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  CASE REVIEW ANALYSIS : “THE FASHION CHANNEL”Oleh :Citra Dewi WulansariHairin NisaRi! A#ras ah $utra$r%#ra& 'a#ister 'ana(e&enFa!ultas E!%n%&i!a )an *isnis+ni,ersitas -a)(ah 'a)a./01Case Su&&ar The Fashion Channel (TFC) is a TV network specially for fashion with up-to-date andentertaining features and information broadcast. TFC founded in 1! by two entrepreneurs. ince beginning# TFC got profit growth abo$e industry a$erage. %n &''!# TFC forecasted their re$enue at 1'.! million. *omen + , + were its most a$id $iewers by demographic annualsur$ey. TFC didnt know about the $iewers detail beyond demographic annual./ana wheeler is senior $ice president of TFC who proposed new marketing strategy for TFC. %n &''0# TFC spending about  &+ million for cost of marketing and ad$ertising# itsincrease  1+ million than &''! spending. /ana wheeler will con$ince the companys leaders to  appro$e it. he ha$e a big presentation to prepare because this for TFC marketing strategy in thefuture. /ana *heeler thought there will be a tough competitor for the net decade so TFC ha$eto prepare some good strategy to face it.2ared Thomas is a C34 of TFC# he had belie$ed that TFCs marketing messages shouldappeal to as broad a group as possible in order to achie$e the highest possible $iewershipnumbers. /ana *heeler wants to con$ince the founder and C34 of TFC for his strategy to getappro$e. %f /ana *heeler idea appro$e by the companys leaders# TFC will spending moremoney to in$est in marketing and ad$ertising than &''! spending. TFC need to strengthen up thecompetiti$e position to their competitor net decade. 'ain Issue  TFC did not plan any market research and epect that the market will remain constant. TFC should prepare before anything happens to the market changing.  TFC as the first Fashion Channel didnt epect that competitors would come and be a follower of TFCs idea. $r%2le& S%l,e)H%w t% sur,i,e %n 3%&4etiti,e &ar!ets506'ar!etin# Resear3h The ad$ertising business model was built on attracting a mi of male and female $iewers on a regular basis as measured by 5ratings6 and TFCs ad sales also sold access to these $iewers $ia ad$ertising spots. .6'ar!etin# Se#&entati%n *heeler first considered maintaining a broad appeal to a cross segment of Fashionistas# 7lanners 8 hoppers# ituationalist. 76*%%st $er8%r&an3e %n $%tenti%nal 'ar!et 9arket approach would be to focus more on the Fashionistas and the hopper 8 7lannersto put the brand image on $iewers.  Alternati,e S%luti%n *e choose 9arketing egmentation and boost performance on potential market :7ositi$e impact :-9ore focus on potential market# the TFC could become a market leader on that segment.-TFC could build strong# uni;ue# and fa$orable brand image on that segment. <egati$e impact :-The implication of 9arketing egmentation make market share become smaller than  before# because if TFC do the segmentation portion of consumer will be di$ided into se$eral parts so TCF cant reach whole market.-The risk is a little bit high to targeting one market segmentation only. =ecause there is tendency that customer loyalty will decrease and impacted to market failure. Re3%&&en)ati%n ->dding $alue to TFC program for eample? make a new program beside the fashion runaway like a celebrity lifestyle or tutorial that still talking around fashion.-TFC ha$e to more efficient to spending their budget on operating epenses in &''0.
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