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  Application details Local Contact details Family nameMukhopadhyayGiven nameAnindaDate of birth and gender1!1!1  #male$ationality %ndianAdress& 'treet ( )ity*!+, lenthall street# -ensington# sydney */ostcode ( )ountry*Australia 0elephone ( Mobile number1123+ 4mail ( 'kype adressaninda5ithu6gmail.comaninda.mukhopadhyay2 Emergency contact details Family nameMukhopadhyayGiven nameparimal 0elephone ( Mobile number7 1 3+2+1 Internship details Length of internship 8in 5eeks91*'tart date 8dd!mm!yy9 13!11!*18tentative9%s there a placement deadline that is very di:erent from the internship startdat;.< = >es# placement deadline is ?< . = $o%nternship @eld 1st choice 8i.e. Marketing9etail %nternship @eld *nd choiceMarketing sector/referred city of internshipsydney'hould 5e arrange insurance for you; *< = >es < . = $oChat are you epecting from the internship;Learning and real 5orld eperinceChy should a company o:er you an internship; Chat can you o:er the company;% am dedicated# have diverse international eperience by 5hich i can leverage my skils for the company 5hile learnin ne5 skills/lease indicate if there are special conditions 5hich 5e must be a5are of during the proEect$.A *  %f $o# you must provide proof of your o5n insurance# 5hich includes /ersonal Liability. English language prof ciency Chat is your current spoken 4nglish language level; /reAdvanced< = Beginner < = %ntermediate < = Hpper %ntermediate <. = /reAdvanced < = $ative speaker   /lease note that a minimum 4nglish level eIuivalent to upper immediate 8%4L0' ,.9 is reIuired to undertake an internship. Ce 5ill con@rm the 4nglish level by a telephone intervie5. Feel free to advise us if you 5ould like to enrol in an 4nglish course prior to the internship. University accreditation %s your internship a reIuirement for academic credit;  $J.< = >es < . = $o# the internship is voluntary an not a part of my    %f >4'# please supply a letter from your university. 0his only applies to students 5ho are doing internships as a compulsory part of their university course. %t refers to any document from the university 5hich outlines the speci@c duties the intern should perform. Also# any documents 5hich the university reIuires the host company to sign.%f you donKt provide us 5ith these speci@c documentes 5e 5ill arange an internship that 5e considder suitable. Also note that 5e canKt give guarantees concerning the sie of the host company. Ce have small# medium# and large companies on our database and positions in the big companies tend to @ll more Iuickly. Medicall & health inormation  Do you have any medical or health issues that may a:ect your internship; no< = >es < = $o Additional services (#5 Airport pick up no< = >es < = $o/lease book a ight arriving ultimately *1. pm Australian time.4nglish )ourse 8 5eeks9 no< = >es < = $o2  0hese services are not included in the arrangements. %f you select these options an etra fee 5ill be charged. Accommodation services 'hared Nouse  'hared oom 8,9 no<O= >es < = $o% am already living in 'hared Nouse  J5n oom no< = >es < = $oNomestay no< = >es < = $o !or all accommodation ooings a ooing ee o $ %' applies) ,  'hared Nouse  'hared oom is a standard part of the Australia accommodation arrangement. 'hared Nouse is staying in an student house.+  Nomestay is staying 5ith a host family. *erms and conditions % have read the 0erms and )onditions for the internship >4'.< = >es < = $o>4' +ignature 'igned Type your full name Aninda MukhopadhyayJn date [Day] – [Month] – [Year] 31*1 ,lease attach the ollo-ing documents or assessment.i P /esume (C0 and cover letter  from the student eplaining 5hy he!she 5ants to undertake an internship in Australia and 5hy he!she 5ould be a suitable candidateP Certifed academic transcript)  0his refers to a list of subEects the student has studied at university and it helps our partner to @nd an internship 5hich best matches the applicants studies. ./lease email this application form and all attached documents to ino1 uitenlandsestage)nl  or fa to 7133,,2++3Chen 5e have received all of the documents a short phone intervie5 5ill be conducted to gain a better understanding of the studentQs epectations and discuss the program. 0he 5hole process takes approimately 2 -ees # so students should apply in advance of the dates they 5ould like to start.
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