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   IIMT [Type the company name] 8/8/2011   International Institute of Management and Technical Studies “Enabling Growth   through Education”   Associations and Affiliations Bharti Lokseva Charitable Trust Bharati Vidyapeeth (UGC Approved Deemed University) Association of Indian Management Schools Europe Association for Distance Learning Central European Management Institute International Association for Distance Learning Brochure 2013  Guideline  The booklet is openhanded informative directory of International Institute of Management and Technical Studies which has the comprehensive information which can be utilized to understand about the distance learning and the programmes offered by the institution to freshers and professionals for their career growth in their jobs in India and Abroad. Are you waiting for your Masters Graduation or any Diploma? Are you looking for Job oriented Programme? Don’t you have time to attend regular lectures? IIMT Studies that has professional career developing Programmes for working professionals like you. Here you can find your way. IIMT Studies “Enabling Growth through Education” | Message from Honorable Director  –   Education Collaboration   So far, Distance education has been interpreted in as very narrow sense that is to get a degree privately or through correspondence. But today, The implications of Distance education, so called, education through correspondence, has gone such a long way that it has surpassed even the merits of regular study, both qualitative as well as quantitatively. Distance Education, Today, has become the order of the day, both from time point of view and economic point of view. The horizon of educated people is becoming so widened only due to distance education. Distance education has taught the people EARN WHILE LEARN THEORY, which was totally neglected in the past. Not only this, even Distance education has awakened the neglected rural population. Distance Education has enabled literates to overcome illiterates. More over Distance Education has provided the chance to everyone to get education. It is quite cheap, time saving and qualitative as compare to regular study. No doubt, today, the institutions have made it purely commercial and only a source of earning income at the cost of its positive effects and implementation. Distance education is not at all a bad thing but the need is to understand it and also its for reaching positive effects. The need is to redefine, reinterpret, remodel, restructure and reunderstand the true meaning of distance education. The model of distance education has been adopted purely to spread education to every corner so that the aim of government policy to remove illiteracy from India, but to achieve this aim, the slogan of Distance education may not be misunderstood an misapplied. So, caution, here is first to redefine it properly in true prospective without any biasness and political motive. Distance education enables the people to utilize properly and optimally there utilized talent. It has proved torch bearer a especially for poor’s, that even they can also get education, despite the fact, they hav e merger sources at their disposal. They can reach to the unreached positions through distance education which they have never dreamt of even. Distance education is quite helpful to enlighten the dark dungeons of the people of remote areas. Distance Education should not be taken as a casual; rather it should be treated as a very good source of getting education in those areas where the education facilities are not available. The need is to streamline the Distance education network. Distance education should not be taken as a Education Shop but it should be considered as open Education Temple where everybody is free to go and get education. Another important point is that it is less burdensome and cheaper also. Distance education quite is iconic, unique and valuable in its approach and feature. Our Institute is going to re model Distance education, keeping in view its plus and minus points, future global implications and will try to become exemplary in the distance education word. The network of Distance education will be totally streamlined, fool proof, free from commercial angle and unbiased. THE KEY FEATURES OF OUR DISTANCE EDUCATION MODEL WILL BE 1.   The syllabi and curriculum of each subject and class will be quite simple and will be giving full coverage. 2.   It will be less costly. 3.   No need of private coaching. 4.   Stress will be laid on basics. 5.   Will not be hi-fi and complicated. | 6.   Will be accessible to the reaches of the people of remote areas. 7.   It will be phased wise such as basics, then technical, then highly technical and later on may be covering global techniques. 8.   It will be knowledge based. 9.   It will be free from all types of Businesses. 10.   Examination system will be quite simple. 11.   It will be accessible to the reaches of common men. In Conclusion it can be summed up this. Let us all join and kiss the model of Distance education and try to make it quite educative, cheaper, value based, unbiased and covering the reaches of unreached. Let us tray to understand the hidden meaning of Distance education to spread the importance of Distance education, there is a need to organize workshop, seminars, group discussion quite often. Not only this, there is a need to review, to modify to analyze it critically from time to time. It should be taken quite penetratingly and amendable timely if need be. I give my blessings to all readers and IIMT Studies associates -   Prof. K.K.Gupta Director  –  Education Collaboration International Institute of Management and Technical Studies | Message from Hon’ble Chief Minister, Gujarat State  
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