Cannabis Memorandum of Law

Cannabis Memorandum of Law
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  MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF PETITION FOR RULE MAKING OR ACTION Minnesota Board of Pharma! # $ Uni%ersit! A%en&e SE' S&ite ()* Minnea+o,is' MN ((-.-/) (. Memorandum in support of petition for rule making and action: Cannabis does not meet the statutory requirement of a Schedule I substance under Minnesota Statutes. K&rtis 0anna 1Petitioner2 s&3mits this Memorand&m in s&++ort of his Petition for R&,e Ma4in5 or Ation' &rrent,! 3efore the Minnesota Board of Pharma! 1the 6Board62' .2 to en5a5e in r&,e/ma4in5 to e7em+t +,ants of the 5en&s anna3is 1referred to as 8mari9&ana: in some MN Stat&tes and R&,es2 andmateria,s nat&ra,,! ori5inatin5 from them' in,&din5 tetrah!droanna3ino, 1T0C2 and anna3idio, 1CBD2 from Shed&,e I of Minnesota R&,es' 2 to in,&de in their t;o man&a, ann&a, re+orts to the Minnesota ,e5is,at&re the fat that anna3is is im+ro+er,! ,assified and )2 to +ass &+on the %a,idit! of the Minnesota R&,es < =#**>- .* 1C21.?2 and < =#**>- .* 1C21 (2 if the! deide not to en5a5e in r&,e/ma4in5 to e7em+t them from the ,ist of Shed&,e I s&3stanes in Minnesota R&,es>It is im+ortant to 3e ,ear a3o&t ;hat is 3ein5 so&5ht 3! this Petition and ;hat is not> First' remo%in5 anna3is and materia,s nat&ra,,! ori5inatin5 from them 1hereafter 8anna3is2 from Shed&,e I from Minnesota R&,es' as +etitioned herein' ;i,, not res&,t in the immediate aess to media, anna3is 3! media, +atients in Minnesota> Rather' remo%a, ;i,, 5reat,! inrease the hanes that Minnesota +atients ;i,, 3e a3,e to offer an affirmati%e defense in Minnesota Co&rts ;hen the! are in fat +ossessin5 anna3is for mediina, reasons> Remo%a, from the R&,es 3! the Board and s&3se@&ent remo%a, from the Stat&tes 3! the Le5is,at&re ;i,, restore rationa,it! to Minnesotas ,a;s' 3! remo%in5 o%ert onf,its that &rrent,! e7ist ;ithin them that e7ist d&e to Minnesotas +assin5 of C0APTER )..   S>F> No> -?* and the state ,a;s of )) other states> Additiona,,!' ;hen Minnesota forma,,! remo%es anna3is from Shed&,e I in 3oth the R&,es and Stat&tes d&e to the fat that it has a 8&rrent,! ae+ted media, &se in the United States:' Minnesota ;i,, then 3e standin5 on a +ro+er fo&ndation to administrati%e,! +etition the DEA to remo%e anna3is from Shed&,e I from the Federa, Contro,,ed S&3stanes At in a %er! simi,ar ;a! as the Petitioner is &rrent,! +etitionin5 the Board> S&h a +etition;o&,d ,i4e,! 