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  bài 1 Comparison of Project Cash Flows * ($ thousands) Project A Type of Cash Flow012Investment($10,000)- -  Revenue- 21,000$ -  Operating- 11,000$ -  Payback period  1 Average annual after-tax profits 6,000 Required investment 10,000The accounting return on investment.1 Internal rate of return 1 NPV (WACC = 10%) (909) NPV (WACC = 35%) (2,593) Project B Type of Cash Flow012Investment($10,000)00Revenue0$15,000$17,000Operating05,8337,833 Payback period 1.09 Average annual after-tax profits 5,500 Required investment 10,000 The accounting return on investment.0.55  Internal rate of return 1.10  NPV (WACC = 10%) 5909.66942 NPV (WACC = 35%) 1820.27435 Project C Type of Cash Flow012Investment($10,000)00Revenue0$10,000$11,000Operating05,5554,889 Payback period 1.91 Average annual after-tax profits 5,000.20 Required investment 10,000.00The accounting return on investment.0.50002 Year YearYear  Internal rate of return 1.50006 NPV (WACC = 10%) 9944.06461 NPV (WACC = 35%) 2516.73525 Project D Type of Cash Flow012Investment($10,000)00Revenue0$30,000$10,000Operating015,5555,555 Payback period 0.69 Average annual after-tax profits 4,333.60 Required investment 10,000.00The accounting return on investment.0.43336 Internal rate of return 1.30008 NPV (WACC = 10%) 8892.52442 NPV (WACC = 35%) 4268.05365 Bài 2 Electronics Unlimited 0123 Đầu tư tại thời điểm 0 Máy móc thiết bị -500000 Vốn lưu động ròng tăng thêm -2700000-3510000-3510000-2340000Cash FlowTotal sales100000001300000013000000 Cost of sales 600000078000007800000 Administrative expenses 235000030550003055000 Chi phí giới thiệu 200000Depreciation100000100000100000EBIT135000020450002045000Taxes (40%)540000818000818000NOPAT81000012270001227000 Cộng khấu hao 100000100000100000 Dòng tiền hoạt động 91000013270001327000 Dòng tiền cuối dự án Thu hồi vốn lưu độngTổng dòng tiền cuối dự ánDòng tiền dự kiến -3200000-2600000-2183000-1013000WACC20% Year Year  NPV(2,094,717.72)IRR11% nên chọn dự án vì NPV dương Câu 3: 0tInvestment-110000PV of Cash Flow210000PV of Project100000Câu 40123 Cost  1967196819691970Invesment-100-200-200-200SalesOperating CostYearYear  3- - - 300030$30,00015,555  
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