ettiquette for a business
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  Free Powerpoint Templates    Page 1 Free Powerpoint Templates  CORPOR TE ETIQUETTE  Free Powerpoint Templates    Page 2 What is Etiquette? Etiquette is a code of  behavior that delineates expectations for social  behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group.  Free Powerpoint Templates    Page 3 Why business Etiquette ? To Exhibit Professionalism and develop a  polished image and instill a perception of trustworthiness , we need business etiquette. It seems that today the rule is to  break all the rules! Unfortunately, when it comes to how we treat one another, some  people don't even know the rules. This can lead to challenges, upsets, miscommunication and lack of fluidity in interpersonal communications.  Free Powerpoint Templates    Page 4 Certain important business Etiquettes are : ã E-mail etiquette ã Dining etiquette ã Telephone etiquette ã Office etiquette ã Meeting etiquette ã Business card etiquette
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