3e s&essf&, d&e to the fat that the Federa, 1CSA2 simi,ar,! &rrent,! ,assifies anna3is as a Shed&,e I s&3stanes and defines Shed&,e I ;ith the e7at same ,an5&a5e> hi,e )- states in the United States ha%e no; +assed ,a;s sa!in5 that anna3is is a mediine' none ha%e remo%ed anna3is from their States %ersion of the Uniform Contro,,ed S&3stanes At ;ith the rationa, that anna3is has a 8&rrent,! ae+ted media, &se in the United States:> In fat' on,! a %er! ,imited n&m3er of states ha%e remo%ed anna3is from Shed&,e I at a,,> D&e to the fat that Minnesota' from the o&tset' has 3een %er! de,i3erati%e in their a++roah to +assin5 a media, anna3is ,a;' it is the d&t! of the Board of Pharma! to dea, s@&are,! ;ith the +arts of the ,a; &nder their +&r%ie; that ;ere o%er,oo4ed om+,ete,! d&rin5 this de,i3erati%e +roess> S&h an ation 3! the Board ;o&,d ,i4e,! res&,tin +rotetin5 Minnesota +atients' state em+,o!ees' +harmaists' dotors' man&fat&rin5 om+anies' their em+,o!ees' and man! more Minnesota itiens from the threat of the federa, 5o%ernments interferene as this +ro5ram mo%es for;ard> To i5nore the im+at that this ,a;' and the ,a;s of )) otherstates' has had on the Minnesota Contro,,ed S&3stanes At ;o&,d 3e irrationa, and re4,ess> Indeed' no; is the +erfet time to ;ei5h in on this matter> The Board has 3efore it the a3i,it! to initiate the r&,e/ma4in5 +roess to remo%e anna3is from Shed&,e I of the Minnesota R&,es and deide to reommend  to the ,e5is,at&re that the! remo%e anna3is from the Minnesota Stat&tes 3efore a sin5,e state/s+onsoredanna3is seed is +,anted on the 5ro&nd' 3efore a sin5,e +harmaist dis+enses it' and 3efore a sin5,e Minnesota +atient o3tains it> Petitioners see4 to fo,,o; the o&rse harted 3! the Minnesota Le5is,at&re ;hen it enated Minnesotas %ersion of the Uniform CSA> B! ;or4in5 ;ith the e7istin5 CSA str&t&re and +roed&res for remo%in5 or re,assif!in5 dr&5s from Shed&,e I' ;e an +ro%ide a hea,th! a,ternati%e to the methods of the otherstates ;ith media, anna3is ,a;s 3! reso,%in5 inonsistent ,a;s in Minnesota and +ro%idin5 a +ath for;ard to reso,%in5 the onf,it 3et;een state and federa, ,a;s on the to+i of media, anna3is> Ke%in Riah' in The Minnesota State Bars offiia, +&3,iation' Benh  Bar' had this to sa!Media, mari9&ana has arri%ed in Minnesota' and ,on5/s&fferin5 +atients ma! fina,,! find re,ief> Last month' stron5 3i+artisan ma9orities in the Minnesota 0o&se and Senate ,e5a,ied the &se of media, mari9&ana> Des+ite ;ides+read s&++ort for the ne; ,a;' ho;e%er' its s&ess is no s&re thin5>The man&fat&re' distri3&tion' and &se of media, mari9&ana remain federa, rimes e%en tho&5h Minnesota no; +ermits s&h ond&t> B&sinesses' 3an4s' dotors' +atients' and e%en ,a;!ers ris4 federa, +rose&tion for the sa,e and &se of media, mari9&ana' des+ite Minnesotasne; ,a;> F&rther' Minnesotas R&,es of Professiona, Cond&t +rohi3it a ,a;!er from o&nse,in5 a ,ient to en5a5e in a rime or assistin5 a ,ient en5a5ed in a rime> A ,a;!er ;ho +ro%ides 3asi 3&siness ad%ie or ,e5a, ser%ies to a mari9&ana/re,ated 3&siness' s&h as draftin5 or+orate formation or transationa, do&ments' ma! %io,ate not on,! federa, ,a; 3&t a,so Minnesotas ethis r&,es> Fina,,!' federa, 3an4in5 ,a; hamstrin5s those finania, instit&tions ,oo4in5 to in%est in or ser%e Minnesotas ne; media, mari9&ana 3&sinesses>Minnesotas media, mari9&ana 3&sinesses annot f&ntion' ,et a,one meet the needs of Minnesota +atients' ;itho&t the +rofessiona, ser%ies of ,a;!ers and 3an4s> Het the threat of federa, +rose&tion and other santion is a serio&s disinenti%e for +rofessiona,s to 5et in%o,%ed in the media, mari9&ana ind&str!