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Calculation Sheet of Residential Building (Pile Caps Type)

Structuural Design
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  CALCULATIONSHEET Jeddah residentialbuilding  1.0STRUCTURAL DESIGN CRITERIA1.1Design Codes Structural design and analysis will be in accordance with the followingCodes and Standards:    ACI-American Concrete Institute SBC -   Sauidi Building Code    AISC-American Institute of Steel Construction    ASCE-American Society of Civil Engineers    ASTM-American Society for Testing and Materials    AS-American elding Society C!SI-Concrete !einforcing Steel Institute   CA- ortland Cement Association   CI- re-Cast Concrete Institute   SAS#-Saudi Arabian Standard #rgani$ation   S%I-Steel %ec& Institute   S'I-Steel 'oist Institute   IBC-International Building Code SBC - Saudi Building Code 1.2Design Stresses The design stresses shall be in accordance with the a((licable codes)!einforced concrete structures will com(ly with the SBC* C!SI* CAand ACI codes and manuals) re-cast+(re-stressed concrete structures will com(ly with the latestedition of the CI* SBC* C!SI and ACI codes and manuals) 1.3Design Loads The ty(es of loads considered in the structural design are describedbelow:  ,)), Dead Loads:  %ead loads include the weight of all structuralframing* all construction materials (ermanently incor(orated intothe building and su((orted by the framing .including built-in(artitions and (ermanent e/ui(ment0) The vertical (ressures of li/uids are also included in dead loads),))1 Live Loads:  2ive loads include loads due to intended use andoccu(ancy of an area* (ersonnel* movable e/ui(ment* lateralearth (ressures* vehicle* aircraft* and im(act loading)3nit live loads* as listed in Figre A * are ta&en as the minimumlive loads for the design of structures for the occu(ancies listed)4or any area not listed* minimum loads are as listed in Table 5-,of the ASCE6-78) 2oads are a((lied in accordance with Cha(ter 5 of the SBC7,-76)4or elevators and other moving loads* e/ui(ment manufacturer information will be used for wheel loads* e/ui(ment loads* andweight of moving (arts) FIGURE A ! UNIT LI E L#ADSREFERENCE: ASCE $!0% and S&C301!0$#CCU'ANC( AREAUNIF#R) L#AD*n + ,- Inaccessible roof,)77 Accessible roof1)77Sho((ing 8)77Corridors* Stairs8)77#ffices)77Stories8 - ,7 rivate rooms1)774iling rooms8)77Mechanical !ooms6)87or actual e/ui(ment weight,)) ind Loads:  ind loads will be based on Section 9-, of theSaudi Building Code) Based on e(ected (revailing conditions  at site* all structures will be designed for a basic wind as shownon the attached (attachment # 1 0)%esign wind (ressures for various height $ones above groundwill be calculated in accordance with combined height* e(osureand (ressure coefficients given in Tables) An im(ortance factor of .,),80 will be used for all buildings),))5 Seis,i/ Loads:  All structures and com(onents will bedesigned in accordance with the SBC7,-76 regions for determination of the maimum considered earth/ua&e groundmotion in ;SA as shown on the attached (attachment # 2,3&4).  And an im(ortance factor of .,)180 will be used for all buildings),))8 Lands/ae Loads:   rovisions will be made in the design of facilities roofs for loads due to (lanters* soil* trees and shrubs),))9 Dee/tion:  The deflection of any structure or structuralmember is limited by the values set forth by any of the governingconservative values of a((licable codes and standards),))6 Staiit4:  A minimum factor of safety against sliding or overturning of .,)80 will be used for all structures) 1.5Load Co,inations The various loads will be a((lied to the structures in combination withfactors as indicated in ACI < SBC) Each of the loads will be calculatedand the combination (roducing the largest resultant forces andmoments will be used in the design)  A : FACTORED LOAD COMBINATION   B : SERVICE LOADCOMBINATION:  U = 1.4 (D + F) S = D + L + (L r   or R) U = 1.4 (D + F + T) + 1.7 (L + H) S = D + L + 1.3 W + 0.5 (L r or R) U = 1.2 D + 1.6 W + f  1 L + 0.5 (L r   or R) S = D + L + 1.3 W/2 U = 1.2 D + 1.0 E + f  1 L S = D + L +E/1.4 U = 0. D + 1.6 W + 1.6 H S = 0. D + E/1.4
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