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  GGG OODOODOOD  SSS HEPHERDHEPHERDHEPHERD    A  MERICAN  N  ATIONAL  C  ATHOLIC  C HURCH  1890 W HITESVILLE  R  D , T OMS  R  IVER  , NJ 08755 G OODSHEPHERDANCC @ GMAIL . COM   732-279-6837  WWW . GOODSHEPHERDANCC . ORG   WWW.F  ACEBOOK  . COM /G OOD S HEPHERD  ANCC  WWW.  THEANCC .ORG  A  PRIL  15, 2018  T HIRD  S UNDAY    OF  E  ASTER   Mass Schedule Saturday 5PM Sunday 8AM & 10AM Served by: Fr. Drew Miller Pastor Sr. Donna Lombardi, FCM Pastoral Associate Parish Administrator Karen Suter Secretary  Joe Lombardi  Music Director Mike & Fran Krol Parish Council Leaders    A  n  A  ll I  nclusive I  ndependent C  atholic C  ommunity, D  edicated to M  aking the W  orld a B  etter P  lace  April 15 2018 5 pm Bob Horn healing) 8 am 10 am Our Mission: To create a sense of home in an atmosphere of belonging as we share the Good News of Jesus Christ ... using words when necessary. FOR THE LIVE THE LITURGY - INSPIRATION FOR THE WEEK Why are you troubled? Life can easily get the best of us. Anxiety, worry, doubt, and uneasiness are just some of the things that can trouble our hearts. Often we are troubled about temporal things. Sometimes our faith troubles us and we wonder where God may be. If we allow Jesus to open our minds so we can understand the Scriptures and the significance of his passion, death, and resurrection, we can begin to trust that God's plan includes something much more than the current concern of our minds. Jesus can then become a light of revelation who helps us keep our lives in perspective and persevere. “Aspire not to have more but to be more.”  Oscar Romero  FAMILY FAITH FORMATION GOSPEL MEDITATION ENCOURAGE DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF SCRIPTURE April 15, 2018 3rd Sunday of Easter Why do questions arise in your hearts? After the Resurrection, the Apostles experienced their fair share of incredulity. Jesus had died-John had been there-and now the tomb was empty. What should they believe? Was the Jesus before them truly real? And who was Jesus really? It's no surprise that the Apostles were initially startled and terrified to the extent that they thought that they were seeing a ghost. Jesus has compassion on his confused friends. Once he affirms his non-ghostly identity-- look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself --Jesus gets down to business. He has risen from the dead, but life would not continue as normal. Throughout Jesus' ministry, he spoke in parables and veiled prophetic language. His followers likely thought much of his words were metaphors, some symbolism for the person and their relation to God. Now Jesus has something else in mind. He opened their minds to under-stand the scriptures, making known the connections between his own words and deeds and everything written about [him] in the law of Moses and in the prophets and psalms. Why now? Why this increased depth of understanding? The answer lies in the shifting role of the Apostles. You are witnesses of these things. The treasury of truth is no longer Jesus' responsibility alone but our own. Then and there, the Apostles are appointed to proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus, the forgiveness of sins and the mercy of God. This message is no longer for only the Jewish people but all the nations. This is our invitation! We have the rich heritage of the Church's teaching. By sacramental grace, God's peace is with [us]. We, too, are sent to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and the hope that belongs to his call. Sharing the Gospel   When Jesus came to his friends after Easter, they could hardly believe he was real. Jesus told his friends it was okay to touch him. Jesus had bones. He had muscles. He had scars from the cross. Jesus even ate a piece of fish to show that his stomach worked okay. Yes, they had all seen Jesus die, but God raised him to life. Moses and King David and the prophets had all written about the Savior. The Scriptures all came true through Jesus. He really is alive. If you believe in Jesus, don't keep it a secret. Tell your friends that Jesus is their savior, too.   Prayer   God, give me the words I need. I want everyone I know to follow you.   Something to Draw   Draw a picture of yourself telling your friends about Jesus.     Book Club Are you preparing for the discussion? “Perfectly Yourself” * by Matthew Kelly * A copy of the book was given out after each Christmas mass. If you’re interested in reading and did not receive the book, please see Sr. Donna after mass. For a copy. Friday evening “7 - 9 with pizza and wine”   Downstairs All are welcome A local non-profit community restaurant that serves an in-need and paying customer. If you are unable to donate you may volunteer in exchange for your family’s meal. Paying customers pay $20 donation per person to cover the cost of a meal and help to defray the cost of someone else’s meal who has volunteered as payment. Two locations: Toms River and Red Bank Additional information and hours of operation can be found via their website: or their Facebook page: JBJ Soul Kitchen Family Faith Formation meets next Sunday, April 22 following 10 am mass. Meeting in the church  Tuesday, April 24th at 6:30 pm


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