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Complete overview chains and sprockets Contents page 05 page 06 Excerpt from our delivery program chains page 07 Executions of the single-strand through conveyor chains page 12 Executions of the double-strand through conveyor chains page 16 Calculation of conveyor chains page 17 Calculation of through conveyor chains page 18 Structural shapes of sprockets page 19 Business locations Excerpt from our delivery program sprockets Executions of sprockets for conveyor chains Applications Innovation –
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  Complete overview chains and sprockets  Contents page05page06Excerpt from our delivery program chainspage07Executions of the single-strand through conveyor chainspage12Executions of the double-strand through conveyor chainspage16Calculation of conveyor chainspage17Calculation of through conveyor chainspage18Structural shapes of sprocketspage19Business locationsExcerpt from our delivery program sprocketsExecutions of sprockets for conveyor chainsApplicationsInnovation – progressStructural shapes of chainsQuality managementpage13page14page15page20page21Bush conveyor chains acc. to DIN 8165 and DIN 8167 page08Dimensions of angles for bush conveyor chains with clip angle page09Deep link chains acc. to DIN 8165 and DIN 8167 page10Hollow bearing pin chains (hollow pin chains) formerly DIN 8165 and DIN 8168 page11page22Directionspage04Company profile  0504 Business locations KettenWulfWerk Kückelheimmit VerwaltungKettenWulfexportKettenWulfDivision Dyna ChainsBelgiumKettenWulf Werk SiepertingKettenWulfDivision Ferlacher FörderkettenAustriaHangzhou Wulf ChainChina Kurzprofil KettenWulf Gruppe KettenWulf weltweit:6 Produktions- und12 Vertriebsstandorteversorgen nahezusämtliche Industrienrund um den Globus. Produktion/VertriebVertrieb Industrielle Anwendungen KettenWulf Förderketten, Antriebskettenund Kettenräder finden weltweit Anwen-dung in den unterschiedlichsten Industrien,wie zum Beispiel: » Fahrtreppenindustrie» Schüttgüterindustrie» Automobilindustrie» Stahlindustrie» Stahlwasserbauindustrie» Holzindustrie» Papierindustrie» Lebensmittelindustrie» Verpackungsindustrie Herkunft und Gegenwart 1925 wurde das Unternehmen KettenWulfim Sauerland, Kückelheim gegründet.Bedingt durch die starke Expansion desUnternehmens in der zweiten Hälfte des19. Jahrhunderts entwickelte sich die einstigeGelenkketten-Manufaktur zu einem be-deutenden Markenhersteller von Kettenund Kettenrädern.Expansion weltweit: Heute gehört dieKettenWulf Gruppe mit 6 Produktionsstand-ortenin Europa und Asien zu den europaweitgrößten und führenden Produzenten vonFörderketten, Antriebsketten und Ketten-rädern. Über 800 Mitarbeiter entwickeln,produzieren und vertreiben auf rund40.000 qm individuelle Lösungen im Bereich derFörderund Antriebstechnik rund um den Globus: » Deutschland » USA» Belgien » Japan» Frankreich » China» Österreich» Tschechien» Polen Wulf Chain USA  0607 Structural shapes of chains Articulated chains are all chainswhich have a hinge made of pinsand link plates at specific inter-vals – the so-called pitch. The mainelements of these chains are linkplates and hinge sections.The links of the majority of chainsare equipped with bushing and,often, with a roller to improve thearticulation and reduce the wear onthe hinge. These types of chains arecalled “ bush conveyor chains ” .Articulated chains are manufacturedfrom different qualities of materialdepending on the area of appli-cation. This is done to cope asoptimally as possible with the strainsand environmental influences suchas corrosion, heat, dirt etc.The multitude of application areasfor articulated chains has led to dif-ferent structural shapes. A selectionof the most popular types of chainsare included in this catalogue. Ourmain area of manufacturing isspecial chains, but, of course, wealso supply all types of conveyorchains including those with otherdimensions.Please send us your request. Excerpt from our delivery program chains galle chaindraw bench chainliftchain for hydraulic steelwork industry bush chainbush conveyor chain with grease lubrication bush conveyor chain non-lubricated low maintenance bush conveyor chain with patented sealing for long intervalsbetween lubrication bush conveyor chain non-lubricated,with additional sealing slat conveyor chain car industry accumulating roller conveyor chain steel industry pendulum conveyor chain car industry slat chain for skid-transport car industry block chain steel industry slat conveyor chain steel industry non-back-bending chain bulk material industry liftchain hydraulic steelwork industry slepped chain escalator industry bridge type chain bulk material industry Conveyor and transport chains in alldesigns and dimensions for allapplications and industries.Tailor-made chains upon request. Standardchains according to DIN and ISO.Galle chains, draw bench chains,block chains, liftchains and artic-ulated gear racks for locks and weirsystems.Pinions, bush chains DIN 8164 andstandard, roller chains accordingDIN 8187. bush conveyor chain with oil lubrication   grease lubricationdrip-feed lubricationdrip-feedlubricationgrease lubrication


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