Directions 1) Input Fuel characteristics 6) Once the barrel is complete, adjust the tip cross sectional areas 2) Input kiln production data Ultimate target is Is = 1.8 and Sw = 0.15, by adjusting the tip dimensions.
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  DirectionsPage 11) Input Fuel characteristics6) Once the barrel is complete, adjust the tip cross sectional areas2) Input kiln production dataUltimate target is Is  1! and #$  %!1&, b' adjusting the tip dimensions!(hange the tip cross sectional areas b' adjusting the aial holes *) Determine +goal seek) transport air o$ rate - & kg.m* /or blo$er, 0 kg.m* /or pumpdiameter and the $idth o/ grooe /or the s$irl!  ar' the transport o$rate  3m*.h  note that blo$ers cannot take the higher material densit' rate0) Optimise static pressures at tip, tip cross sectional area and all other constraints! Obtain the best balance /or-4) Obtain optimum or target o$ rates alues +s$irl 5 aial) Target of Is = 1.8 and Sw = 0.15,. For a rst calculation, start $ith static pressures o/ 4%!%%% Pa /or aial, and Optimum ow rates 2&!%%% Pa /or s$irl  1%7 primar' air8 07 aial 9 transport +in case that no s$irl is used)! Use soler, changing the grooe $idth, the aial holes diameters, the aial and ) (onrm choice o/ /an or blo$er /or s$irl air based on static pressure in the tip  choice e:ects bias coe;cientand to the s$irl pressure +<1 !%%% Pa i/ /an, 2%!%%%*%!%%% Pa i/ blo$er)!=) Determine range /or blo$ers- maimum /or +Is,#$)+1! ,%!1&), and Note the optimum ow rates as well as ross setion areas !mm # minimum /or +%!=,%!%&)! (heck that , doing this, $e sta' in the range $ltimate target is Is = 1.8 and Sw = 0.15. o/ 0 to 127 primar' air!&) Dimension the barrel->hat is the /ree diameter re?uired in the centre@ Depends on ho$ man' /uels the plant $ants to burn simultaneousl'- $aste, oil, etcAIn theor', min! o/ 2%% mm + in!) is needed /or the blu: bod' e:ect although 6 in! has been used!Use standard pipes +see table)! Bhe outer diameter o/ this rst pipe is the inside diameter /or the s$irl air channel! (ontinue to build, using the criteria belo$-1) #$irl-Celocit' in barrel- 1& to 2& m.s#$irler angle  *%  4%8 common to use *&Bransport design- dra$ing instructions1 to 22 anes +or slots), mm depth minimumEaimum angle o/ inlet  12!& degree $ith the burner ais3o straight stream through the s$irler  long enoughnter /rom the top +better distribution)2) Bransport- Celocit' in tip and barrel- 2& to *& m.sInlet rectangle- Internal $idth should be e?ual to internal radial gap o/ annulus < or  to 1% mm +concentricit', plugging)diameter o/ outer pipe o/ the /uel annulus! Bhe elocit' G slight reduction o/ the cross section area is being done at the tip, /or should neer decrease /rom the /uel intoduction into the line a better /uel distribution around the annulus +automatic)to the burner tip! +#ettlement)*) Gial- Celocit' in barrel  1& to 2& m.s +tradeo: $eight o/ burner pipe ersus pressure drop)! Barget 2% holes, generall' 16 to 24Diameter o/ holes <or  to 12 mmthe s$irl static pressures . Gdd constraints on the aial pressure +*&!%%%6%!%%% Pa),  *=*6=0%%6!lsHucian (alinoiuPage 2% .%*.2%1 #>IH G3D EOE3BUE DBEI3GBIO3 >IH G3 EOEF3BUE FBFEI3GBIO3 Original- (HC . #!BJI# Gpr=& %&'NT (   )O* Update- (B( . J! IBOct%% +ate ( 8'ug0-Name (&uian alinoiu (OEE3B# -Plant altitude-4 %mGtm! Pressure -rr-&11mmJg rr-&11rr-&11Pa BIP (O## #(BIO3 GG#Diameters -7 cross section reduction Det -&4%!