CALYPSO Option 15 DME Interface Operating Instructions Read this first! ã Please read these operating instructions before starting up the coordinate measuring machine. ã For your own safety, please keep all relevant accompanying docu- ments always ready at hand. All rights pertaining to changes in the CMM and its options, the pro- gram packages and the pertaining documents reserved
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  Operating Instructions CALYPSO Option 15DME Interface  Read this first! Please read  these operating instructions before  starting up the coordinate measuring machine.ãFor your own safety, please keep all relevant accompanying docu-ments always ready at hand.All rights pertaining to changes in the CMM and its options, the pro-gram packages and the pertaining documents reserved.This manual must not be circulated or copied, or its contents utilized and disseminated, without our express written permission. Persons misusing this manual are subject to prosecution.All rights reserved, especially in cases of granting a patent or register-ing a utility model.This manual is subject to modification. All rights pertaining to changes in the CMM and its options reserved. All product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of the cor-responding proprietors. Carl Zeiss CALYPSO:Operating InstructionsBusiness GroupRevision status:4.10Industrial Metrology Ltd.Date of issue:07/09D-73446 OberkochenOrder No.:61212-2850402  Preface 61212-2850402Operating Instructions Preface The CALYPSO program consists of a base module and additional options for special purposes. You can customize the scope of program to fit your requirements. These operating instructions describe an option of CALYPSO and are based on the assumption that the user is familiar with the operating instructions for the base module of CALYPSO. The additional CALYPSO options are described in separate manuals. Reference information about the windows and dialogs can be found in the interactive reference in the CALYPSO Online Help. Supplementary literature Simply Measure – And what you should know to do it right,  A metrology primer  Carl Zeiss, Industrial Metrology Division, Order No.: 612302-9002 Text conventions and symbols Text conventions The following text conventions and symbols are used in this manual: NOTE  hss ExampleDescription Features  Text element of the graphics screen display. Comment  The Comment button on the screen. C:\windows\w.ini   The w.ini file in the windows directory on the C:\ drive. For this section...  A highlighted passage containing important information. ➤ “Preface” on  page-1 This is a cross reference. If you view this book on the screen, you can jump to the specified point by clicking the reference. Plan   →   CNC-Start   →   CNC-Start The CNC-Start  command in the CNC-Start  submenu of the Run  menu.Ctrl-aPress the Ctrl key and the letter a simulta-neously.  Preface 61212-2850402Operating Instructions Symbols Three special icons are used in this book; they always contain impor-tant information. The icons appear in the margin, beside the associ-ated text. Danger! Special care is necessary in this case. The warning triangle warns the user about potential danger of injury. Failure to comply with the warning could result in injury to the user. Important! This symbol calls attention to a situation that could result in incorrect measurements, disruptions in the measurement process, collisions or damage to the equipment and the workpiece.This symbol represents important and helpful additional information. !  hss !  hss NOTE  hss
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