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  Financial Strategy  Presented By PARAG PATIL MANDAR RODY RAVI SINGH NAMASIVAYAM SUBRAMANIAN ABHIRAM T KANDALA ADELINE HERAULT Calpine Corporation  Agenda Introduction Q1 Financing through Equity Financing through Project Finance Financing through Corporate Finance Financing through Hybrid Finance Important criteria for decision making Q2 Corporate goal shifts from 15,000 MW to 25,000 MW  Introduction ã Goal of Calpine : To raise production capacity significantly to capitalize on the current opportunities due to deregulation ã Immediate goal : 4 power plants to be built with an investment of $1.2bn ã Long term power purchase agreements not possible due to changing dynamics of industry ã Need to raise huge capital in short span of time ã Reducing costs and increasing speed of financing was very critical to create a competitive advantage over the next 5 years ã For 15000MW in 5 years they needed a debt of $4.5 billion and assuming they generated $1.5 billion from cash flows  Question 1: How should Calpine finance the high-growth strategy: with equity, PF, CF or the hybrid construction facility? What are the most important criteria for making this decision?


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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