C. Toren Mind, Materiality and History Explorations in Fijian Historiography Material Cultures 1999

C. Toren Mind, Materiality and History Explorations in Fijian Historiography Material Cultures 1999
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  MIND, MATERIALITY AND HISTORY How do we become who we are? How is it that people are so similar in the waysthey differ from one another, and so different in the ways they are the same?Christina Toren’s theory of mind as not only a physical phenomenon, but anhistorical one, sets out to answer these questions by examining how the materialworld of objects and other people informs the constitution of mind in personsover time.Toren’s theory of embodied mind as a microhistorical process is set out in thefirst chapter, providing a context for the nine papers that follow. Questionsexplored include the way meaning-making processes reference an historicallyspecific world and are responsible at once for continuity and change, how ritualinforms children’s constitution of the categories adults use to describe the world,and how people represent their relationships with one another and in so doingcome to embody history.  Mind, Materiality and History  has direct relevance to current debates on thenature of mind and consciousness, and demonstrates the centrality of the study of children to social analysis. It will be a valuable resource for students andscholars with an interest in anthropological theory and methodology, as well asthose engaged in material culture studies. Christina Toren  is Reader in Social Anthropology and Psychology at BrunelUniversity. She has done extensive fieldwork in Fiji, and is the author of  Making Sense of Hierarchy: Cognition as Social Process in Fiji,  as well as numerous papers.  MATERIAL CULTURES Interdisciplinary studies in the material construction of socialworlds Series Editors: Michael Rowlands,  Department of Anthropology,   UnversityCollege, London;  Christopher Tilley,  Department of Anthropology,   UniversityCollege, London;  Fred Myers,  Department of Anthropology,    New York University. MATERIAL CULTURE AND TEXTThe Art of Ambiguity Christopher Tilley ARCHAEOLOGICAL THEORY IN EUROPEThe Last Three Decades  Edited by Ian Hodder  EXPERIENCING THE PASTOn the Character of Archaeology  Michael Shanks THEORY AND PRACTICE IN ARCHAEOLOGY  Ian Hodder  TECHNOLOGICAL CHOICESTransformation in Material Cultures Since the Neolithic  Edited by Pierre Lemonnier  ARCHITECTURE AND ORDER Approaches to Social Space  Edited by Michael Parker Pearson and Colin Richards THE SWASTIKAConstructing the Symbol  Malcolm Quinn GIFTS AND COMMODITIESExchange and Western Capitalism Since 1700  James G.Carrier  ACKNOWLEDGING CONSUMPTIONA Review of New Studies  Edited by Daniel Miller  TIME, CULTURE AND IDENTITYAn Interpretive Archaeology  Julian Thomas SOCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS IN ARCHAEOLOGY  Global and Local Perspectives  Kristian Kristiansen and Michael Rowlands iii
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