CAD & Product Definition - Part 1

CAD & Product Definition - Part 1
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  UNIVERSITY F WOLVERHAMPTON School of Engineering the BuiltEnvironment Module umber M4018Module itle:- Computer ided Design ndProduct DefinitionModule Guide NotoiTho lerminology n lhb tcmplaio (..9, K€y Sklllr, IntolloclualSkilb) b r.lcvant tor Lcv.b 0, 1 and 4 modul.s. Lcv.b 2 & 3modula3 usc dltlcranl lcaming oulcoma daacriptor6 but lhcmodulc guidcs will lollow a.imilar lormat o ihis tomplalo. @Th6 Universily t Wolvehamplonschoorol Enginoedng nd he Builr Envlronmenr School ss€ssmenl andbook  Module Guide lvlodule itle: Computer Aided Design and Product DefinitionModuleCode: CM4018Pre-requisiles: NoneCo-requisites: NoneSemester/Academic ear 2008/09 Credit Value:Level of study:Module aader: Intornal Moderalor: 4Dr A. J. FeltonRoom: G L Oakest51 Module lms The module im6 oio Equip studenE with a brcadening knowledge of the computer aided design toob and product structuing strategies being used by todayb most successtul roducld6v6lopers nd manufaclu crc.o Develop he abilv to ctitically evdluate how modem prcduct design oryanisationcould strutegically xploit hese echnologies.E Augment knowledge and expertise n the specialist opic of design simulaton. The putpose ot the module s to provide grcdudte' with the knowledge, skills and expeiisethat will contibut4 to thet continued prclegsional development owards middle and ,eniormanagement, @rhe UniveBity l WolvelhamplonSchoolol Engine€ringand hs Built EnvnonmentSchool ssessm€nt andbook2 ol6  2 Intended Learning outcomes On complelion f his module, he student ill be able o:A. KnowledEe nd Underatanding:(i) The alntegic approach that ledding manutacturerc adopt: Analyse thestrctegies that leading manufacturerc/prcduct evelopeE adopt to enabla ava eU ot product definition.\ii) Cufient and cmerging practices in NPD: Apply cwrent and emerying Nacticesin computer aided design and product rcpresentation..B. Pructical. Drofessional nd rosearch klll :(ii? S€leat and apply appropriate industry atandard CAE tools: Select and dWIyapptopiate industty standard modelling nd simulation ools n novel applbations.C. lntell6ctu6lAbllilieai(iii) Evaluate: Evaluate the stfttegic tule of computer-aided esign in th6 ptoductdevelooment Drocess,O. Posi Graduata Gcncrlc Skills:(iv) Wgrk wlth other6: Demonstralo he ability o work with others hrough acollaboralive esign roup ask. 3 Waakly opic guide (Please ote hat on occasion t may b6 necossaryto mend hs sch€dul€)OveNiew t the historical evelopment f computer ided ochniquss or r€pr€g€nting€ngineodng omponents nd ystems.Boundary epresenlation, SG nd hybrid mod€lling pproaches.D6Bign roc€ss odelsAs€igning rop€nies.l\4odolling lralegios ncluding eature nd Parametric odelling. Capturing esign ntent implicil nd explicit elationships. R€lationshios etween ealur€s n a oart. R€lationships etween ompon6nts t an ass6mbly.Product iructunng kom a parts Mewpornl.Producl trucluing from unctiorvm€ans iewpoint.CAD rom oncept o detailing nd ts nt€gralion ith analysis nd manutacture.Collaborative esign n h€ oxl€nded egign rganisation.D€gign roc€sg od€ls.Tim€ Compr€9sion 6chnologies.Virtual eality n he Producl €velopmenl ycl€ 4 Specialist esourcos School rovided) Computer aboralory ilh applications oftwar€ . 3D solid and or surlace modelling ith paramelric eatures, .9. Solidworks, roEngin€er.. Printing/plotting acilities 5 Specialist F*ources (Student provided with cost indicatod)6 Indicative Reading and Learning Support List Cross, Nig€I. 1994) Engineering esign methods: trategias or product esign. 2nd ed. -Chichester: iley, 0471942286 Exceptional ase study approach)Ullman, David G. (1997) The mechanical esign process. 2nd ed. - New York; London:l\4ccraw-Hill, 007'1 55767 @The Unlve€ity of Wolverhampton 3 ot 6Schoolof Engin€enng ndthe Built EnvironmentSchool Assossment Handbook  Baxter, Mike. 1995) Product esign: practical uide o systematic ethods f new productdevelopment. London: hapman Hall, 0412632306Ulrich, arl T. (2000) Product esign nd development Karl T. Ulrich, teven D. Eppinger. 2nd ed. - Boston, Mass.; ondon: rwin/lrccraw-Hill, 0071 69938Ladouceur, Norm, (1997)- nside Pro/SURFACE: oving rom solid modeling o surlacedesign Norm Lad. 1st ed. Santa Fe, NM: Onword Press, 1566901340 Rogers, David F. (2000) An introduction o NURBS: wilh historical erspective David F.Rogers. San Francisco, alif.r \4organ aulmann. 1558606696LlcMahon, Chris. 1998) CADCAM: rinciples, raclice and manutactudng anagement l.ilcMahon, hris 1998) 2nd ed. Harlow: ddison-Wesley. 0201178192Crabb, Howard C. (1998) The vinual engineer: 1st century product development byHoward . Crabb. 1998) - New Yorkr ASME. 0791800660Pugh, Stuart. 1990)- otal design: ntegrated ethods or succ€ssful roduct ngineering. Wokingham: ddison-Wesley. 0201416395 To explain Hisloric dev€lopmenl l DesignProcess)ProEngineer sers manual.SolidWorks sels manual nd online ulorials.Howard, William 2007) Introduction 0 Solidworks 006. McGraw-Hall 139780073402444 Hans€n colt 2006) Applied olidworks. ndushial ress, nc. 0 8311 3292 2 Learning enhe also maintains range l design elated eriodicals. 7 Teaching and Learning Methods Th€ School f Engineeing nd he Buill Environment's eaching nd earning hilosophy s odevelop he whole tudenl .€. o provide ou wiih chal €nging ctiviti€s nd assignm€nts hatrequi16 ou o develop nd mprovo kills as well as increase nowledge nd underslanding l conhactualand inancial rocedures ithin con6lruclion ontext.This value-added pproach msans hat you ne€d o be provided wilh the opportunity odevelop kills hrough he nature and dosign of lhe cas€ study. Th€ l€cture programme sdesign€d o b dg€ he gap beiween our cufienl knowledge, nderstanding nd evel ol skills and hose €quired n a managemenl nvironment.Tulorials, practicals nd seminar Ectivity will involve you in investigations, resentations,discussions nd/or x6rcis6s n set opics nd may nvolve eli and peer assessment.This approach sees lhe learning n€eds as lhe focus ol the learning activity wilh thounderstanding hat you will n€ed o ak€ on some esponsibility or your own earning. I Asseaamont 8.1 Effectiveness l Loarning Activities: Loalning Oulcome Learning ciivityExplanationAssessed as indicat€d underh6ading . l.Leclure Clear description explanation of modulefundamentals2.TulorialClailication / enhancenent of topicobiectives3. Group iscussionSet apqaisal and grcup ntercction4. Case sludyApplication of concept by typical designoryanisation in new prcductcleveloDment.5. Research rojectBroaden knowledge, citically evaluateand develop strateqic hinking @The niversily l WolvehamptonSchoolol Enginee g and he Buill EnvlronmentSchool ssessmenl andbook
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