> The ne; ,a;s s&ess ;i,, t&rn in ,ar5e +art on ho; Minnesotas U>S> Attorne!' the Offie of La;!ers Professiona, Res+onsi3i,it!' the Minnesota S&+reme Co&rt' and Con5ress reso,%e these ontraditions>htt+mn3enh3ar>om *.-*=hi5h/ho+esThe Minnesota Board of Pharma! has the ethia, and stat&tor! d&t! to at to he,+ reso,%e these ontraditions and has the +o;er to do so> Evidence in Support of Rulemaking: Cannabis as Currently !ccepted Medical se in the nited States. It is a matter of reord that a 5ro;in5 n&m3er of state 5o%ernments ha%e' ;ith inreasin5 fre@&en! in the +ast deade' reo5nied that anna3is has s&3stantia, %a,&e in mediina, a++,iations 3! enatin5 ,a;s or re5&,ations a&thoriin5 s&h &se> A +er&sa, of these %ario&s state re5&,ator! shemes a,so demonstrates that' as a +rod&t of de3ate and de,i3eration 3! 5o%ernment a5enies' hea,thare +rofessiona,s and onerned and affeted +atients' these states ha%e a,so esta3,ished ae+ta3,e safet! standards for the &se of anna3is &nder media, s&+er%ision> The +assa5e and e7istene of these ,a;s' in,&din5 Minnesotas o;n media, anna3is ,a;' s@&are,! and &ndenia3,! s&++ort the remo%a, of anna3is from Shed&,e .>  The fo,,o;in5 state stat&tes or re5&,ations +ro%ide 5enera,,! for the derimina,ied &se of anna3is &nder state ,a; 3! @&a,ified +atients &nder media, s&+er%ision and onditions A,as4a Stat&tes < .?>)? 1.$$#2J Ariona Re%ised Stat&tes' Tit,e )=' Cha+ter #>.' << )=/ #*. thro&5h )=/ #.$ 1 *.*2J Ca,ifornia 0ea,th  Safet! Code < ..)= >( 1.$$=2J Co,orado Constit&tion Arti,e III' Setion .- 1 ***2J Conneti&t P&3,i At No> . /((' Conneti&t Genera, Stat&tes' Cha+ter - *f 1 *. 2J De,a;are Code' Tit,e .=' Cha+ter -$A' << -$*.A thro&5h -$ =A 1 *..2J 0a;aii Re%ised Stat&tes < ) $/. . 1 ***2J I,,inois P&3,i At $#/*. 1 *.)2J Maine Re%ised Stat&tes < )#)/B 1.$$$2J Annotated Code of Mar!,and Setion .)))*. thro&5h .)))*) and .)))*? thro&5h .))).. 1 *.-2J Massah&setts Cha+ter )=$ of the Ats of *. 1 *. 2J Mihi5an Com+i,ed La;s' Cha+ter )))' << )))> =- . thro&5h )))> =-)* 1 **#2J Minnesota SF -?* // Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%> Mar4 Da!ton on Ma! $' *.-' A++ro%ed B! Senate -=/.=' 3! 0o&se #$/-*' Effeti%e Ma! )*' *.-J Montana Code Annotated < (*/-=/.*. 1 **-2J Ne%ada Constit&tion Arti,e - < )# / Ne%ada Re%ised Stat&tes Annotated < -()A>*.* 1 ***2J Ne; 0am+shire Re%ised Stat&tes Annotated Cha+ter . =/ 1 *.)2J Ne; erse! P&3,i La;s **$' Cha+ter )*?' Ne; erse! Stat&tes' Cha+ter -=I' << -=./. thro&5h -=I/.= 1 *.*2J Ne; Me7io Stat&tes Annotated < )*/).C/. 