Cartomancers Almanach 2 Skirmishes

Skirmish rules
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     THE C   RT   M   NC  R’s  ALMANAC   Emmanuel & Gael DELVA UNIVERSAL GAME AID   CH  PTER 2:  THE SKIRMISHES   Order #13977315)  WELCOME SERGEANT We all have our favorite games, we do not intend to change that. What we propose in each issue is an srcinal approach of a complex subject, that is both adaptable to any universe and very simple. Hidden in RPG or played completely separately by their own followers: THE SKIRMISHES CREDITS Thank you to Luigi Castellani for his cover and illustrations inside.  A big thank you to Kevin Crawford Sine Nomine Publishing without whom this book would be so stripped without illustrations. The rights of each of the illustrations in this book are property of their owners. Small inevitable legal detail: this book and its content is NOT a creative commons license , unlike most of our other creations. You can use it in your games, you can quote brief passage for criticism but you cannot use what we have written to publish anything without asking (politely) our agreement. Of course if you ask, we’ll say yes but the point is: ask.  To contact us, we’ve got a tiny twitter which is @CartomanieJdr   and our email is     Copyright © 2018 Emmanuel & Gael DELVA.  All rights reserved. DEDICATION This issue is dedicated to a glue-and-play game included in the a French magazine: Jeux & Stratégie  #4 in 1980. This game allowed me, a lonely dude without any role-playing-game-club, to survive amidst the RPG’s Roads of Perditions, long enough to meet other madmen just like me. Le hâteau Des Sortilèges  May Holy Gygax bless you forever guys Order #13977315)    ANATOMY OF A SKIRMISH Skirmish Feminine noun isolated fighting between groups of enemy soldiers Synonyms: clash small battle  A skirmish is defined by four factors: 1 - The SCOPE  which is intermediate between the duel and brawl on  the one hand and the Battle of the other. The action involves many  fighters, sometimes tens on each side, up to hundreds. 2 - The INTENSITY  that is greater than a mere beating. This implies a lot of serious injuries, and often deaths. A skirmish is not a brawl, it is a miniature battle. Tactical and charismatic leaders will play a vital role, but individual violence and death are pervasively present. 3 - The REMOTE LOCATION  which implies that the answer will be given there on the place it takes place, by the fighters involved. It will not be a matter of calling the neighboring infantry division. Here and there some hidden reinforcements can be positioned. But what needs to be clear is that there is no cavalry that will come to save the day. Namely because, indeed,  you are this cavalry, and you are supposed to save the day  . Right here, right now. 4 - The CLARITY  determines that, if its onset may be obscure, its end will be decisive. There is bound to be a loser and a winner. Because, as long as there is no real decision, the skirmish will linger on. Whatever the victory conditions may be (holding strategic locations, recovering a map, a personality or else) at the end, there be a winner and a loser and don’t get caught on the wrong side of that line.. .   Order #13977315)  THE SKIRMISHES Ex ungue Leonem We recognize a Lion by its claw Luigi Castellani Why do you want to put an attack by one HUNDRED figures against a fort fortified by FORTY defenders in a role-playing-game? It has absolutely no interest in a campaign.”   Really? What about beginning or closing a campaign with such a frantic episode? Order #13977315)
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