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  Sizeof:-  time operator sizeof is a unray compile time operator that returns the length of variable or parenthesized type specifierthat it precedes. ex:- sizeof (type) [where type is c++ datatype] ex:- sizeof(int); The comma operator  a pair of expressions separated by a comma is evaluated left to right.  Z= (a=1, a+5) / * bracket evaluates 6 and thus is the value assigned to Z.  Type casting  The process of converting one predefined type into another is called type casting. type conversion have two forms:- implicit type conversion explicit type conversion Implicit type conversion:- the process of converting one predefined type into another performed by compiler without programmer’s intervention. it is applied generally whenever different data types are intermixed in an expression. ex:- long double It either operand is of type long double the other is converted to long double. Explicit type conversion:- Explicit type conversion is user defined that forces an expression to be a specific type. ex:-void main () { int x=65; cout<<x<<endl; cout<<(char)x; //explicit type casting } output:- 65  A   X- =10   Equivalent to    X= X-10;    X*=3   Equivalent to    X=X*3;    X/=2   Equivalent to    X=X/2    X%=z   Equivalent to    X=X/Z   C ++ shorthands   C++ offers special shorthands that simplify the coading of certain type of assignment statements.   ex:- a=a+10   can be written as,   a+ =10   some examples of c++ shorthands:-  
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