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Business 2210 Case Analysis Report-FINAL

case analysis report
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    Business 2210  –   Case Analysis Report Wilson’s Family Restaurant  Prepared for Donna M. Stapleton Instructor, Business 2210 Memorial University St. John’s, NL A1C 5S7  Prepared by Group 6 Meaghan Dugal, Neil Grey, Saad Rahman, Stephanie Roberts, Justin Quann April 4, 2014    Table of Contents Executive Summary  1   1   Problem/Issue Identification 2   2   Current Marketing Situation 3   2.1   SWOT Analysis 3   2.2   Consumer Analysis 4   2.3   Competitor Analysis 5    3   Identification and Analysis of Alternatives  5   4   Recommendation  6   4.1    Product/Service Strategy  7    4.2    Pricing Strategy  8   4.3    Distribution Strategy  8   4.4   Communications Strategy  9   5   Implementation Strategy  12   6   Budget and Evaluation  12   6.1    Budget for Communications Strategy  12   6.2    Evaluation  13   Appendix I: SWOT Analysis  15   Appendix II: Segmentation Scheme  16   Appendix III: Customer Profile  17   Appendix IV: Competitor Analysis Summary  20   Appendix V: Decision Criteria Alternatives Matrix  22   Appendix VI: Recommendation Table  23   Appendix VIII: Budget Summary Table  29   Appendix IX: Evaluation Summary  31   Bibliography  32     1 Executive Summary Since taking over his father’s business, Wilson’s Family Restaurant, John Wilson has been experiencing declining sales and reduced customer satisfaction. John would like to reverse this trend and increase sales by 5% and ensure 100% customer satisfaction in 2013. Much of the problem can be attributed to two sources. First, John is an experienced chef but does not have significant experience in customer service. Unfortunately, the food does not sell itself and customers are missing the relationship they had with John’s father, Mark. The second issue is related to the impending entrance of the large national chain, Swiss Chalet. This report will recommend actions for John to improve sales and customer relations in addition to managing the new competition. John and his restaurant are well known in the community, but are having difficulty adapting to a changing landscape. The surrounding area of Struan offers great potential for market expansion, but John needs to ensure his restaurant is sufficiently differentiated from Swiss Chalet. As noted, there is a sufficient market in the Struan area that enjoy the food that Wilson Family Restaurant offers, thus, the marketing plan implemented will have to successfully target these potential customers. There are many solutions that could be adopted to improve the customer service issues and resolve the declining sales. Alternative solutions include: increase promotion efficiency, increase the number of items and options on the menu, offer home delivery, and manage service quality. In conducting an assessment of the alternatives, it is recommended that John enhance his marketing and advertising by improving advertising, refining the target market and directly marketing to these potential customers. To effectively imple ment the marketing strategy for Wilson’s Family Restaurant, a number of actions are necessary. First, a menu revision is recommended to highlight and enhance the  best items on the menu, and remove those not typically purchased. Second, it is recommended that John increase his promotional strategies by offering more discounts to loyal customers, and incentives for new customers. Third, John may consider redecorating to incorporate a homier ambiance. Finally, it is vital that John implement a cohesive, efficient and direct communications strategy, which includes a closer relationship with community members, in addition to a strong  promotion plan. John has the potential to return Wilson’s Family Restaurant the successful business it once was, but needs to refine the marketing strategy and successfully implement it to ward off impending competition, increase sales and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.   2 1   Problem/Issue Identification The purpose of this report is to provide an analysis of the situation fac ing Wilson’s Family Restaurant (WFR) and provide a course of action for the restaurant based on its goals. One problem facing WFR is John’s lack of experience outside the kitchen. Before opening the restaurant, Mark had previously worked in hospitality and therefore had experience interacting and dealing with customers; he was able to better understand, anticipate, and fulfill customer needs and wants, which resulted in high customer loyalty. When Mark dealt with customers, he came across as warm and humorous and this was appreciated very much by the customers. Unlike Mark, John never had to deal with customers directly and didn’t have an opportunity to develop the customer service skills required to interpret and satisfy customer needs and wants like his father. When John took over the restaurant, customers noticed that he lacked the personality traits that Mark had that made coming to the restaurant enjoyable. As a result, there was a loss of customers and sales, and diminished reputation of having the best local cuisine. Another problem facing WFR is the future opening of a Swiss Chalet restaurant nearby. Due to Swiss Chalet’s more familiar name (it is a multi -million dollar chain with over 200 locations across Canada) and its use of nationwide television ads to promote itself, this could cause an even further decrease in customers and sales. Swiss Chalet will be a very strong competitor.  
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