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  Exploration of factors affectingtransfer of training into theworkplace  A case study of selected capacity building training courses in Western Australia August 2002 This research was carried out as partial requirement towards a Master of Rural Systems Management (University of Queensland), y !enny risp,(then) #$T Training oordinator with the (then) %epartment of &griculture'estern &ustraliaThe full research report and appendices are availale y contacting !enny risp at the %epartment of &griculture and ood, 'estern &ustralia( crisp*agric+wa+gov+au)  ontents PageList of Tables and Appendices  Abstract - The issue - Literature review on transfer of training 'hat is transfer of training.actors affecting transfer of training/valuating training effectivenessSummary--01-10 Background to training project 12 esearch focus 13 (parts not included this version) !ethodolog 14 !ethods # Anal sis Method 15 %es6top study of e7isting data (focus groups)Method 85 Structured e9mail survey81818 esults$ %ocus group ke the&es  Not included this version esults$ 'u&&ar of e(&ail surve responses )all courses* :earning ;roectMotivation to attend!o role onfidenceManagement olleaguesTarget audienceRecognition and reward<ther factors&ny other comments.8383=13-1--->0=0 +iscussion 0- ,onclusion and reco&&endations 28 eferences 20 Appendices  Not included this version 8    List of    Tables -TitlePage 1Research question lin6s to the three road areas of transfer of training research  Not inc. 8Sta6eholders in the outcomes of this research, and the outcomes they are most interested in  Not inc. Methods used to gather data, and why chosen.14-;opulation, sample and response information8-0;otential and actual numer of ?doule@ counted surveys802Stage to which survey respondents progressed in their learning proects, for each of the - courses and for all - courses comined833/7tent to which o role provided opportunities to apply, for each of the - courses and for all courses comined1>Time lapsed etween the course and first wor6 application, for each of the - courses and for all courses comine84:evel of confidence to apply course theory, for each of the - courses and for all courses comined1=(&ppro7imate) years of e7perience in o efore attending course, for each of the - courses -11Management support, for each of the - courses and for all courses comined318 olleague support, for each of the - courses and for all courses comined-11Target audience support, for each of the - courses -- List of Appendices -TitlePage 1Running sheet for focus groups  Not inc. 8ocus group transcripts  Not inc. /9mail survey population and sample information  Not inc. - over letter attached to each e9mail survey as conte7t  Not inc. 0/9mail survey questions  Not inc. 2Raw data and summary data for each course from the e9mail survey  Not inc. 3 hec6 for rigour in e9mail analysis (from raw data to course summary)  Not inc. Not inc. = not included in this version. Original report and appendices available on request from Jenny Crisp, epartment of !griculture and ood #!,  $crisp%agric.& Acknowledge&ents -
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