C3 Banned Cardsb

List of banned cards from Confrontation 3 as of 02/14/2006
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  Cards Banned in Confrontation 3 Card Pack or BlisterCard Name  Earth Elemental Tellurique Slide Familiar of Light (1) Transfiguration Fire Familiar (1) Volcanism Kyran le Chasseur  ImmobilizationRift  Litany of Darkness Divine EngagementDogmatic PerfectionExecrationForce of the PredatorIncarnation of the AfflictedIneluctable DeclineInertie FascinanteInversionPhantasmagoric GraceSeintillement funesteSomatic TransferSpiritual AggressionToucher ExtenuantUsure Surnaturelle Tuesday, February 14, 2006Page 1 of 9  Card Pack or BlisterCard Name  Litany of Destiny Alteration of DestinyArmy of DestinyCondemning of the HunterDivine GraceEquivocal AbsolutionHymn to DestinyInfluence of the PossibleInsidious IntuitionJustice of BalanceMortal InsolencePrimal VigourSubjugation of RealitySword of SavageryThe Middle WayVeil of the Souls  Litany of Light  Angel of BraveryAngel of VengeanceAura of CalmBalance of HarmonyBeam of JusticeBlade of JusticeBreastplate of the JustExaltation of WarLast PrayerLuminous AssaultLuminous RemissionTemporal GraspThe Arm of JusticeUnexpected ReinforcementVoice of Light  Melkion the Flamboyant  Ardent Blast Tuesday, February 14, 2006Page 2 of 9  Card Pack or BlisterCard Name  Migail the Selenite The Lunar Gift Spellbook - Chthonian Cenacle of the DamnedChthonian LiquificationChthonian WaveChtonian JawCruel ObessionsDevastation of the DollMask of the FelonOriginal CorruptionPrimal TerrorPrimordial HumusRaising of the AcolytesShackles of HeroesSilt of the GraveStaining of the EarthYoke of the Powerful Spellbook - Hermetism Arrow of LahnBlade of the BlindBond of LightChant of GloryChant of WearinessGlyph of RadianceHymn to AngerIllusory DoubleKnowledge of the ShadowLuminous SynergyPeace of the SoulsScourge of the ImpureSeal of InfamyTempestThe Light Carries My Voice Tuesday, February 14, 2006Page 3 of 9  Card Pack or BlisterCard Name Spellbook - Instinctive Magic Gift of Bran-O-KorGift of the AurochGift of the BrontopsGift of the CobraGift of the CoyoteGift of the Demon TreeGift of the MirageGift of the OwlGift of the PumaGift of the RatGift of the RazorbackGift of the ScorpionGift of the She-WolfGift of the TigerGift of the Vulture Spellbook - Necromancy Animation of the Living-DeadClench of the LicheCoup De GraceDome of GrekhanEntropic WordEvocation of DarknessFatalityMacellarii TentationisMinor Shield of DarknessSeal of DarknessShroud of the AssassinSpectral StrikeTragic VisionTransfer of AgonyVeil of Anguish Tuesday, February 14, 2006Page 4 of 9
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