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  Case Studies TheClient Pragati Insurance Limited was established in 1986. A group of young entrepreneurs of Bangladeshwho had earlier launched a commercial Ban in the pri!ate sector sponsored the company with #million $aa capitals. %ponsors included shipping magnets& 'ngineers& (oad Builders& $op )arment'*porters and Importers. +aret si,e of Bangladesh in the non-life sector was $. 1&## million in1986. It has grown to $. &96/.119 million in 0##6. ith the arri!al of pri!ate sector powercompanies lie A'%& gas giants lie 2345AL& %'LL and disco!ery of new off shore gas in the Bay of Bengal and other pri!ate sector infrastructure industry in the country& it is e*pected that there wouldbe 7uantum ump in the non-life insurance premium portfolio in Bangladesh once the decision as toutili,ation or e*port of gas is taen by the )o!t. Besides& they insure all traditional lines of non-lifeinsurance businesses !i,.  :ire ; allied riss including flood& cyclone& earth7uae& $yphoon& maliciousdamage& burglary& riot& strie& damage& house breaing& industrial all riss& <4%& machinery brea-down& loss of profit& business interruption& 5A(='A(& personal accident including wormencompensation& motor insurance of all descriptions ; !alue& $ra!el medical ; medical insuranceincluding treatment abroad to name a few broad lines. The Challenge Pragati Insurance Limited >PIL? was facing a challenge of speed. $hey urgently needed to migrate to anew system that would gi!e the company the fle*ibility to 7uicly handle the administration of insurance business. $hey were faced with a comple* data migration& with the information to bederi!ed from multiple policy administration systems and correspondingly multiple data sources. $heywere looing for an automated insurance management system which gi!es them a solution to supporttheir own de!elopment and introduction of a web-based personal general insurance product and tointegrate it with their e*isting bac-office policy administration system. $he application& which had tobe de!eloped 7uicly& also needed to be customi,ed to respond to Pragati Insurance Limited@s specificneeds. $his ability to rapidly e!ol!e according to needs demonstrates the long-term durability of thesystem implemented. :inally& the company was also faced with the challenge of eeping costs low in acompetiti!e maret and maing the transition to the new system smoothly and rapidly.  The Solution a!ing considered all options from a ris& business impact and cost perspecti!e& the integrated proectteam proposed a pragmatic solution& which carefully balanced ris and business impact and further more afforded sufficient time to ensure that there was a high le!el of control and probability of successat outset and PIL will get the first and the finest Insurance +anagement %ystem >I+%?& de!eloped by some brilliant Bangladeshi programmer. $he 2)I team of e*perts drew on their e*tensi!e nowledge of the insurance sector and solid proect management framewor to plan the con!ersion and implementation. As part of the implementation process& 2)I specialists for each of the solutions components were deployed into targeted sub-teams it had formed for the engagement. A number of 2)I and PIL officers wored together on the proect. 2)I understood the e*isting system by which PIL management run their insurance policy. eely meetings were held between us to discuss progress and issues and to ensure that the engagement progressed smoothly and on schedule. $he chosen solution was based upon the creation of a data staging area& complete with a simple user friendly 7uerying system that effecti!ely mirrored the policyadministration system& to incorporate e*citing plans& smooth accounting system as well as other institutional common acti!ity lie ( +anagement& Payroll +anagement& Asset +anagement& :<( +anagement& 5entral Ban (eporting +anagement& ehicle +anagement& Agent and 5ommission +anagement& +anagement reports etc and enabled the PIL customer-facing staff to easily and seamlessly ser!ice their new client@s business.$he I+%s orflow and Imaging component would automate the worflow process& routing wor automatically to appropriate users based on wor type. $his component allows for a CpaperlessC en!ironment& and all incoming >and most outgoing? documents are imaged and may be !iewed on line. $hroughout the engagement& PIL and 2)I wored !ery well together& due largely to solid  communication between the teams. 2)I was !ery impressed with PILs business cooperation& which was among the best that we!e personally e!er wored with.
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