: 2.6 metres Width between the top of each archway column: 2.7 metres Specific considerations and requirements: All work displayed in this space must: Be waterproof and weather resistant Not damage the archway in any way Be self supporting Be placed just inside the square or just outside the square Not attach to the railings in any way Be easily removable Not include any easily removable parts or dangerously sharp edges i.e. spikes Not restrict closure of the gates Not restrict access to the square in any way Pictures of Gateway 1 (West Side): Picture of Gateway 2 (East Side):
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