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       C o n  f  i  d e n  t  i a  l   i n  f o r m a  t  i o n - -  m a y n o  t   b e c o p  i e  d o r   d  i s c  l o s e  d w  i  t  h o u  t  p e r m  i s s  i o n    .  1-1 Introduction PE/TRD/CN/4021 12.04/EN October, 2000 Section 1 Introduction       C o n  f  i  d e n  t  i a  l   i n  f o r m a  t  i o n - -  m a y n o  t   b e c o p  i e  d o r   d  i s c  l o s e  d w  i  t  h o u  t  p e r m  i s s  i o n    .  1-2 Introduction PE/TRD/CN/4021 12.04/EN October, 2000 GSM / UMTS Training Curriculum 1 - BSS and NSS Courses BSS System Courses ARI Advanced Radio Interface Description 3 days BS21 BSC 12000 and TCU Advanced Description 2 days NE2 BSS Optimization Parameters 3 days NMO Network Monitoring and Optimization 2 days PR1 S8000 BTS Family Advanced Description 2 days PR3 BSS Products Overview 2 days PR4 BSC and TCU e3 Advanced Description 2 days SR11 BSS Release V11 Overview 1 day SR12 BSS Release V12 Overview 1 day SY2 BSS Dimensioning 2 days BSS Installation & Commissioning PIC1 BSC & TCU Installation and Commissioning. 5 days PIC7 BTS S8000 Outdoor I&C 5 days PIC10 BTS S8000 Indoor I&C 4 days PIC17 BTS S8000 I&C 5 days NSS System Courses 900 GSM Intelligent Networks Overview 3 days 930 GSM DMS Overview 3 days 931 GSM NSS Overview 2 days 932 GSM Data Overview 1 day 935 GSM HLR-PS (Provisioning Server) 3 days 936 GSM Billing Mediation Device (GMBD) 3 days 937 OMC-S Overview & Operation 2 days 938 GSM GPP-IWF 5 days 950 GSM DMS Maintenance Part 1 10 days 951 GSM DMS Maintenance Part 2 10 days 961 GSM09 Release Delta 2 days 962 GSM10 Release Delta 1 day 963 GSM11 Release Delta 2 days 970 GSM-MSC/VLR Translations 10 days 972 GSM HLR Service Datafill 5 days 974 GSM CCS7 Transl. and Operations 5 days Radio and Network Engineering Courses RSV1 Radio Site Verification 1 day RSV2 RSV Measurement & Post-Processing 2 days CNE Cellular Network Engine. Process 1 day RF0 RF Basics 3 days CP1 Cell Planning Fundamentals 2 days CP2 Cell Planning Project 5 days RSQ1 Radio Survey and RF Qualification 2 days RSQ2 Radio Measurements 3 days SSE1 Site Survey and Site Engineering 1 day SSE2 Site Survey Visit and Engineering Case Studies 1 day SSE3 Aerial Verification 2 days NETRF1 Network and RF Engineering Course 5 days BSS Operation & Maintenance Courses OM1/2 BSS Operation and Maintenance 10 days OM4 OMC-R Administration 4 days OM5 BSS Databuild 5 days OM6 S8000 BTS Local Maintenance 2 days OM9 BSS Operation and Fault Handling 4 days OM31 BSC and TCU Local Maintenance 3 days OMDV10-12 BSS Release for V10 Experts 3 days OMDV12 BSS Release for V11 Experts 2 days OM36 BSC, TCU and BTS S8000 Local Maintenance 5 days System Courses SY0 GSM General Overview 2 days SY1 GSM System and Products Overview 5 days SYS GSM System Overview 3 days TL1 Telecommunications Overview 2 days TL4 ATM Overview 1 day       C o n  f  i  d e n  t  i a  l   i n  f o r m a  t  i o n - -  m a y n o  t   b e c o p  i e  d o r   d  i s c  l o s e  d w  i  t  h o u  t  p e r m  i s s  i o n    .  1-3 Introduction PE/TRD/CN/4021 12.04/EN October, 2000 GSM / UMTS Training Curriculum 2 - GPRS, UMTS, BSS Tools, GSM-R, and PicoNode Courses RL11 GSM-R System and Products Overview 5 days RL12 GSM-R deltas with GSM system 1 day RL21 GSM-R BSS Optimization parameters 3 days RL22 GSM-R BSS Optimization parameters versus GSM 1 day RL23 GSM-R BSS dimensioning 2 days RL30 GSM-R IN Overview and datafill 5 days RL31 GSM-R NSS Overview 2 days RL32 GSM-R HLR Service Datafill 5 days RL41 GSM-R RF Engineering 5 days RL51 BTS S8002 I&C 3 days RL61 BTS S8002 local maintenance 2 days RL62 GSM-R performance measurements tools 2 days RL63 BSS O&M for GSM-R 10 days RL64 BSS Operations and Fault Handling for GSM-R 4 days GSM-R Courses TL2 Frame Relay Overview 1 day TL3 TCP/IP Overview 2 days GP0 GPRS General Overview 1 day GP1 GPRS Technical Description 3 days GP10 Passport Operation and Maintenance for GPRS 3 days GP2 PCUSN Configuration and Operation 2 days GP3 SGSN Configuration and Operation 1 day GP4 GGSN Configuration and Operation 3 days GP5 OMC-D Operation 5 days GP6 Charging Gateway Operation 1 day GP7 PCUSN Operation and Maintenance 3 days GP8 SIG Operation 1 day GPRS Courses UMTS Courses UM0 UMTS Introduction 1 day UM10 UMTS System Description 3 days UM12 Advanced UMTS Radio Interface 3 days PN1 PicoNode Product Overview 1 day PN2 PicoNode OMC Network Operation 5 days PN3 PicoNode OMC System Administration 5 days PN4 PicoNode BSS Operation 5 days PN5 PicoNode NSS Operation 5 days PN245 PicoNode: From I&C to O&M 10 days PicoNode Courses BSS Tools Courses CT1000 CT1000 Course 8 days CT1000_NRP Reconfiguration Procedures 4 days CT3100 CT3100 Course 5 days CT3100OJT On the job training 3 days CT7100 GSM Network Monitoring and Optimization Tool (NSS and BSS)  4 days CT7100_B GSM Network Monitoring and Optimization Tool (BSS only)  3 days CT7100_N GSM Network Monitoring and Optimization Tool (NSS only)  2 days CT7100_T GSM Network Monitoring Tool (Call Trace/Call Path Trace)  1 day
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