CAD and Development 1 - Part 1

CAD and Development 1 - Part 1
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  ynsHAR  I UNIVERSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON i, A Jo^t Fe on Lryah^m Oalet/<evrn Gt' et School of Engineering the BuiltEnvironment ET1003Computer ided Design nd Development Module uide Note:Th6 ermlnology n thls template e.9. Key Skills, ntellectualSkills) s relevant or Levels 0, I and 4 modules, Levels 2 & 3modules use different earning outcome descriptors but ihemodule uides will ollow a similar ormat o this emplate. OThe Universily f WolverhamptonSchool f Engineeri.g nd he Built ErvnonmentSchool ssessmert andbook  Module Guide Module Title: Computer ided Design nd Development Module Cod€: ET1003Pre-r€quisites: NoneCo-requisites: NoneSemester/Acad€mic ear Semestor 1 2005/06 Credit alue:Level f study:Moduls eader:30 1Dr Anthony FeltonRoom: Jl*'t€E€- AAI \otsPhone:Fax:E.mail: lnternal Mod€rator: Graham akes 1 Rationale . J.; ;,r,The principal im of this module s o. Introduce he axonomy f design.. Establish he basic rinciples f design methodology.. Apply ystematic pproaches or product esign.. Establish he basic rinciples f computer ided esign ools.. Provide xperience f product esign t he concept tage.2 Learning utcomes The assessed earning utcomes ill be: Knowl.dg..nd UndoGtandhg 1. The development f design solutions hrough he use of rigorousdesign echniques nd methodologies. @The Jniversity l WolverhamplonSchoolof Engineering nd he Buill EnvironmentSchool ssessme^l andbook  2. How he use of appropriate TC underpins he design rocess nd howsuch tools can be used in the communication, nalysis nd dataexchange f product efinition ata. Subjoctspecific Skills 3. Ability o demonstrate nowledge nd understanding f essential acts, concepts, rinciples nd heories elating o design nd echnology4. Demonstrate proficiency n the production nd representation fdesign models hrough he use of ITC3 Weekly opic guide:- Taxonomy f Design. l\4odels f Deslgn. Product ife cycle from raw material o manufactured roduct hfough o recyclingand disposalDesign Methodology. Design n he context f product eve opment integfated, oncurrent pproaches . Design Process mode - from problem dentifcation nd needs analysis hroughconceptualdesign o detail esign or manufacture. Divergent Convergent hinkingSystematic pproaches or Concept esign. Needs dentification nd requirements pecification eading o the Product DesignSpecification. Primary unctions technical nd semantc. l\,,lethods or genefating deas. Synthesis. Modelling qualtative nd q antitatve. Evaluation nd election. Communicationuser centred esign. Man-machineinteraction. Aesthetics product dentity, odernity, uncUonality. Ergonomics nd Anthropomekics. SemanUc unctions a^n^' rar-' nA.idn . Product tructudng nd configuration. 3D solid modelling f pa{s - design y eatures, arametric epresentation. 3D solid modelling f assemblies synthesis nd design erification. Visualisation ethods nd graphic mage iles. Linking o Detailed esign nd N4anufacture 2D drawings. Geomehic ropert s area, olume mass, enhe of gravity, adius f gyration tc. 4 Specialist esources School provided)CAD aboratories ith digital resentation quipment.3D solid modelling AD software nd Graphical resentation oftware.The industry tandard oftware n the CAD aboratories s supported y CD-ROMs nd web-site utorials. ritish tandards n ine Learning entre)Parts and component atalogues vailable ither on-line t suppliers eb-sites r on CD-RO|\,4. oThe Univecilv lwoLverhampton 3 af7Schoolof nd he Buill EnvnonmentSchool ssessme.l Handbook  5 Specialist Resources Student rovided with cost ndicated)Indicative eading nd Learning upport ListUlrich, arl T. - Product esign nd development Karl T Ulrich, teven DEppinger. 2nd ed. - Boston, Mass.; London: rwin/Mccraw-Hill, 000 -0071'169938Dietef, George Ellwood. Engineering esign: materials nd processingapproach George E. Dieter. 3rd ed. - Boston, Mass.]; ondon: \ilccraw-Hill, 000. 0071162046Wright, . C., an Clifford. Design methods n engineering nd product esign/ l. C. Wright. London: \4ccraw-Hill, 998. 0077093763Sanders, Mark et al -Human Factors n Engineering nd Design Mccraw-Hilr, 1992. 0-07 112826-3Bridger, ,S. ntroduction o Ergonomics. \4cGraw-Hill, 995, -07-007741-XChichester: John lMley, 1993. - (Wiley professional computing). -0471578134Ashford, rederick harles. The aesthetics f engineering esign. London:Business ooks, 969. 0220798559Pugh, Stuart. Creating nnovative roducts sing otal design: he livingleg;cy of Stuart Pugh. Reading, ass Wokingham: ddison-Wesley' 996.- 0201634856e Hawkes, Barry. The engineering esign process Barry Hawkes,-/'Abinett. - Harlow: ongman cientific Technical, 984 0582994713 Ray61,. Teachins nd Learning Methods The School f Engineering nd he Built nvironment's eaching nd earning hilosophy s odeveloo he whole student .e. o provide o with cha enging ctivities nd assignments hatfequire ou o develop nd mprove k Ls s well s ncrease nowledge nd understanding fcontractual nd inancial rocedures thin a construction ontextThis value-added pproach means hat you need o be provided with the opportunity odevelop kills hrough he nature and design of the case study The lecture programme sdesign;d o bridge he gap befteen your cuffent nowledge, nderstanding nd evel of skillsand hose equired y a manager n a construction nvLronmentTutorials, racticals nd semnar activity will involve you in investgations, resentations,discussions nd/or xercises n set opics nd may nvolve elt nd peer ssessmentThis approach sees the learning needs as the focus of the learning activity with theunderstanding hat you will need o take on some esponsibillty or your own earning 8 Assessment 8.'l Methods and Weightings: @The niversily f WolverhamPlonSchool f Erginee ng and he Bu l EnvnonmentSchoo AssessmeniHandbook
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