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  NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY   KERWA DAM ROAD, BHOPAL – 462 044( M.P.) INDIA  ______________________________________________________________________ Dr. S. Surya Prakash Telefax: 0755-2696965 Professor of Law Mob: 098933 38967 Indian Law Review Call for Papers Indian Law Review invites articles, notes, comments, book reviews on contemporary legal issues or policy for the ‘Indian Law Review’ (Vol.VI) ( Journal of the National Law Institute University ) from the faculty and students of law Universities/Departments in India and abroad. Please submit the manuscripts to The Editor, Indian Law Review, National Law Institute University, Kerwa Dam Road, Bhopal – 462 044 (M.P.)  The deadline for submission of soft copy is 10th, December 2014  to CC : Please visit  for the editorial policy and guidelines or contact Bhopal Dr. S.Surya Prakash 20.10.2014 Editor Indian Law Review  NATIONAL LAW INSTITUTE UNIVERSITY   KERWA DAM ROAD, BHOPAL – 462 044( M.P.) INDIA  ______________________________________________________________________ Indian Law Review  After successful release of the first volume of  Indian Law Review  by  Hon’ble Justice J.S. Verma, Former Chief Justice of India and Chairman,  Law Commission of India, on 5 th  December,2009 we express our sincere gratitude to the authors for their scholarly contributions and we extend invitation to all for INDIAN LAW REVIEW ( Vol. VI )  for the contributions.   Call for Papers Editorial Policy and Guidelines: The National Law Institute University has been established by the Act No. 41 of 1997 of the Madhya Pradesh Legislature and the university has been successful in instilling a sense of broad perspective along with scholastic and reflexive capabilities bearing in mind larger national and humanitarian goals in its students. The university intends to invoke discussions and ventilation to the thought provoking ideas on varied legal issues to the legal scholars, jurists and students in India and abroad. Objective: The Indian Law Review aims   at providing an anvil on which the legislations, judgments and legal policies are discussed and given a desired and fruitful shape with a holistic approach to serve the cause of justice. Substance:  The ILR seeks to publish legal writings of scholarly nature. Clarity of thought and expression is mandatory. The interdisciplinary approach on legal issues from specialists of other disciplines is also welcome. Though there are no hard and fast rules  for scholarship, but the editorial policy suggests that generally the articles will be 8000-10,000 words which will either develop a theory or applied law on research findings. A comment is a shorter version of 4,000-5000 words which discusses a legal issue, case law or legal policy expressing comment on the flaw (if any) and offering a right (in the opinion of the author) direction on the highlighted issue. Notes and reviews are of descriptive summary of a judgment, new legislation, and legal policy with contemporary importance in social or legal context. A book review also falls in the same category. The purpose of notes and reviews is to acquaint the reader with the contemporary developments in the legal field. Procedure:  Font size : 12  , Spacing: 1.5,  Type of letters: Times New Roman , Mode of Citation :   The Blue Book: A Uniform System if Citation (Nineteenth Edition). Undertaking : The Indian Law Review intends to publish only the srcinal contributions from the legal scholars, jurists and students on variety of legal issues. Each write up shall be enclosed with an undertaking that the contribution is the author’s srcinal work and has not been published or sent for publication else where or not the repetition of the published work with incremental changes. NLIU doesn’t hesitate to initiate legal action in cases of plagiarism. Copyright : The copy right of the published articles is deemed to be assigned to the National Law Institute University, Bhopal. However, for non-commercial purposes the use of published material is not prohibited. Proper acknowledgement and intimation to NLIU is least expected and will be highly appreciated. Disclaimer: The University /Editorial Board shall not be responsible for the views/opinions of the authors in the Indian Law Review. The National Law Institute University need not subscribe to the views/opinions expressed by the authors. They shall be considered personal views and/or opinion/s of the authors concerned.  All articles, comments and reviews, whether solicited or unsolicited, will be reviewed by the Editorial Board and the decisions of the Editorial Board shall be final. Any changes suggested or made by the Editorial Board are intended only to further refine the ideas advanced by the author, not to replace them. The Editorial Board will try to reach the author whether suggested changes should be made or not and the author’s opinion will be given due respect. Authors are requested to verify the references, and quotations before submitting their manuscripts. Please also send an abstract of one paragraph of the article. The manuscripts should be addressed to The Editor, Indian Law Review, National Law Institute University, Kerwa Dam Road, Bhopal – 462 044 (M.P.)  The deadline for submission of soft copy is 10th, December 2014  to CC : The submissions received after the due date will be considered for the next issue. Please visit for the editorial policy and guidelines or contact Bhopal Editorial Board 20. 10.2014 Indian Law Review  


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Jul 23, 2017
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