1 **?2J Ore5on Re%ised Stat&tes < -?(>)** 1.$$#2J Rhode Is,and Genera, La;s < ./ #>=/. 1 **=2J .# ermont Stat&tes Annotated < --?. 1 **-2J Re%ised Code ashin5ton 1ARC2 < =$>(.A>**( 1.$$#2> D>C> La; .#/ .*J D>C> Offiia, Code' Tit,e ?' Cha+ter .=B' << ?/.=?.>*. thro&5h ?/.=?.>.) 1 *.*2> Additiona,,!' the fo,,o;in5 state stat&tes or re5&,ations +ro%ide 5enera,,! for the derimina,ied &se of 8,o; T0C' hi5h anna3idio, 1CBD2: +rod&tsA,a3ama' Senate Bi,, .?-' Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%ernor Ro3ert Bent,e! 1A+r> .' *.-2J F,orida' Senate Bi,, .*)*' Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%ernor Ri4 Sott 1&ne .=' *.-2J Io;a' Senate Fi,e )=*'Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%ernor Terr! Branstad 1Ma! )*' *.-2J Kent&4!' Senate Bi,, . -' Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%ernor Ste%e Beshear 1A+r> .*' *.-2J Mississi++i' 0o&se Bi,, . ).' Si5ned 3! Go%>Phi, Br!ant 1A+r> .?' *.-2J Misso&ri' 0o&se Bi,, )#' Si5ned 3! Go%> a! Ni7on 1&,! .-' *.-2JSo&th Caro,ina' Senate Bi,, .*)(' The 3i,, 3eame ,a; 3ea&se Go%ernor Ni44i 0a,e! did not si5n or %eto the 3i,, ;ithin fi%e da!s of its +assa5e 1Ma! $' *.-2J Tennessee' Senate Bi,, ().' Si5nedinto ,a; 3! Go%> Bi,, 0as,am 1Ma! .=' *.-2J Utah' 0o&se Bi,, .*(' Si5ned into ,a; 3! Go%ernor Gar! 0er3ert 1Mar> .' *.-2J isonsin' Assem3,! Bi,, ? =' Si5ned 3! Go%ernor Sott a,4er 1A+r> .=' *.-2>Gi%en the s&3stantia, 3od! of states reent,! a&thoriin5 anna3is for s&+er%ised media, treatments' it is sim+,! im+,a&si3,e to s&55est that there is 6no6 ae+ted media, &se for anna3is in the United States or that 6no6 safe,! ontro,,ed onditions ha%e 3een determined for s&h &se' as e%idened 3! media, anna3is re5&,ator!dis+ensar! +ro5rams that ha%e 3een de%e,o+ed in s&h states> In addition to these state ,a;s' the Petitioner +resents the fo,,o;in5 s&++,ementa, e%idene' e%en tho&5h it is 3e,ie%ed 3! the Petitioner that the on,! e%idene neessar! to sho; that anna3is doesnt 3e,on5 in Shed&,e I is one state media, anna3is ,a; and has +resented the Board ;ith )- of them>The U>S> De+artment of 0ea,th and 0&man Ser%ies +atent on the e7tration of nat&ra,,! o&rrin5 anna3inoids from mari9&ana for ,e5itimate media, +&r+oses> United State Patent No> ='=)*'(*? B.' Oto3er ?' **)> Canna3inoids as antio7idants and ne&ro+rotetantshtt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?dhhs **).**?>+df  In *.*' after a fo&r month ,on5 in%esti5ation' the Io;a Board of Pharma! reommended that anna3is 3e remo%ed from Shed&,e I of the Io;a Uniform Contro,,ed S&3stanes At> The! +ro+osed ,e5is,ation to transfer anna3is from Shed&,e I to II on No%em3er $' *.*htt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?i3+e *.** .?>+dfhtt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?ims *.**-.#>+dfhtt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?i3+e *.