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  Sri Venkateswara Vedic University is the first of its kind. It is a State University withrecognition from UGC.Some of the important objectives of the University areTo bring out the awareness about he authentic interpretation of the Veda in India andabroad faciitating proper understanding of richness of the rationa approach to ife and scientifictemper presented in the Vedic !nowedge System.To consoidate revive and promote the Vedic earning and Sanskrit study as aso tointegrate the scientific thought contained in the Vedas particuary in the discipines of #athematics $stronomy $gricuture #eteoroogy Chemistry #etaurgy %oga &umanities Socia Sciences and #anagement with the modern Scientific and Technoogica studies so thatthorough integration of Vedic and scientific knowedge can be faciitated. LOCATION Sri V enkateswara Vedic University is ocated at Tirupati in $ipiri'Chandragiri (y'pass)oad donw the &i. $midst the pictures*ue environment the campus incudes GrihyaSadanam (rahma Sadanam $gama +iayam and Vidyaranya +iayam for academictranscactions, -)ameshwaram- a majestic and impressive buiding meant for administrativeneeds and $nnapoorna Sadanam a spacious dinning ha situated in the vicinity of studentshostes. SALIENT FEATURE OF THE UNIVERSITY It is an internationay accaimed higher ducation center for Vedas and Sastras. Students throngfrom various parts of the country and across the gobe in pursuit of their education. It has beenspeciay set up to conduct traditiona courses in UG /G and advanced )esearch in the areas of Veda and other aied modern subjects.0acutyThe facuty members are speciaists in their areas and they have specia interest in how their discipines are organi1ed and taught. 220acuty and 3ept. 4ist5+o. of facuties and 3epts.66 TECHNO TAMING $ fu fedged computer ab is avaiabe to the students round the cock. ERUDITE APPROACH $ we ventiated ibrary having the weath of more than 78999 books at present is ocated at-)$#S&:$)$#-. There is aso a ibrary of #$+USC)I/TS containing vauabe pam eaf  paper manuscripts and rare books. SPECIAL AMENITIES TO STUDENTS University provides primary medica faciities to the students. 0ree food and hoste are provided0ree maintenance ike Soaps ;i (ooks /ens Cothing are provided.  Students invove themseves in various sports and games. /eriodica Interna Sports events areconducted.Cash incentives are provided to the students. STUDENTS CENTERED EDUCATION SYSTEMSrutasamvardhini It is a cub organi1ed by studetns themseves. The members of the cub wimet ateast < times in an academic year. It is the brain chid of the &on=be Vice'Chanceor. Itaimed at the deveoping oratory and communicative skis of the students besides mastering over the subject.The a round deveopment of the students was many times e>perienced by the eminentvisitors when the students give power point presentation whie e>paining the various topic of their subjects. They gave such presentations before 3r. C.+.). )ao /rime #inter=s /rincipaScientific $dvisor 3r. !. !asturi )angan former IS); Chairman Sri ?.V.S. /rasad Commissioner for ndowments etc. Fr!! C m#ut!r Trainin$  0ree coaching is given to students in the certificate course in 3T/ Y urth F!stiva% Vedic %outh 0estiva was conducted by Sri Venkateswara Vedic University andit has provided a patform for the students from various /athasaas to prove their taents invarious fieds. The University has proved itsef potentia enought to be ranked high in hostingsuch events. Fr!! Y $a Trainin$ %oga is a specia feature. The students practise yoga reguary in themorning and evening under the we trained %oga #aster. G&mnasium $ we e*uipped Gymnasium was estabished for the benefit of the students tomake themseves physicay fit. Students were given training under a we trained Instructor. Edu'ati na% T ur  very year one oca and one nationa educationa tour wi be organi1ed bythe University. The students were aowed to visit different pace of importance. Fr!! Sans(rit and En$%ish S# (!n C%ass!s 0ree training to the students wi be provided tospeak fuenty in Sanskrit and ngish. Vi$nanav!!'hi Under this programmes eminent schoars in their respective fieds wi beinvited t deiver ectures for the benefit of the students. Pra'ti'a% Trainin$ Students wi be provided with practica training in performing differentrituas. Car!!r Ev %uti n C!ntr!  -Career voution Centre- provides the students with books usefu to prepare for competitive e>aminations. 0urther it provides coaching for U./.S.C. $././.S.C. andother competitive e>aminations. It gives fu fedged coaching during summer vacations andarranges interaction with bureaucrats.  P%a'!m!nt C!%%  The University has estabished a specia pacement ce for the benefit of thestudents. mpoyment opportunities wi be provided to the students through this ce. Ti now@ students were seected to work as priest in abroad. ACHIEVEMENTS Students participated in &on=be 0ormer /resident of India 3r. $./.?. $bdu !aam=s4ead India /rogramme.Students were encouraged to participate in different competitions organi1ed by variousUniversities. The students won a consoation pri1e in the first attempt itsef in $ India 3ebateCompetition hed at Ujjain.The students won the pri1e in $ India Competition in reciting $shtadhyayi hed atChennai.The Students won A matches in South Indian Universities Chess Torunament hed atVeore Tami +adu. COURSES Sri Venkateswara Vedic University offere the foowing courses for the academic year 8978'7A R!$u%ar C urs!s Sastri $charya#./hiVidyavaridhi(.$. in Vedic Studies Ev!nin$ C urs!s 3ipoma in VastuviniyogaCertificate in Vedic #athematics/.G.3.C.$.The University is panning to start Certificate and /.G. 3ipoma courses in %oga Vijnanam.0or further detais pease contact9B'88D@DE75<999DBB<D< or visit our website
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