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(C) the Nautical Almanac
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  The Nautical Almanac ã The Nautical Almanac contains the astronomical information which is needed by the mariner. The information are: ã GHA and declination for sun. ã GHA and declination for the moon. ã GHA and declination for selected stars and planets. ã Corrections to reduce the observed values to true.  ã The nautical Almanac is devoted to hourly tabulations of the GHA and declination to the nearest 0.1’ arc.   ã On each page you will find three consecutive days. ã The left side of the page the GHA of the Aries and the GHA and the declination of the Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are placed. ã Besides this information you will find the SHA and the declination of 57 stars.  ã On the right hand page the GHA and declination of the sun and the moon and the moons horizontal parallax are listed. ã Where applicable in the almanac the v  and d  are also given. ã The v  is the difference between the actual change of the GHA in 1 hour  and a constant value used in the interpolation tables. ã The d  is the change in declination in 1 hour. Both of them are listed to the nearest 0.1’.    ã  Also included in the nautical almanac is the LMT  of the sunrise and sunset and the beginning and ending of the nautical and civil twilight. ã The beginning and ending of the twilight is for latitude 72 o N to 60 o S. ã The LMT of moonrise and set is listed at the same latitude for each of the three days. ã Furthermore the Meridian Pass - (UT of transit cross the celestial meridian of Greenwich) is also listed as well as the magnitude of each planet at UT 1200 of the middle day.
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