*.. ->+dfIn *.*' the Nationa, Assoiation of Boards of Pharma! a;arded the Io;a Board of Pharma! the Fred T> Mahaffe! A;ard for reommendin5 remo%a, of anna3is from Shed&,e I of the Io;a CSA> Thea;ard stated8After a n&m3er of +&3,i hearin5s' man! ho&rs s+ent ,istenin5 to +atients' dotors' +harmaists' and ,e5is,ators' as ;e,, as re%ie;in5 h&ndreds of media, arti,es and other state ,a;s' the Board mo%ed for;ard in its deision to reommend that the Io;a state ,e5is,at&re re,assif! anna3is as a Shed&,e II ontro,,ed s&3stane' ;hih ;o&,d a,,o; media, &ses of anna3is>: .*=th Ann&a, Meetin5' he,d Ma! / (' *.*' in Anaheim' CA> htt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?na3+ *.**( (>+dfMonda!' No%em3er ' *.*' the U>S> Dr&5 Enforement Administration +etitioned itse,f to +&t nat&ra,,! e7trated T0C in Shed&,e III 1;here s!ntheti T0C has 3een ,isted sine .$$$2J o,> ?( Federa, Re5ister' No> .*' +a5es =?*(-/=?*($' sho;in5 that the DEA no; onsiders anna3is to 3e a ,e5itimate so&re of FDA/a++ro%ed +harmae&tia,shtt+fi,es>io;amedia,mari9&ana>or5+etition *.*. .?dea *.*..*.>+dfThe e7istene of these a3o%e re5&,ator! shemes' the 5ro;in5 ae+tane of media, anna3is in the media, and sientifi omm&nit! e7em+,ified a3o%e' ;hen e7amined in ,i5ht of Minnesotas stat&tor! e7+,iit re@&irements for ,istin5 a dr&5 in Shed&,e I of the CSA' &n@&estiona3,! esta3,ish that anna3isno ,on5er @&a,ifies as a dr&5 that an 3e ,isted &nder Shed&,e I> Consistent ;ith the Boards mission ofre5&,atin5 the +ratie of dis+ensin5 of mediations in Minnesota' Petitioners res+etf&,,! s&3mit that the Board m&st remo%e anna3is from Shed&,e I> #revious petitions Petitioner has +re%io&s,! +etitioned the Board t;ie' on &,! )rd' *.* and Marh .=th' *..' to en5a5e in the r&,e/ma4in5 +roess to remo%e anna3is from the ,ist of s&3stanes ,assified as Shed&,eI in the Minnesota R&,es>On &,! )rd' *.* and Marh .=' *..' Petitioner fi,ed administrati%e +etitions for r&,e/ma4in5 ;ith the Board see4in5 the remo%a, of anna3is from the Minnesota R&,es> E,etroni o+ies of these t;o +etitions and the Boards res+onses ha%e 3een in,&ded ;ith the s&3mission of the &rrent Petition> Petitioner ar5&ed that the ,assifiation of anna3is &nder Minnesota Stat&te < .( >* 1 21)2 and Minnesota R&,es =#**>- .*1C21.?2 as ha%in5 8no ae+ted media, &se in treatment in the United States: 1Minnesota Stat&te < .( >* 1?21.22 ;as no ,on5er %a,id> 0anna ar5&ed that 3ea&se .- and .( states had ae+ted the media, &se of anna3is as of &,! )rd' *.* and Marh .=' *..' res+eti%e,!'anna3is had 8&rrent,! ae+ted media, &se in treatment in the United States:> 0anna ar5&ed the Board had a stat&tor! d&t! to initiate the r&,e ma4in5 +roess to remo%e anna3is from Shed&,e I 3ea&se it ;as 8&rrent,!: mis,assified as a matter of ,a;> 0e a,so ar5&ed that 3ea&se the ,e5is,at&re
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