%+mm)thk - &24 '/I'& 'I &2*!% !&06,6=4PaJoles 1, Canes 2 -1KKKm.s401!%00!&7rr-&11m.srr-&113m*.h=12*mm2Det -40%!%446!%12!&thk -12446 T'NS%OT 'I 2*m.s* 0!%2*!2m.s Det -* 0!%* 6%%mm2thk -12!&*62*4*!%2210, *=Pa SI& 'I KKKm.s*11!640!17rr-&11m.srr-&113m*.h0%%%mm2Det -2= !&26&2*!*thk -0!12 4!*DBGIH# OF BJ BIP#$irler3umberslotsgrooe $idthradial gapradiusangle +o)o/ anes$idth+mm)+mm)anes+mm)raccord!#$irl *&16**!%20!%%!&1Gial +i/ anes) Gial +i/ holes) 3umber o/ holes -24Diameter -22!%%Pitch cirle +mm)-4=0#pacing +mm)-6&!%6 *2N2'& +'T' Liln BMP - N% Production +t kk.d) -*66%3P - no preca, GB - air through, G# - air seperat!#pecic heat consumpt! (L - 4% 3$2& 'N'&4SIS, 'S 3I2+ !+4 'SIS# #$irl Gir- FFan8 NNlo$erF7 ( &!147 O2!0%Percent o/ heat at backend - !&%7 #*!263(G# +7) - !&%7 J*!0%3m*.kg /uel !&  Botal combust! air +3m*.hr) -14%, %4 S%2I3I )2'T ONS$6%TION  BhroughputH!J!C!Bherm!po$er Botal combust! air +3m*.kg kk) -%!=2* 'T T)2 &'ST %I%2cal.h#hell internal diameter +m) -&! % %eto7e 14!*% 1=&110!21 tetile %!%%*6%%%!%% %9 %!%%6%%%%!%% wood %!%%4%%%%!%%ecalculated #J( - Total !*al:h# ( 110!21 4% (L  *'S 3&O 62'S$262NTS'ialSwirlTransportStati pressure in the tip !%a# 06,6=410, *=1,%%% Bemperature in the pipe +deg ()1%***2% Bheoretical o$ rate +3m*.h)rr-&11rr-&11  - Fuel to air ratio-Nias coe;cient -%!001!%% 'epted owrate !Nm;:h# rr-&11rr-&11*%%%4!44kg.m*0 /or pumpGial . #$irl distributionrr-&11rr-&11& /or blo$er 2S$&TS 3&O 92&OITI2S'ialSwirlTransport IsSwirl 3ature o/ o$rr-&11rr-&11 <eloit Nh:*al elease tip elocit' +m.s)rr-&11rr-&112* 2rr(5112rr(511 Primar' air rate, aial -rr-&11 Targets( FuelOil&!%%!1&s$irl -rr-&11(oal6!*%!1&transport -2!1*7(oke0!&%!1&Gial 9 Bransport-rr-&11 %rimar air rate rr-&11BJEGH HOGD +E>.m2) -&!=4mmJ 2 O   *=*6=0%%6!lsHucian (alinoiuPage *% .%*.2%1 SI& 'N+ 6O62NT$6 +2T26IN'TION 1I0& 'N+ 6O62N $6 +2 206IN' ION Original- (HC . #!BJI# %&'NT (   JO Update- (B( . J! IB +ate ( 2 .% .2%%6 Name ( Hucian (alinoiu +2T'I&2+ 2S$&TS *2O62T4'ialSwirlTransport Jeight o/ spacers.blades +mm)1&!2>idth de /raise dusinage +mm)20!%>idth o/ blades in /ront +mm)*4!2#ur/! mas?uQe par les raccords0  #ur/! apparente de sortie +mm2)=12* &46it e:ectie area +mm2) 4=60=%* 6%%g'ration radius+mm)164 +2T2NT2'ialSwirlTransport massic o$rate+kg.s)rr-&11rr-&111!%0 eit olumic o$rate+m*.h)rr-&11rr-&11*22%specic grait' in the pipe +kg.m*)rr-&11rr-&111!2%&specic grait' at the Ntip+kg.m*)rr-&11rr-&111!2%&Celocit' in the burner pipe +m.s)rr-&11rr-&112*Celocit' at the noRRle +m.s)rr-&11rr-&112*pansion elocit' +m.s)rr-&11rr-&112*Gial momentum +3)rr-&11rr-&112&Impulsion normale +3)%rr-&11%otation Eomentum +3!m)%rr-&11% 6omentum 2>ui<alent +iameter (2rr(511mm'ialSwirl IsSwirl Flo$t'pe-subsoni?uesubsoni?ue N.h:*? pansion elocit' +m.s)rr-&11rr-&11 2rr(5112rr(511 'ial primar air ratio( ( rr-&11 Targets( FuelOil&!%%!1& radial( rr-&11(oal6!*%!1& transport ( 2!1*7(oke0!&%!1& Total ( rr-&11 62'S$262NTSOSS)2@ 4 2N2*4 ONS29'TION'ialSwirlTransport  gases into the noRRlerr-&11rr-&112=4 gases at the eitrr-&11rr-&112=&T. +7)rr-&11rr-&11%!1 *eometr of the swirl Aod adial gap +mm) -%!&Jeight o/ blades +mm) -1&!2#lot $idth +mm) -***12*4*rooe $idth +mm) -20*&Einimum lenght o/ s$irl bod' +mm) -=1  *=*6=0%%6!lsHucian (alinoiuPage 4% .%*.2%1 &!11
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