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  AutoCAD is a commercial software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and drafting — available since 192 as a des!top application and since 2 1 as a mobile web- and cloud-based app mar!eted as AutoCAD 3# $Developed and mar!eted b% Autodes!& 'nc$&1 AutoCAD was *rst released in December 192& running on microcomputers wit+ internal grap+ics controllers$2 ,rior to t+e introduction of AutoCAD& most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers& wit+ eac+ CAD operator (user) wor!ing at a separate grap+ics terminal$3AutoCAD is used across a wide range of industries& b% arc+itects& proect managers& engineers& designers& and ot+er professionals$ 't is supported b% ./ training centers worldwide as of 1990$1As Autodes!s ags+ip product& b% arc+ 19# AutoCAD +ad become t+e most ubi4uitous CAD program worldwide$0 As of 2 10& AutoCAD is in its twent%-nint+ generation& and collectivel% wit+ all its variants& continues to be t+e most widel% used CAD program t+roug+out most of t+e world$5istor%editAutoCAD was derived from a program begun in 19.. and released in 19.9/ called 'nteract CAD& also referred to in earl% Autodes! documents as icroCAD& w+ic+ was written prior to Autodes!s (t+en arinc+ip 6oftware ,artners) formation b% Autodes! cofounder i!e 7iddle$#. 8+e *rst version b% t+e AutoDes! compan% was demonstrated at t+e 192 Comde and released t+at December$ 8+e 2 1/ release mar!ed t+e 29t+ maor release for t+e AutoCAD for :indows$ 8+e 2 10 release mar!ed t+e fourt+ consecutive %ear for AutoCAD for ac$Designedit;ile formats and versionsedit 8+e native *le format of AutoCAD is $dwg$ 8+is and& to a lesser etent& its interc+ange *le format D<;& +ave become de facto& if proprietar%& standards for CAD data interoperabilit%$citation needed AutoCAD +as included support  for $dwg& a format developed and promoted b% Autodes!& for publis+ing CAD data$=>cial ?ame@ersion7eleaseDate of releaseCommentsAutoCAD @ersion 1$ 1$ 1192& DecemberD: 71$ *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 1$21$22193& AprilD: 71$2 *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 1$31$33193& AugustD: 71$3 *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 1$01$00193& =ctoberD: 71$0 *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 2$ 2$ /190& =ctoberD: 72$ / *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 2$12$1#19/& a%D: 72$1 *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 2$/2$/.19#& BuneD: 72$/ *le format introduced$AutoCAD @ersion 2$#2$#19.& AprilD: 72$# *le format introduced$ ast version to run wit+out a mat+ co-processor$AutoCAD 7elease 99$ 919.& 6eptemberD: 79 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 7elease 1 1 $ 1 19& =ctoberD: 71 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 7elease 1111$ 11199 & =ctoberD: 711 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 7elease 1212$ 121992& BuneD: 711712 *le format introduced$ ast release for Apple acintos+ til 2 1 $AutoCAD 7elease 1313$ 131990& ?ovemberD: 713 *le format introduced$ ast release for Eni& 6-D=6 and :indows 3$11$AutoCAD 7elease 1010$ 10199.& ;ebruar%D: 710 *le format introduced$  AutoCAD 2 1/$ 1/1999& arc+D: 2 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 2 i1/$11#2 & Bul%AutoCAD 2 21/$#1.2 1& BuneAutoCAD 2 01#$ 12 3& arc+D: 2 0 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 2 /1#$1192 0& arc+AutoCAD 2 #1#$22 2 /& arc+D%namic Floc! introduced$AutoCAD 2 .1.$ 212 #& arc+D: 2 . *le format introduced$AutoCAD 2 1.