CAD and Development 2 - Part 2

CAD and Development 2 - Part 2
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  I.IHAT S ASSE}ItsLY?Assedb.Ly akes on various meanings conPany'-We sill iJ. . tury to be lhe process of joiDing logelher conponentp rts fo foro a conposife lten' The cor0Posile Palt need no be tlre endii J .i, la courd be a sub-assedblv ln a toachioe or a aachine 1n aplant. Sinilarl'y a conPonen par ;eed no be an indlvldual ileD' il I. iJ o . suu-assenuly o a oachlne' see Fi8ure 2'Asseobly has TI{REE isrlncr Pnases'* HANDLIIiG 6lorlng, EransPor lng, PosiEionlnS, orientatlng etc'* COI.IPoSINC lhe loj.nlng Process.* CHECKING eosullng ne asseEbly 9 satlsfeclory'PRINCIPLES F DFAThe follol'int list of I'rules 16 lntended o idcrease lhe deslSner'Balrareness of asseEbly lelsted ProbleEs' The solulIons are no beyono;;;-;;;;4 of reasonabl'e hlnklng; sone anggesiLons are given to Ptodoi.g. ldelas . . 'N d_, , _ u:: * evota' ranii ing/nestln8 - See Fl8ure 3'. r*i ntation by Beking Parls oore sy,ure ricar or 1f notpossible 1ncre69e ltyoDetry' _ See igure 4'* M1nlD15e/eliEinate ixlng ha'dware 1'e' screrB' washers' c11p9'* Use saap flxlngs. DeveJ,op elf Locarlnt/geJ.f fixlng feetures'Provlde adequale gulde surfece6 4nd chaEfers e c'* Ellhhat e lnleErate part6 - See Fl8ure 5 Design good bases.Choose siDple Dovlng palterns - See Flgur€ 6'V Itllake insertion unanbYgrious - See F1gure 7Avold lolelance deEaods - See Figure 8Trv o Eee Ehe lequirenenls of lhe sleel collar I'Jolker' EveD if '..t..i -. .ttiy is noc used Eanua'L assemoly benerics' SeeFigure 9.* siEpliiy lhe desiSn using idea generalorst see Flgure I0'  DFA principles can be inpleEenled Eanuatly :t * :: q i l:-::::corlDuler assislance. 8oollroyd aod Dewhur;t s soft\ are lefelred to:;i;;;^ 1: ;;;;.ri. . i .r''i'i i' suldes rhe user. throush an,asserxblv;;;;i;; ;; .' r. i r wav. conside , for exanPre' the conPorent- shoenin firr ll. Tie softrare is used by firsE conside 1n8-the-1lem to bean asJenb.Led or0poslle Part' l{ex , each cooPonenl ln lurn;;;;;;;lt ieno,,ea rroo lhe assedblv and lnforoalion rel'atins o fed lllto the colnPuler.Fot exanple PUTT]i.iC THEORY NTO PRACTICE Coropuler a6ksNeire of palt ?ls 1t necesSarY?llow Eany?Are lwo necessarY? U6er rePllesNu Ye6 2Yes Se.lect oelhodof jolnlngI scres I2 Press fil3 cIaEPHotd oany oPelallonsfor ortintatlon? IThe questlott6 conllnue untLl ell lhe lnforidarlon for the psrt 13 ledlnlo lhe cot0pute . Each colrPonen 1s lreated ln a 3io11aE ney and atlhe end of tile exerclse e Prlnlou for the asselbLy 15 tlven',FeeFLgure 12. As the user answers lhe questlons-end afEer lhe-Pllnioutti b en stlrat d, BiapLe desitn chenges should becooe apParen 'e'* use sPeale cooneclors lnsleed of let-Dlnal' screws'* ose ribbon slle instead of 6ePsrale leads- ;; ;;;;;--.i;-;arrep la te with ihe base bv Doul'dl rgl s aepins etc'The use now repeats lhe exerclse wlth the deslgn changes loPlederttedand observes the efiect. occasLonally lhe lesu1Es ale dranatlc seeFigure 13.Note that lhe ideas corle lroo rhe deslgller and oo fron lhe software'WTiEN SHOULD DFA BE APPLIED?* 1 is never too earLy.* It is best aPplied lrhen everyrhing can be changecl' PAGE 3  * DFA is a reviewiog process and should be Eaillaioed lhroughout rhei deslgn cycle.IIIL\T BEIiIIITS CAN DFA BRIIiG?* Reouction in nanufacturing costn A be er quali y produc ,* A producr rhlch is oore easlfy Eaintahed.  oo \J ocC 4 Congoncnt U*r Aob-c/'6,1hi^os ---l--t r--1tr,l aaaen4vlies I rfI M4onbr5aalenbl5e9l er*b\ gl a'.1 ('yra_ 4*s :\ A ea rhl.1
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