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   SJ COMPANY   A Human Resources Services Proposal For SS COMPANY Prepared by: Stephanie Bitoy and Jamelia Repetillo In SJ COMPANY AUGUST 02 2018 PROPOSAL CONTENTS  _Introduction 1.   Leadership and skills Development 2.   Navigating the Regulations environment 3.   Building the Right Team  _Requirements Summary Proposed HR Services Solution Payroll Solution Benefits Risk manangement & Regulatory Compliance Performance Management Annual audit & Strategy Review  _HR Services pricing Agreement Terms 1.   Engagement 2.   Term 3.   Compensation & Payment 4.   Independent Contractor  5.   Audit 6.   Confidentiality 7.   Representations & Warranties 8.   Insurance 9.   Safety 10.   Publicity 11.   Acceptance 12.   Termination 13.   Liability & Indemnification 14.   Miscellaneous Acceptance    INTRODUCTION Dear Mr. Sales & Mr. Singayan Human Resources is essential to corporate governance. Great HR teams multiply the effectiveness of your most valuable resources- people. You almost certaintly have invested in experienced minds to guide your brand onward and upward- technical, marketing,and business minds who will help you avoid the business world’s many pitfalls. So, too, should you invest in experience in the realm of Human Resources. The reason for HR’s importance are countless, and v ary depending on where in a company’s organizational chart you fall. As a business leader , Human Resources is your greatest ally in recruiting , training,and retaining the best team possible . the three(3) major ways that HR serves a vital purpose to company leadership. 1.   Leadership & Skills Development The best companies cultivate talent from within. To do that , you need an HR team that knows how to indentify potential in new employees, and has experience in cultivating that potential to create future business leaders. We focus  on investing your company’s future leadership and technical through talent management and skills. 2.   Navigating the regulatory environment No matter how big or small your company is, regulatory compliance is a reality that you’ll have to face. The regulations that affect how a company hires, and communicate stay in these regulations is a full-time job in and of itself.when you’re tasked with navigating a company to growth and success , you absolutely must have a HR partner that you can trust over your regulatory affairs. 3.   Building the right team To prevent such a dire situation , you need a Human Resources team that is experienced in sourcing and recruiting qualified candidates who are a good fit for your company.    REQUIREMENTS SUMMARY We insure that SJ COMPANY is uniquely qualified to help you overcome these challenges . PROPOSED HR SERVICES SOLUTIONS- SJ company is prepared to offer the services an affordable monthly cost. We proposed that SS company and SJ company enter into an agreement for these services . PAYROLL SOLUTIONS- SJ company will provide full payroll support, including payroll management , direct deposit & tax remitting. BENEFITS- our benefits specialists will handle all aspects of employee benefits of SS company. This includes choosing appropriate plans, completing hire on boarding and managing benefit enrollment during the annual open enrollment period . RISK MANAGEMENT & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE - we will support SS company risk management program by working with department managers to provide thorough training to all employees, and to maintain a safe workplace at all times. We also work to ensure your company is fully compliant with all regulations. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT - SJ company will deploy a performance management program to encourage talent and leadership development within SS company workforce. ANNUAL AUDIT & STRATEGY REVIEW - SJ company will perform a full audit of all SS company Human Resources files, and processes, including financial accounts. We will detailed report of our findings and to correct any issues we discover and we also work with you to provide a feedback gathered .   HR SERVICES PRICING    AGREEMENT TERMS 1.   ENGAGEMENT - Company hereby engages consultant and consultant agrees to render the request of company , independent consulting services, all of which are incorporated here in and form a part hereof. Services shall be ordered by the compan y’s issuance of purchase orders that incorporate this agreement by reference. 2.   TERM- This agreement shall commence on the effective date, unless modified by mutual, written agreement of the parties. 3.   COMPENSATION & PAYMENT- As consideration for the services, and upon the submission of monthly , within the payment terms stipulated here in, the company shall pay consultant at the rates or in accordance with the payment schedule set on purchase issues by company. Payments made to consultants shall not constitute of any of the services performed by the consultant under this agreements. 4.   INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR- Consultant and company shall at all times be deemed to be independent contractors and nothing herein shall be construed to create or imply between the parties a partnership. Consultant shall hold no authority , implied ,to commit , make representations to others contrary. 5.   AUDIT- Consultant shall retain all books, records ,documents and other evidence pertaining to its services and billings made under this agreement .Consultant shall also reimburse company for all reasonable costs of such audit. 6.   CONFIDENTIALITY- Each party(receiving party) shall receive in confidence from the other party(disclosing party) and treat as confidential all technical information,business information,management information and documentation. The disclosing party had a reasonable expectation that the information is confidential. 7.   REPRENTATIONS & WARRANTIES - Shall perform the services in accordance with the highest standards of professional skill, shall comply with all applicable federal and other laws including local laws,and it has the authority and capacity to enter into this agreement. 8.   INSURANCE - Consultant agrees to procure and maintain during the term of this agreement, at consultant own cost and expenses. 9.   SAFETY- Consultant agree to comply with all provincial safety laws and regulation and standards,shall defend, identify and hold company etc. and the Consultant are the responsible to it.
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