CAD and Development 2 - Part 4

CAD and Development 2 - Part 4
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  UNIVIRSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON School f Engineering the BuiltEnvironment Module Number: CM220TModule Title: Design practice Modute uiOe @Th. Univlrrily or Wotulh.mptonSchool f Engln.eing nd h. Buitt Envircnm.ntScnool .6 nn.nt Hendbook  Module Guide Module itle: Design racticeModule Code: CM22o7Pre-requisites: ComFuter ided Design nd Development lEngineering racticeCo-requisites: NoneSemester/Academic ear 2006107Credit alue: 15LEvsl f study:Module eader: Insert Name r A, J. FeltonRoom: MAI obPhone: 3852Fax:E-mail: oderator: Mr K B Garner1 RatlonaleThe DrinciDal im of his module s o . Develop critical nsight nto product esign hrough he analysis f past or existingpro0ucls.. Apply he design rocess o he creation nd ealisation f a new roduct.. Apply orkshop kills o he manufacture fworking rotolypes.. Enable esign olutions o be developed y a eam fdesigners. 2 Learning utcomes By successful ompletion f he module tudents ill be able o show: Knowlodge nd Understanding. Factofs that need to be drawn nlo the design developmenvrealisationpfocess including he use of approp ale materials and manufacturingprocesses.Subject Speclfic Skllls. Abililv o develop reative nd nnovative olutions @The JniveBlly fwolvedampton 2 ot7Schoolof nginoeing nd hs ELrilt nvi.onmenlSchool ssessmenl andbook  Intellectual kills. Evaiuate 3 Weeklv ooic ouide (Please ote on occasion t may e necessary o amend he chedulel.tre mooute s oflncjpafly student entred cl:vtty 4 whrcn he syslenitc des,gn pproachre€rnt tsewhere s apptied n a pracrical 'design ana mare,, p,ojeii.'ior ihl; ;;;;;i, l* * are expected o work n sma teams and devetop uesign oiution t s-m i6.ii iii, 4 speciatist €sources school rouffi Student orkshop ith acitities or prototype anufacture.3D CAD modelling acitities. 5 specialist esources student ro@ Indicativs Reading nd L6arninq u7 Teaching nd Learning Method€ Computer ided Design tudies SEBE Wofkshop afety DocumentDIETER G (2000) Engtneering esign: materials nd processing pproach. \4ccraw HillHigher ducation. O7j 62046 Pugh Stuart '1996) reating nnovative roducts sing otal designr he iving egacy f StuartPugh. ddison-Westey 20i634856Cross Nigel. 2000) nqineerina esion nchrchestefrwirev.0471872s04 - rethods: trategies of product esign 3rd ed 'Ll_ilrnan, avid. 2003) The mechanical esign process. _ 3rd ed. - New york; Londonil\4ccraw-Hill. - 0071 55767 9lll?I:Y1,1 (2002) roduct design praciicat uide o systematic ethods f new foductoeveloprent. London. haprran HaJl. O7aBi41e76 Ulrich_,-Kari (2003) Product esign and development - 3rd ed. _London ; Boston, Mass. lrwin \rccraw-Hill - 0071232737 -. BSc/BSc(Hons) omputer td6d foduct Destgn CAPD). BSc/BSc(Hons) omputerAided ngtneertng €3ign CAED)This module onsoljdates he studenl,s nowledge f and skjtJ n Design ractjce. I provtoesan opponunity o work n a smalr eam End applysystemalic esign m;ti,ooi-ano eJrrn,questo sotve design.pfoblem. design otutjon f sorie significance- s eif t alf, i ln .t o rear/sed€s working rototype. t also provides he opp;rtunity or he r,uiunt-iJo ron rulhei. understanding nd nsigf,t nto deslgn y rhe cr ticat na,yirs f an exr;fril ;;;;]This.module rovides n opportunity or any studenl n design r engineering o carry oLt apraciicaldestgn ask. ppty herr esign nd wor(shop ki sin the c-reat,on -f new,pioouctcon_cept. onsequentJy. l Drovides n opportun,ty or students o satiify f, i qrir alnla otEA2. s a necessary art f any accredired rginsgr'.f - ----' ;.- -.' - ' @The niversity f Wolverhs.nptonSchool l Engineerifg nd he BuiI EnvjronmenlSchool ssessment andbook  8 Assessment 8.1 Methods and Weightings: 8.2 Assessment omDonents: Learning utcomeLearning ctivityExplanationFactors hat need o be drawn nlothe design evelopmenVrealisalionprocess ncluding he Use faPpropriate aterials ndmanufactur g processes.Practical orkshopsbased n a designand make roject.Product esting ndThe module long ith he design ndmake roject re ntroduced y neansof formal eclures weeks 1 - 4.Thereafter he module s conducted tapractical orkshops ilh echnical ndstaffsuDDort. Ability o develop crealive andinnovative olutions. Computer ased oolsare utilsed o develop design olution.Leclurer eedback ndesign eads oadefact roduction iaw0rKsnops.Product ealisat n foilows ectureraPPfoval ased on CAD suppo.tdocr.rmentation. Evaluate. Leclurer eedbackand elf-eval aliondunng roductrealisalion.The product ealisation hase s aniteralrve rocess nd s under onstantevatuaton Learning ulcome ASSeSSment Tasks %wergnl g hand-in ate(unrversity Rationale or he askFaclors hat need o bedrawn nto he designdevelopmenVrealisation rocessincluding he use of appropriate aterialsand manufacluringprocesses.Componenl W6ighting60%Elemenl (Design ndMake)100%Week 13.Working s pad of a tearn hestudent ompletes designand make ask. oThe Universily f WolverhamplofSchoolofEng eering fd ihe B ill EnvironmentSchool ssessmenl andbook
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