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CA Arcserve Replication r16 5 at a Glance ROW Usd ReviewedFinal 7may2014

CA Arcserve Replication r16 5 at a Glance ROW Usd ReviewedFinal 7may2014
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  FOR CA INTERNAL AND PARTNER USE ONLY Ref: ROW USD   OVERVIEW   CA arcserve Replicaon helps lower risk of lost or damaged data. It provides connuous data protecon to complement any basic backup and Snapshot strategy. It provides an easy way to migrate/copy data and backups from one server to another and one site to another for disaster recovery, and from remote oces to a central locaon for secure centralized backup. Not only is it a powerful tool for an on - premise soluon, it is designed for MSP’s who want to capture recurring revenue from hosng and disaster recovery (DR) managed services.   The combinaon of remote management, applicaon - aware deployment and a unied management console makes it easy for you to deploy, manage and maintain helping to improve your producvity and protability.   CORE FEATURES   CONTINUOUS AND PERIODIC LAN/WAN REPLICATION  for Windows, Linux and UNIX on physical and virtual servers.   CA ARCSERVE ®  ASSURED RECOVERY (R)   for automated, non - disrupve recovery tesng in Windows environments.   DATA REWIND  for true connuous data protecon (CDP) that complements any periodic backup soluon. Virtual Server protecon for VMware ESX and vSphere, Microso Hyper - V and Citrix XenServer.   INTEGRATION WITH CA ARCSERVE ®  BACKUP  and when used together, provides comprehensive data protecon.   OFFLINE SYNCHRONIZATION  provides an alternave to LAN and WAN synchronizaon to more easily transfer large Windows - based data sets and databases to shorten me - to - protecon. Allows physical transportaon of a data copy while replicaon is under way.   CUSTOM APPLICATION PROTECTION  provides a wizard - based tool to create replicaon scenarios for Windows third - party and custom applicaons without having to write scripts in many cases.   MULTI - STREAM REPLICATION enables the use of mulple data streams to increase network replicaon throughput over high - latency Wide Area Networks (WANs).   OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS & BENEFITS   Whether your customers are planning business connuity or disaster recovery, new applicaon deployment, upgrading to new applicaon releases, migrang to or expanding their virtual server environment, or expanding their remote oces, CA arcserve Replicaon gives them data migraon and protecon capabilies that help them gain more control.   CA arcserve Replicaon helps drive larger deals and higher margins through the hardware and soware typically required along with assessment, deployment and management services. You can even oer your own DR hosng services for customers lacking their own remote data center, remote oce or DR site.   KEY DIFFERENTIATORS    True unied web - based management and reporng console.    Mulple replicaon opons (connuous, scheduled and ad - hoc) for exibility.    Oine Synchronizaon for faster deployment on Windows Servers.    Mul - stream Replicaon to improve performance over high - latency networks.    Data Rewind for connuous data protecon (CDP) for fast and easy recovery of lost or damaged data.    Automated, non - disrupve tesng for Windows Servers with built - in VSS Snapshot management for backup o the replica server– helping eliminate backup window constraints.    CA arcserve Backup Integraon with data deduplicaon - aware replicaon for Windows Servers.   KEY BENEFITS FOR CUSTOMERS    Helps reduce the risk of data loss and damage.    Speeds osite data migraon and copy for disaster recovery.    Reduces recovery me aer data loss or damage.    Enhances any backup and disaster recovery strategy.  See Side 2 for Important Product SKU Informaon   FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION VISIT ARCSERVE.COM/PARTNERPORTAL OR CONTACT YOUR CA REPRESENTATIVE   APPLICATION - AWARE SUPPORT  for Microso Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, IIS, and Dynamics CRM, as well as Oracle and Blackberry Enterprise Server means beer protecon. Other Windows applicaons may be protected by using the new Custom Applicaon Protecon wizard or by creang a simple script. Protect other Linux and UNIX applicaons via simple script.   AMAZON CLOUD (AWS/EC2) INTEGRATION enables the use of Amazon’s data center and resources for the replica servers to replace capital expenditure (CAPEX) with operaonal expenditure (OPEX) while beneng from having a remote site with a dened service level agreement for disaster recovery. SECURE COMMUNICATION provides 128 - bit SSL encrypon across the network without the need for a VPN or IPSEC tunnel, reducing cost and complexity.   NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION (NAT) SUPPORT e nables connuous and scheduled remote replicaon in NAT environments. This enables replicaon from behind the rewall to a remote site or MSP facility without requiring a virtual private network (VPN) which helps reduce cost while maintaining security INTEGRATION WITH CA ARCSERVE ®  D2D CENTRAL HOST - BASED BACKUP means you can quickly and easily replicate arcserve D2D host - based VMware backups osite for disaster recovery.   CASCADING REPLICATION lets you create mulple replica servers so that you can achieve simultaneous onsite and osite protecon. CROSS HYPERVISOR REPLICATION: Support for cross hypervisor replicaon, enabling replicaon between VMware, Hyper - V and Xen.   When combined with Cascaded replicaon (described above), this is a powerful capability for Managed Service Providers or for end - users. WHERE IS IT DESCRIBED ABOVE? THIS IS THE FIRST AND ONLY REFERENCE TO THIS TERM. INTEGRATION WITH CA ARCSERVE ®  D2D CENTRAL VIRTUAL STANDBY enables virtual standby to a remote server for fast system recovery. arcserve Virtual Standby converts arcserve® D2D backups to bootable VMs and automacally registers with the hypervisor.    FOR CA INTERNAL AND PARTNER USE ONLY Copyright © 2014 CA. All rights reserved. Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the United States, other countries, or both. UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries. Microso, Windows, Windows Server, Hyper - V and SharePoint are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microso Corporaon in the United States an/or other countries. All other trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respecve companies. For Internal and Partner Use only . No copying or distribuon without CA’s prior wrien consent. SKUs and other product informaon subject to change. STEP 1: Select the Proper Base SKU (ROW USD)   CA arcserve® Replicaon r16.5 for Windows*   CA Enterprise Maintenance Codes   For Product Purchases   (New, Upgrades, Comp Upgrades)   For Maintenance Renewals   1 Year   3 Years   1 Year   3 Years   CA Open License Program (OLP)   C4   C6   CG   CJ   CA Government License Program (GLP)   G4   G6   GG   GJ   Example of how to create the right SKU number:   1.   Select the appropriate base Product SKU or Maintenance Renewal SKU.   2.   Add the corresponding 2 digit code for either a 1 year or 3 year maintenance term (OLP or GLP).   e.g. CAXORPS165W00 C4 = New product Standard Edion (Windows) with 1 Year Maintenance (OLP)   e.g. GMRWANAPE30W0 GJ = Enterprise Edion (Windows) 3 Year Maintenance Renewal (GLP)   Product   New Product SKU (USD)   Upgrade from Compeve Product or Previous Version   Upgrade from CA Replica-on to CA High Availability Upgrade from Windows Standard OS to Windows Enterprise OS   Maintenance Renewal   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  Standard OS CAXORPS165W00   CAXORPS165WU4   CAXOHAC165WUR   N/A   GMRWANAPS30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  Enterprise OS   CAXORPE165W00   CAXORPE165WU4   CAXOHAE165WUR   CAXORPE165WUE   GMRWANAPE30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  Cluster Resource Group   CAXORPC165W00   CAXORPC165WU4   CAXOHAC165WUR   N/A   GMRWANAPC30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  Virtual Machine   CAXORPV165W00   CAXORPV165WU4   CAXOHAV165WUR   N/A   GMRWANAPV30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  Virtual Machine -  5 Pack   CAXORPV165W05   N/A   N/A   N/A   GMRRNAPV530W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Windows with As-sured Recovery -  VM Protecon per Host License   CAXORPH165W00   CAXORPH165WU4   N/A   N/A   GMRXORPHV10W0   CA arcserve® Replicaon r16.5 for UNIX/Linux*   STEP 2: Add one of these 2 - digit maintenance codes to complete your SKU   Product/Operang System   New Product SKU (USD)   Upgrade from Compeve Product or Previous Version   Upgrade from CA Replica-on to CA High Availability Maintenance Renewal   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for UNIX   CAXORPU165W00   CAXORPU165WU4   CAXOHAU165WUR   GMRXORUSO30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Linux   CAXORPL165W00   CAXORPL165WU4   CAXOHAL165WUR   GMRXORLSO30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Linux Virtual Machine   CAXORPX165W00   CAXORPX165WU4   CAXOHAX165WUR   GMRXORPXV30W0   CA arcserve Replicaon r16.5 for Linux Virtual Machine -  5 Pack   CAXORPX165W05   N/A   N/A   GMRORPXV510W0   *Note: When purchasing CA arcserve Replicaon, you need to purchase one license for the master server and one license for the replica server.   Please refer to the CA arcserve Unied Data Protecon pocket guide for more details on how to migrate from stand - alone arcserve Replicaon and high Availability product to the new arcserrve® UDP soluon.  
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