$1222 .& arc+Annotative =bects introduced$ AutoCAD 2  and +ig+er (including AutoCAD 8) can directl% import and underla% D? @ *les$AutoCAD 2 91.$2232 & arc+7evisions to t+e user interface including t+e option of a icrosoft =>ce 2 .-li!e tabbed ribbon$AutoCAD 2 1 1$ 202 9& arc+ 20D: 2 1 *le format introduced$ ,arametrics introduced$ es+ 3D solid modeling introduced$ Fot+ 32-bit and #0-bit versions of AutoCAD 2 1 and AutoCAD 8 2 1 are compatible wit+ and supported under icrosoft :indows .$AutoCAD 2 111$12/2 1 & arc+ 2/6urface odeling& 6urface Anal%sis and =bect 8ransparenc% introduced$ =ctober 1/& 2 1 9 AutoCAD 2 11 for ac was released$ Are compatible wit+ and supported under icrosoft :indows .AutoCAD 2 121$22#2 11& arc+ 22Associative Arra%& odel Documentation$ 6upport for comple linet%pes in D? *les is improved in AutoCAD 2 12$ D? editing$AutoCAD 2 1319$ 2.2 12& arc+ 2.D: 2 13 *le format introduced$AutoCAD 2 1019$122 13& arc+ 2#;ile 8abs& Design ;eed& 7ealit% Capture& Autodes! ive apsAutoCAD 2 1/2 $ 292 10& arc+ 2.ine smoot+ing (anti-aliasing)& :indows $1 support added& dropped :indows <, support (incl$ compatibilit% mode)Compatibilit% wit+ ot+er softwareedit  G67' Arcap 1 permits eport as AutoCAD drawing *les$ Civil 3D permits eport as AutoCAD obects and as and<$ 8+ird-part% *le converters eist for speci*c formats suc+ as Fentle% < G?'= Gtension& ,'68G Gtension (;rance)& '6HFAE (erman%)& =I687A and icrodrainage (EI)$1 anguageseditAutoCAD 2 10 and AutoCAD 8 2 10 are available for Gnglis+& erman& ;renc+& 'talian& 6panis+& Bapanese& Iorean& C+inese 6impli*ed& C+inese  8raditional and FraJilian ,ortuguese$1112 7ussian& CJec+& ,olis+& 5ungarian will be available later on$ 8+e etent of localiJation varies from full translation of t+e product to documentation onl%$ 8+e AutoCAD command set is localiJed as a part of t+e software localiJation$GtensionseditAutoCAD supports a number of A,'s for customiJation and automation$ 8+ese include Auto'6,& @isual '6,& @FA& $?G8 and =bectA7<$ =bectA7< is a CKK class librar%& w+ic+ was also t+e base forL (a) products etending AutoCAD functionalit% to speci*c *eldsM (b) creating products suc+ as AutoCAD Arc+itecture& AutoCAD Glectrical& AutoCAD Civil 3DM or (c) t+ird-part% AutoCAD-based application$ 8+ere are a large number of AutoCAD plugins (add-on applications) available on t+e application store Autodes! Gc+ange Apps $13@ertical integrationeditAutodes! +as also developed a few vertical programs (AutoCAD Arc+itecture& AutoCAD Civil 3D& AutoCAD Glectrical& AutoCAD ecscad& AutoCAD ap 3D& AutoCAD ec+anical& AutoCAD G,& AutoCAD 6tructural Detailing& AutoCAD Etilit% Design& AutoCAD ,N'D and AutoCAD ,lant 3D) for discipline-speci*c en+ancements$ ;or eample& AutoCAD Arc+itecture (formerl% Arc+itectural Des!top) permits arc+itectural designers to draw 3D obects& suc+ as walls& doors and windows& wit+ more intelligent data associated wit+ t+em rat+er t+an simple obects& suc+ as lines and circles$ 8+e data can be programmed to represent speci*c arc+itectural products sold in t+e construction industr%& or etracted into a data *le for pricing& materials estimation& and ot+er valuesrelated to t+e obects represented$ Additional tools generate standard 2D drawings& suc+ as elevations and sections& from a 3D arc+itectural model$ 6imilarl%& Civil Design& Civil Design 3D& and Civil Design ,rofessional support data-speci*c obects& facilitating eas% standard civil engineering calculations
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