Care of Elderly

Lecture on Care of elderly Aging,ageism,myths realities and stereotypes in aging.Roles of Gerontological Nurse.
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  CARE OF ELDERLY Session 3 MRS. JENNIFER C. ACEBEDO  AT THE END OF THE SESSION, THE STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO:  Define and understand terms related to Ageism and Gerontological Nursing  Describe ageism and its contribution to the development of negative stereotypes about elders  Examine if their own ideas about aging are base on stereotyping  Describe the development of gerontological nursing and the roles of the gerontological nurse.  PLEASE ANSWER THE ACTIVITY GIVEN TO YOU!!!!  WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT AGING  1. In general, elderly people are alike. True False  2. The majority of elderly persons are senile or demented. True False  3. Elderly people have no more worries once they retire and start enjoying life. True False  4. The elderly do not desire, and do not participate in, sexual activity. True False
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