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  CommercialandConfidential© 2017 IKDSResearchAllRightsReserved   The Super Banana (SB AgriNutrition)   CommercialandConfidential© 2017 IKDSResearchAllRightsReserved   Company: SB AgriNutrition (SB) Office: NU Technology Park, Neue Universität/ Nouvelle Université Town: Corbeauville-Rabenbüttel (CR )- a new joint economic zone /cross-  border city between France and Germany 2017 News Headlines:  “... the agriculture-engineering startup SB announced that they have now completed their initial tests successfully and have also received the relevant patents from the EU and US patents offices...” ( “... a company to watch, the owners of the SB have today announced that they have received global patents for their ground-breaking product... will this be the most exciting IPO in the next 5 years?” ( “...A French-led team has designed a 3D printable food source - a unique first in the world. Are we going to lose this technology and jobs to the Chinese again? ... le Clairon de France says Non!...” ( “... A team of Sino-European researchers have designed the most advance food in the world. Will the Chinese people miss out on this source of nutrition? We asked an official from the Ministry who  assured us that this will be available to the Chinese people. We at the Heartbeat of China will hold them to their word...” ( “... we invented this 8 years ago, these foreigners stole our design and technology, we will sue them... we should bomb these people back to the Stone Age as well...” ( “... the upcoming investment round for SB will be closely watched. We believe that various sovereign wealth funds are interested in investing as are venture capitalists and major corporations...” ( “... will this be for real or another bust? SB has excited both the public and the investment bankers,  but will the proposed strategy for SB convince everyone?” (  CommercialandConfidential© 2017 IKDSResearchAllRightsReserved   Background  A team of former research scientists and engineers from NU formed a small company at the NU Technology Park (known locally as the Nut Park). They have developed a new type of food product - a 3D printable Super Banana which can be programmed with all the nutrients needed for sustaining life. Besides satisfying you, the Super Banana can: ã be designed with special nutrients for particular needs (slow energy releasing carbo, for example). ã be produced rapidly to meet the needs of disaster relief. Because of its designed nature, the Super Banana is: ã nor susceptible to disease ad drought, making it the ideal food source for the whole world. ã the solution to food security concerns - you can store it for more than 25 years without deterioration*  * laboratory tested under simulated conditions The Super Banana is made with the unique Ultrawave ® PicoElectronic-Piezoelectric Power ® (PEPP) 3D content generator which means it can easily meet every food safety requirements for the next 20 Years (by modifying the software). The Super Banana is compatible with food cultures the world over - but unlike a normal banana, it will never go brown or black, it will always remain tasty and fresh in its designer skin which protects it from the atmosphere and insect pests. Trials have shown that individuals eating the Super Banana has a fatigue recovery rate 72% higher than the current industry leader in energy drinks or energy food bars. (Trials conducted with 2,350 people in Europe, November 2016 to June 2017). Since the various technology elements are all completely new: the Ultrawave ® 3D nozzle, the integration of the PEPP generator with the interface software and the nutrition diagnosis sensors and circuits, there is no easy way for anyone to estimate the true component/ production costs as many of the microprocessors and integrated circuits do not exist except as small-scale production prototypes. However, industry experiences from the electronic instruments industry, food industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing have indicated that production costs are about 57% more than the average cost of natural bananas (based on the 2015 US retail price of US$ 0.6/lb).  CommercialandConfidential© 2017 IKDSResearchAllRightsReserved   in 2018 #bananas time 20 8 seconds 150 60 seconds 9000 1 hour 72000 8 hour 14400000 200 8 hr days 432000003#generators 2 SHIFTS/day 28800000 2 # shifts 86400000 3 # generators The design team claimed that they have revolutionised the way food is produced and the SB betters the similar secret technologies Apple uses to manufacture the next generation iPhone components. We estimated that for a European production, we think the usual £500,000/€ 540,000/$650,000 average cost for a conventional industrial 3D printer of this capacity can be produced for £370,000 /  €400,000/ $480,000 with the new technology invented by the SB team. However, the development cost of this machine, code name UWPG, is estimated to be around £16-21M/ €17- 22.3M /$21- 27.5M. A European factory to house three of these generators will cost about £15M /€16.2M/$19.5M. The factory footprint will be about 5 hectares. We estimate the following projected production schedule for Europe. Estimated standard Super Banana production  in 2017 #bananas time 20 10 seconds 120 60 seconds 7200 1 hour 57600 8 hour 11520000 200 8 hr days 23040000 2 # shifts Super Banana + extra Nutrients: same production time Super Banana ++ extra Nutrients & Logos: same production time From information reported by SB and our estimates, we are envisaging the following costs structure for Europe and the World:  per200gSuperBanana(£) Standard (SB) SB+ nutrients SB+ nutrients+logo Cost £0.120£0.140 £0 . 150 Retail price £0.250£0.400 £0 . 500 Profit £0.130£0.260 £0 . 350   The costs will include raw material*, water and environmental reprocessing of spent coolant. Worldwide shipping and delivery prices have been factored into the retail prices. The power requirements are significant and is covered in the section about the technology (* the Ultrawave/ PEPP system has successfully converted feldspar to become the raw materials for the Super Banana) These prices will also remain the same for volume or small-scale production. It would appear that the Ultrawave/ PEPP system does not cost more or less for varying production levels. We believe that SB will not be able to reduce costs by much during the lifetime of this generation of UWPG. So the cost structure will remain realistic until possibly 2020, when the next generation of UWPG is available. We then estimate a probably cost reduction of 17-20%. The PEPP’s costs are not expected to
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